Which Zodiac Sign Lies The Most?

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire! People ask a lot about “which signs lie the most” or how you can tell in a chart if someone is a liar.

First off, I have to say that I think there are different kinds of lies. Some don’t matter at all, in the grand scheme of things, like when someone asks you to do something with them on Saturday and you’d rather die than hang with them, so you tell them you’re going to your nephew’s birthday party. I consider that a harmless lie, and forewarning that you’re going to have to modify your behavior around this person to stop them thinking you’re cool enough to hang out with on weekends.

Another kind of lie is the one where someone asks you a question and you don’t answer until you’ve thought up what you THINK they want to hear, then that’s what you tell them. I call those “Neptunian lies”, where it pains you so much to not please a person that you tell them what they want to hear. Or, maybe you don’t know yourself; you’re always confused about what you want and it takes another person’s desires to trigger you— you morph into it, never realizing, as an individual, what your own desires might be. These kinds of lies seem so innocent on the surface, and there’s plenty of people who like to take advantage of those who tell Neptunian lies, who rely on someone agreeing with them at every turn, but the trouble is, the Neptunian will find another way out… they’re slippery that way.

Plutonian lies are tricky- they can be a setup for manipulation, a mind-fuck that has twists and turns that has the innocent person who asked the question trapped in a web of intricacies they never meant to evoke. Normally the plutonian person lies simply because they don’t want you to know how they “really feel”, in case you might use it against them.

Something tells me that Uranian type people tend not to lie very much. Why should they? Kind of a like a “if you asked, you should be able to handle the truth” mentality.

On the whole, I don’t think you can tell a liar from a chart. You can tell if someone is going to have issues with communication; it all starts at Mercury. For devious actions, look at how Mars is aspected. But even with the crappiest aspects to those planets, if a person has a code of ethics (strong Saturn), they may well channel those unfortunate aspects into something very different than what you’d think. The Plutonian liar, for example, could become a world famous non-fiction writer; the Neptunian a romance novelist.

Can you smell a liar? I have Moon in Scorpio in the 7th, square Uranus. I can see them coming a mile away. For me, something happens during the communication. They’ll be moving their lips, chatting away, and I get an electrical “signal” that I can’t even explain, which is the “liar!” signal. The ones that have gotten by that signal are the Neptunians, which doesn’t surprise me, given that I have Neptune in the 7th.

Neptune is my kryptonite when it comes to liars. What’s yours?


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  1. Pluto in the 7th – is my kryptonite. I’m snack food for Scorpios and Pluto types. I have Neptune square Venus which I imagine feeds the fire.

  2. My Pluto in Libra in 8th house trine Sun, Asc, sextile conjunction of Mars/Saturn/ DSC gives me instantly a recognition of people who are lying and manipulating. It leaves me with bitterness and constant slightly paranoia, despite it s Air-basedKite pattern.
    No illusions state sometimes makes me very tired and I have difficulties with forgivness of human weaknessess.

  3. Avatar

    I have a Scorpio moon and Libra Pluto in the 8th. I find with most liars I’ve encountered there’s always a discordant note in the way they communicate, a certain skip in the tone and pace of their voice when they’re not speaking the truth.

    1. Ive come across all liars. My moon in the 8th, pluto in the 12th and Venus in Scorpio
      I listen and watch. I see patterns
      Scorpios are particularly easy to detect.maybe because Im a 12th house Virgo. Who knows. Been like that since I was a child

  4. These Mercury squares are most susceptible
    Mercury square Neptune – lies to self first, believes it.
    Mercury square Jupiter – over-exaggeration
    Mercury square Pluto – by withholding info

    1. And, I have seen Mercury square Saturn lie to look competent. Any hard aspect to Mercury can carry a potential for a “creative way to communicate”, I don’t think any are more “susceptible” than others. It helps if Mercury receives positive aspects from other planets. But I certainly wouldn’t jump to a conclusion about someone with hard mercury aspects in a chart until I dug in and got some history.

