Saturn In Scorpio: Beneath The Veneer Of Your Life

With Saturn in Libra, many have come up with a carefully constructed (Saturn) veneer (Libra).

Saturn’s transit through Scorpio will reveal the shadow side of these appearances, to both the self and others.

Is your life less than it’s cracked up to be?

20 thoughts on “Saturn In Scorpio: Beneath The Veneer Of Your Life”

  1. Oh, shit, yes! My life is definitely not what I expected. I’d expound but I am literally 3 minutes from leaving the house and I don’t have time.

    (I may be reading this question wrong, I realized, but my answer stands.)

  2. “The truth will set you free but it will really piss you off first?”

    This is going to go through my fourth house. I have a problem with roots. There is probably some house cleaning in the basement that needs to go on. I am familiar with Shadow stuff (Pluto conjuncts north node) -so hoping that I will get real clarity and maybe a home with all this. Going to study depth psychology and symbolic systems.

  3. No, it’s exactly F….. up as it should be, what you’d expect from someone who constantly lives in his head all the freaking time? as for Saturn in Scorpio i’d say… “Pffftt bring it on” after last year’s disaster in practically every front of my life, i’m open & ready to EVERYTHING!!!

  4. No. It’s more than it’s cracked up to be! I might have more challenges than some, but then I have less challenges than others.

  5. Saturn in Libra 4th house (also where my Sun and Mercury live) – have almost come undone! I hope Saturn in Scorpio is easier. The first bit of it is still 4th house. Any comments re: difference Saturn in Libra 4th and in Scorpio 4th? won’t be 5th house until 9 degrees.

  6. Yeah, I am not one to put on airs, like I don’t lie that everything is fantastic, but because I am so proud I also don’t show that I’m struggling greatly. I can tell when other people are struggling – even if they don’t admit it – but I don’t think anyone can tell that about me. I obscure my hardship very well. I’m deeply ashamed of it.

  7. I’m not sure if I understand the question correctly. Are you asking if some of us have put on a good show, but now Saturn in Scorpio will force us to take off the makeup and the costumes and make us go back onstage without the benefits of our mask?

  8. most of my first house and cusp of my second are scorpio. i have pluto in scorpio in the first too. pretty sure this thing is going to hit me on a close and personal level. but im an 8th house moon, the depths are nothing new to me, ive lived in the shadows before… i’m not particularly excited about it, but there is nothing i can do. one day at a time is my motto.

  9. Heh. Veneer … gosh, that could be the rotted house window frames covered by capped aluminum to hide it. I’m sure of it. Saturn has been transiting my 4th 🙁

    I’m calling window companies and contractors for quotes starting 2nd week of October. Otherwise I fear one window will fall off my house in the middle of a blizzard during winter. Saturn Scorp will be transiting my 5th house (WISH I *really* had 5 houses. I’d ditch this one and move into one of the other 4!)

    That’s just one veneer. Window frames. Ugh.

  10. Unbelievable vomit and ugly or sad stuff erupting in all directions. Can’t say that I am surprised or not prepared. I have Cap and a packed 8th. I have not been unprepared since I was 7 years old! 🙂

  11. Saturn was transitting my 10th until recently….and I think some truths are about to come out at work….I’m hearing rumors already that we might be sold again. Of course nothing will be said publicly til the last minute.

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