Pluto in Capricorn Opposite Venus In Cancer – Death In The Family

Pluto cardI was reading a local story, about a two year old child who was killed by his mother’s boyfriend, apparently with her cooperation. The article included pictures of the man and the woman being escorted for their (separate) court appearances. The pictures struck me.

The woman is holding her head up in her picture. She looked almost, “defiant”. In contrast, the man’s body language is complete opposite hers. His head is down, trying to conceal his appearance. He looked completely and utterly ashamed.

Looking at him, I wondered how his mother might feel, seeing her son in the paper for killing an innocent child. It’s got to be ghastly.

With Pluto in Capricorn opposing Venus in Cancer, the dark, hidden side of parenting/mothering is in focus at this time. It’s just grotesque. I feel grotesque.

When that man killed that baby, I doubt he realized his life would end at that very moment. But I think this is what has happened.

People hate consequences, don’t they? (See Free Will & Consequences) Β But I don’t think this man is ever going to recover from having killed that baby. He’ll kill himself or be killed in prison…probably very quickly.

And the mother of the killer? I guess she’ll have to endure. Β She had a baby. Twenty-some years later, she sees him doing the perp-walk.

How do you see this aspect playing in your life?

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  1. Besides the fact that this same scenario happened in my family? . . . chilling to even think about. It’s the part of the family I am divorced from. How weird to see them all on Inside Edition.

    1. I just heard about something like this happening in my family too. One of my Dad’s cousins we were particularly close to – I remember liking her and her mother a lot, too – had a disastrous first marriage to a guy she said was “no good”. Apparently, he didn’t pay bills, didn’t take responsability of anything, and although my Dad’s cousin worked, she had a chronic disease she eventually died of in her 40’s, so she needed support. Nobody questioned her decision either, in the family. We’ve had several generations of smart, feisty and pretty woman who’ve married wrong guys on that side of the family. This cousin’s mother’s first husband went to buy cigarettes and never returned. My Granddad helped her sister with the divorce and raising her older half sister, who was a toddler.

      Now, we learned this guy placed a carbomb to his other ex’s car. She survived, but this got a lot of publicity, due to the unusual modus operandi. So yes, looks like my Dad’s cousin

      1. the wrong guy or the wrong gal thing. I get that. I’ve been thinking about squares somewhat. They can be shakey and it is interesting to see which way people go. Also scary.

    2. may have had other reasons to divorce too.

      The saving grace here is this guy’s – he is 60 now himself – mother is dead. But she undoubtably endured a lot when she still was alive.

  2. that’s so sad about the baby πŸ™

    yes it’s true, about prisons, according to my ex husband and his friends back then, who told me that they torture those who molest children,(majority in there they hate them) and these types will be killed most likely.

  3. A member of my family has this going on in their chart right now. Their natal Pluto and NN are at the same degree in Cap, 6th house Scorpio, and Saturn is transiting this. It is relevant. πŸ™ Thankfully the child is OK though.

    1. After I got home today, I looked closer at the child’s chart, which for me sheds a lot more light on the actual occurrence. The child’s natal Mars is at Libra 8/4th house, with Uranus at Aries 8/10th house. The child’s transiting NN is currently hovering at Libra 8, with the transiting SN accordingly at Aries 8. The child’s injuries are thought to be a week or so old … and transiting Venus was at 8 Cancer last Saturday. I’m going to call this a “Cardinal Sin.” :’-( As to the question of was the child actually abused… it seems so. Both his parents are troubled, but I am not convinced the right parent was arrested. Or perhaps they both needed to be arrested. The mom is a Pisces sun, the dad is a Virgo sun, both affected by Saturn squaring their suns over the next 2 years…

  4. Hmmm, there are probably more benign expressions. For example, an adult child stepping up to care for a dying parent, or being awakened to what the parent has gone through to care for the child. Today I’m going to a memorial service for a friend who cared in many ways for her 3 children who went blind in adulthood, and the 4th who fell into alcoholism. I believe those adult children are realizing just how much their mom did for them, while she was frail and ill herself.

    Terrible story about the murdered baby.