    2. My mother has Mercury aspects to all the above…Mercury square Pluto, Mercury sesquisquare Neptune, and Mercury quintile Jupiter. She can’t get facts straight very well and does all of the above at times. It’s so frustrating at times to have a conversation with her.

  5. Pluto is sextiling my Mercury in the 8th at the moment, giving me a much needed ability of cutting through the crap and see through people, their motivations, their desires, intentions – you name it.

    My progressed Pluto is in my 7th house as well, but is soon out of it thanks to the progressing DC shifting signs…Scorpio!!

    I’ve been fooled by more than one person having a Neptune/Venus connection in their chart – fallen down thir pedestal more than once, – and felt the fire that comes with it. The last one had Mars square Neptune as well.

    With Venus-Neptune no person will ever be able to live up to the fantasy. And it’s no use trying. Leave them alone unless they really want to work on being authentic and real. Trying to live up to their “standards” and fantasies is one long painful experience. I talk from experience.

    And yet, I also have Neptune transit my 1st house, squaring my MC, so I suffer more when this happens. I can’t wait for Neptune to get his butt off that 8 degree….

  6. I also have Moon in Scorpio in the 7th. Hubby calls it my spidey senses. I have learned to trust those little messages or ignore them at my own peril.

  7. I have been able to spot a liar, in real life at least(on paper they’re harder to spot)since my early 20’s when I did LSD 25 for a month straight…but I am a Scorpio so….

  8. It’s weird for me. I think a lie has a weak energy. It does have power but nothing like the power that the truth holds. When someone lies to me it just kind of falls on the floor in front of me. It doesn’t register. It doesn’t make me fearful. It doesn’t make me anything. But when someone tells the truth, it touches me right in the solar plexus. It engages me and it’s power is attractive in nature. It electrifies me and inspires me. Lies do nothing.

    I don’t know that I have a kryptonite when it comes to liars. With the way I operate, it doesn’t matter if someone lies or not. It’s on them if they want to lie. Hope that makes sense.

    1. @Libra noir
      I’m the same. When people lie to me I almost feel sorry for them. I sometimes am tempted to tell them I know they’re lying but I can’t be bothered as it’s them that will suffer deep down. I just shrug my shoulders and think ‘Your loss’ as they will have just lost my loyalty. ?

    2. good point about the energy! you can notice it when you hone in… doesn’t seem to carry the same weight. very interesting.

      1. Since I wrote this in January, I had a friend turn me on to a man named David Hawkins who’s passed away but some wise person has recorded his lectures. He has a way of detecting the truth through muscle testing. The whole concept is based on what I mentioned which is that lies are weak and the truth is strong on an energetic level. The highest truth being God.

  9. It’s pathetic. Neptune conjunct jupiter in the seventh. I so want to believe the mist. The light of day is just too much. With NN on it too it’s a bit of life direction conundrum.

    1. Dear Ann, my son has Jupiter conjunct Neptunr and Chiron in Aqua 2 house and he is a loving visionary, i believe that your conjunction might mean highest bliss and spirituality coming from transforming relationship problems..

      1. Thank you. I used to see it that way but as of late so many liars and manipulators who find this ability a threat. But I’m Virgo sun also and our tribe has been having a hard go lately so thanks again for the remind. I also have chiron in AQ in the 11th so it was a good call.

        1. And my little one is Virgo too.good, caring Virgos are often used by people around without even saying thank you. So the best nurses in the universe just can’t forget about their own needs and path☺

    2. Ann, I think that you and I are Astro twins. I have Jupiter/Neptune in the 7th at 1-3 Scorp; North Node at 24 Libra, on the cusp of the 7th, and a Virgo stellium. That South Node in Aries on my Asc. has always left me scratching my head. I spent a lot of years thinking I was supposed to sacrifice for others and give up all my independence, but I learned that he negative manifestation of Libra is “peace at ANY price”. It’s a hard line to walk, making sure you are taking care of YOURSELF as well as being willing to be sacrificial in relationships. As a Virgo, I finally realized that when resentment seeps in, I have crossed the line and need to do some self care. Resentment is my early warning system now.

