Neptune: The Veil That Drops Over, And Over, And Over Again

I know others with Neptune prominent have to deal with this; the veil the drops over and over and over again. With Saturn mashes with Neptune in my chart, this creates a fear and burden for me. In many ways I hate finding things out.

As an example, it’s easy for me to forget how little people think of astrologers and when I reminded of this (harsh) reality, the sinking feeling is the pits!

Who can relate?

20 thoughts on “Neptune: The Veil That Drops Over, And Over, And Over Again”

  1. I can.
    Except, I always want to know. It would be nice if the world was the rosy wonderous thing that I envision. But, it isn’t. I’m often reminded of that.
    I keep telling myself. Neptune is the ideal. Saturn shows us where we fall short.

  2. Totally relate to that. And I admit that it is a relief to know that I am not the only one feeling that way. I am a 12th house sun, Pisces descendant, Neptune in 4th square moon in 1st. Wish that I could be spared for my idealist nature (what’s so wrong with that anyways?)and be left from time to time to dwell into obliviousness of past hurts and deceptions. I need that for finding life meaningful and keep up the moods. Instead I keep bumping into harsh realities and realisations over and over. Such a life drainer. I try everytime to spot the lesson to be learned, but lessons just seem endless. As of lately, while pluto square uranus aspects my libra saturn conjunction jupiter in 2nd, it has become chaotic and totally destabilising.. I fear having my rose-coloured glasses on but I fear also living fearfully. What’s the remedy?

  3. I am in a similar condition, I think, with Neptune and Saturn in my chart angled right now. And I was born with this, but now it is a lot more intense, it seems.

    Yes Elsa the image of the veil works. I noticed something. When I report the “discoveries” to others, who evidently do not share our Neptune affliction, they go like: “yeah, of course, didn’t you know that?”

    Yet at the bottom of their eyes, down somewhere in their soul I know that they too are making that discovery again, with my words, the very moment that I am reporting it to them.

    They will think about it in the days to come, even if they are now acting cocky and indifferent to the news.

    I think that the difference for the Neptune type is in the amount of “shock” and “revelation” that the same discovery brings.

    The way I see it, this shock is a pain but it also makes life more interesting and worthwhile. It also teaches us, the shocked, more profound and permanent lessons.

    We are becoming the philosophers, because the easy answers just don’t work for us. I am not a masochist, never have been, but I cherish this (or I will, if I survive it).

  4. yeah, every time I realize I’m the dork, left out, last to know, not cool, it hurts; I don’t know why I continue to be surprised by this.

    I’m cooler than them anyway ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Yes…Neptune/12th trine Saturn/8th; part of my Grand Fire Trine. I do not enjoy finding things out, over and over. Reality always finds me eventually though, lol. Sometimes it is so ugly

  6. I can relate. Actually I am dreading this right now as Saturn in Scorpio is about to hit my Neptune in Scorpio at 0″ right at the end of my 7th House. What now?

  7. It’s an interesting perspective, Elsa. Neptune is in the 9th House for me in Libra, trines Pluto and Sextiles Venus in my chart. Deep discoveries and disappointments happen as you said, over and over. So my world view, my philosophy(what I believe, want,need) is regularly washed clean and deeply. It helps for me to know this about Neptune’s affect and may explain why I am a shallow water swimmer preferring to know there is a bottom.

  8. Saturn is conjuncting my natal neptune now. I am taking a positive slant toward allowing the dream to be reality. And alot of that does mean not getting stuck and lost and detoured on those downer thoughts that suck the life out of me.

    I am okay in the deep sea now, transiting neptune’s third pass over my IC. There is always more. And I dig the silence of the deep.

    I’m not quite getting the veil. Is that like the layers of consciousness? Not sure. I know that it has become apparent that I have to listen closely to the level others are at and respond or not accordingly. Oh dear, does this make sense to anyone else. Communicating clearly can be so difficult.

  9. Sun in 12th plus Neptune in Scorpio first house part of a stellium. Hmnn call me gullible. I do get disappointed when the veil drops and it happens more than I would like.

  10. Oh, yesss. I find myself going “WTF were you smoking?” most of the time.

    With Venus-Neptune, Venus in the 9th, and prominent Neptune, I have a tendency to put people on pedestals.

    When I find out they are human, it grounds me and gives me relief! Especially, when they are artists. :]

  11. I’m having transiting Neptune on natal Saturn right now so can definitely relate to the veil dropping…plus when this transit is done Saturn will transit natal Neptune. I get to experience variations on a theme ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. All i can say is – thank GOD for Astrologers !!

    I have Saturn sq Neptune and Sun sextile Neptune. Sometimes I have problems facing facts, even if its positive or completely expected (like the gas bill). Odd.

  13. With Neptune on the AC in close sextile to Saturn in Cap on the one side, and Pluto in Virgo on the other, it has helped to learn to work with this in a very personal way. I like the Sufi image of the veiled gazelle, speaking of veils. There are faculties to be tapped here, and you have to be careful of that veil dropping. From the book description on Google books for the Idries Shah book, “The Veiled Gazelle”:

    The “gazelles” are extraordinary experiences and perceptions latent in ordinary man. “Veiling” refers to the action of the subjective or “commanding” self, which partly through indoctrination and partly through base aspirations, prevents higher vision.

    Boy, howdy. It will be an interesting time of it, with Saturn transiting that Neptune at 8 Scorpio (sets intention). Oh, I had a funny feeling, checked chart… that will happen on my birthday! Saturn is at the same degree on the solar return chart, and Neptune will be at 0 Pisces. It is a strange-looking chart. Looks to me like time to come to Jesus (again) and get right with myself, and my neighbors.

  14. Y U P !!!
    Neptune in 7th house – oh yes do I know this one very well.

    Learned to live with it.
    I’ve come to reckon it’s my gift to the world – ha – deluded? Not realistic enough, ha, yup.

    Beautifully rose-tinted here and loving it – til I don’t (again or is it again).

  15. I’d say that Neptune in my chart is linked to my Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Sadge so I have the veil drop on me many many times… To say if I fear the drop… well… I don’t like to be left in the dark. Even if I’m the one that created the fog.. I get annoying at times but hopefully with age, it’ll get better

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