  5. I’ve just spent 2 weeks near my only son and oldest child. He’s 24, just graduated with his masters (magna cum laude) and is about to start his first job with a major corporation. He will live 2,000 miles from me. He has 5 planets and his NN in Capricorn. So Venus in Cancer brought me to spend some time with him. He’s had some rough moments when he transitioned from place to place, school to school, because of my husband’s military career. He’s a sensitive young man. I’m having growing pains of my own. Empty nesting. So my therapist suggested, on this visit with my son, I let him take care of me, instead of me taking care of him. It has been a wonderful experience…I appreciate Joy’s comments above. Venus in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn may be about the restructuring of relationships. The changing of the guard so to speak. Not sure if this applies to the aspect being discussed but our moons are conjunct at 20 degrees of Pisces.

    1. Avatar
      Incendiary Sued

      If you have conjunct moons, then you have known each other before. You must have really resonated with each other and felt each others’ feelings with the conjunct moon in Pisces.

    1. Are those hens stayin to home and out of the neighbor’s yards. They know no boundaries. Silly birds.

  6. I keep wondering just how this Pluto Opposite Venus, will play out in my own chart. With Pluto Conjunct my natal Venus, Square my Ares Moon, opposite my natal Saturn in Cancer, and Square my natal Neptune in Libra. Yep, a Cardinal Grand Cross … ???

    1. Jean C, I am so excited to see someone else having the same transits as I do. Also transiting Pluto conjunct my Venus and opposite Saturn in Cancer. But, trine my Moon at 14 degr Taurus, but I found out it just makes it more emotional than it already is πŸ™‚ and my natal Pluto at 9 degr Libra is in this play, too (drama? comedy? tragic? in the 8th house you never know… tends more to drama).
      Anyway, for me it is working out in power and authority conflicts, with lover and best friend. Hard to find a compromise (pluto in libra?) between acting on their love for me, and their manipulation of me. For you with the square to Neptune it might be even more misty how it will work out, but look at the houses of Venus and Saturn… for me Venus in 12, Saturn in 6, so it is all about my own, and others “sick” behaviour, at least that is my translation. I am trying to use this transit in letting my ‘ sick’ love-behaviour go, and regaining my own authority (Venus passing natal Saturn) but it’s new, unknown and hard to maintain!
      Goodluck! Brex

  7. I have a hard time forming the words when I hear stories about violence committed against children. I have no idea what the mindset is to make someone do something to one of those innocents. I swear to God I hate that children are victimized, and I wish God didn’t let that happen. I can’t understand how He lets that happen.

  8. Something like this happened in my family. It’s horrible. The mom visits her son every week in prison, still, 5 years later. She will never accept he did something so awful. In her mind, he could never…it was influence…or drugs…or something besides him. Just so awful…can’t imagine. πŸ™

    1. A mother’s love. I didn’t have children. Maybe that’s why I see it as such a miraculous thing. There is nothing stronger. Not that all mother’s have it. But when I see it, it takes my breath away.

      1. Or maybe it’s just the bond. And I suppose that bond could either be helpful or harmful to the offspring. Your comments always make me think twice you PIseas you. πŸ˜€

  9. Just tonight my coworkers brought up the Duggar family scandal. The oldest child, Josh, allegedly molested his sisters and another child as a teenager. Michelle’s mothering skills and the huge size of her family came into question. How DO you, as a mother, keep a close eye on that many kids? Was she really that unaware of what was going with her own children? Interesting Venus-Pluto questions.

  10. I was appointed executrix of my mother’s estate on the 21st, under this aspect.
    Set up tax number and spoke with her bank, set up appointment. Even the dead pay taxes and utility bills.

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    Incendiary Sue

    We’re hearing so many of these stories about evil things done to children. Is this generational with Pluto? Has this always gone on, to this degree? It’s truly beyond devastating to me when I see these things. I imagine what a child goes through when it is being killed and how parents (or anyone) can do this – looking at that baby’s face. Beyond Disturbing.

  12. Wow…our local news covered a very similar story this weekend, but it was a married couple. They are already serving 30-year sentences for child abuse with their daughter, and now the authorities have found the remains of their 6-month old son in their yard, but they won’t be sentenced for this last crime until July. It’s just so garish and senseless.

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