  10. I have Scorpio Pluto on first house, Scorpio Moon/Saturn in 2nd square Leo Mercury/mars in 10th I physically feel the lie and can gather cold hard evidence. Taurus on the 8th but intercepting Aries on the 7th. I can attack others with my physical cold hard evidence ….and also public humiliation Leo Mercury/Mars in 10th on the liar that got caught. I usually write a nasty letter /email/text to offender or post it up on social media. Otherwise, it’s a full on verbal lashing in their face. My libra asc sleeping beauty look turns into a wicked Scorpio maleficent when I catch a liar. I just get so fired up and angry when lied to. However, when it comes to romance with Pisces ruling my 5th house and my natal Neptune Rx in 3rd house I’m so gullible and not as sharp to catching lies because I’m too busy daydreaming about my lover and being super compassionate smh.

  11. I have found Leos and Aquarians to be the least lying, in my dealings with people. They have been the more open and upfront people I have known. I have Mercury/Neptune, delusional thinking is more my problem.

    1. That’s funny because two of the biggest liars I’ve met are an Aquarius and a Leo. The Aquarius was just generally shady and I can’t fathom why she would hide so much from so many. and the Leo just had a compulsion.

  12. I’m a Gemini, a sign plagued with the reputation of selling ice to esquimaus and being terrible con artists. Yet, with my Moon in Virgo I’m paralyzed if I have to lie. I go all red in the face. I just can’t pull it off, even if it’s an order.

  13. signwise people might think that scorpios lie the most as they tend to hide things from others. But in my experience though they hide things, they don’t lie every now and then.

  14. When I think about lying/liars, the Gemini/Mercury/3rd house archetype is what comes to my mind. Obviously I’m not saying that everyone with strong Gemini/Mercury/3rd house influence is a liar, but I feel that this energy can contribute to that behavior if manifested negative way.

      1. Are those Gems aware they are lying? They just keep rolling. If confronted they have no idea of what I am talking about. Is that short range thinking as opposed to sag long range thinking. It’s like consequences don’t exist. It could just be a bad mesh for me. Gemini is on my natal eighth with my SN there. My bio unit had all kinds of planetary placements there. But from what I’ve read about that nodal axis I could have been a devotional type in past lives. Perhaps they were teaching me not to drink the kool ade this time around.

  15. This is such an interesting question. I’m not sure what my kryptonite is because I have such a fuzzy relationship with the concept of truth. Gem sun/rising, Sag moon/Neptune. Maybe it’s the Neptune with me, too, but I’m gonna think about that.

    Also? I think the truth thing is maybe less critical to me than to other people. But I’m having a pretty serious Neptune transit right now so ask me again in a couple years. *chuckle*

  16. Shoot…I’ve been the Plutonian occasional liar and omitter of truth since I was a little kid. For the very reason Diane stated, so the truth won’t be used against me. Moon Pluto in the first house. Self-protection.

    I can shock with the truth, though…Uranus is mixed up with the moon and Pluto.

  17. I like this thread a lot. I believe everyone is capable of lying and it really is the degree and reason that matter. I’ve known people to lie in an attempt to boost their reputation but it is because they feel lacking and that always seems so sad. As said above, kids lie – I did. I’m more likely to simply not tell someone something I’m either not ready for them to know or just not care to share. But that goes to my relationship with that person. As a Virgo rising Mercury is my chart’s ruler, so communication is important to me. Mercury squares both Jupiter and Mars but sextiles Venus. I pay attention to Mercury’s transits and the current retrograde is conjuncting my Mercury at 2 degrees Capricorn. I have an important issue to discuss with my husband but am holding it in until Mercury goes direct and moves pass natal Mercury. Not because I’m trying to fool him but because I need to be as direct and as resolved as possible.

  18. Zodiac signs don’t lie, people do. There are as many reasons as there are people why people lie but it’s a conscious choice on their part to do so. Anyone can lie, no one is incapable of lying, you can’t tell from a chart if a person will or does lie, because lying is a choice. Lying is a deliberate act through words meant to deceive. Not the same as giving faulty information about a belief they carry, or repeating a rumor without true knowledge of it’s basis, lying is lying.
    There are various planetary indicators for lying, but that does not mean the person will use them to lie, can be used to detect a liar. Mercury is mainly the planet involved, very importantly it’s condition and any ill aspects by Moon, Saturn and/or Mars are very important along with each’s particular condition, there is much more, just mentioning some indicators. A liar is usually known to be such by their behavior and repute, astrology can reveal the propensity. Liars have a certain frequency. Some continue to lie as they die. Old as the hills, nothing changes.

  19. There are a few things I can’t tolerate, lying is the top one on the list. White lies are misleading and are long-detours to the truth,vicious lies declare the liar’s real character and make my stomach churn in disgust. Zodiac signs don’t correlate with crowd who lie or not. The slowly-disappearing good old moral values in society and the fast-growing of everything else except that, is the culpit. Every zodiac sign can lie, if s/he choses so, to serve whatever value s/he belives in.

    Question is, how to identify a habitual liar on the first sight? Do they have a habit of specific body language/facial expressions/verbal expression that they subconsciously incorporated into their daily life? For example, sometimes I find that people who have a relaxed and ‘bright’ facial mussle-layout, tend to lie less. People who have a cloudy facial expression, and ‘flowy’ body language, tend to lie more and occasionally lie without remorse. Are my observations resonating with anyone’s experience? There are no shortages of liars among humans, we just have to learn how to identify different ones.

  20. anonymoushermit

    What about Saturnian lies? “I’m in charge! I’m never wrong!” “I want you to do what I want because it’s for your own good.”

    1. Avatar
      Neptunian Placebo

      That’s not a lie. They believe what they say. They are just blind in a different way, they see only what they are focused upon. It’s like concentrating on a tiny dot within a circle and mistaking it for the circle.

  21. I have a hard time figuring out lies, I’m a Uranian type (Aquarius with Aries rising and strong 11th house). I don’t lie, it’s easy to see when I lie so I try to go by with ommission, so it’s difficult for me to tell when someone is lying to me. And I have a hard time relying on my intuition as I’m prone to imagining dramatic scenarios in my head and then can’t tell what is my imagination and what is intuition.

  22. “Plutonian lies are tricky- they can be a setup for manipulation, a mind-fuck that has twists and turns that has the innocent person who asked the question trapped in a web of intricacies they never meant to evoke. Normally the plutonian person lies simply because they don’t want you to know how they “really feel”, in case you might use it against them.”

    Wow that is so spot on. It’s the only reason I’ve ever lied. I hate lying though. I’m Neptunian too but I knew this was the pluto/8th in me. I think the Pluto influence totally overpowers the Neptune…even though I’m technically Neptune ruled…Neptune rules my Sun Moon and Merc and sits on my SN. But I’ve got the chart ruler in H8 and all those planets in the 8th plus Venus/Pluto…I dunno.

  23. My son has Neptune/Mercury square. He does lie and I know immediately when he’s lying. Really before he even opens his mouth but I’m also his mom and mom’s naturally know when their kids are lying…well not all of them. When I call him out he he gets pretty flabbergasted that I know before he’s even finished with his sentence. Poor thing…he’s got an 8th house mom, he’ll never get away with anything. Good thing he’s a good natured Taurus.

  24. Everyone lies — but the signs can give clues. 😉

    Aries: Punches you in the face when you call them a liar.
    Taurus: Stubbornly insists that they’re telling the truth.
    Gemini: Who can tell? Lost in a maze of glibness.
    Cancer: YOU HURT MY FEELINGS when you called me a liar.
    Leo: How dare you question my lies, serf?!
    Virgo: Picks apart your lie because you’re not doin’ it right.
    Libra: Your lies are the Devil, and they are Daniel Webster.
    Scorpio: If you lie to me, I will end you.
    Sagittarius: HOME OF THE WHOPPER.
    Capricorn: Yeah, I lied, but I also made bank!
    Aquarius: I lied, but it was for a good cause.
    Pisces: Just wandering in the fog. They have no idea if you lied, or if they lied.

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