What Is Your Greatest Gift?

I was listening the radio; someone asked a man who was nearing his death, what he felt was his greatest gift.  He had an interesting answer; especially considering the astrology. “Final perseverance”. How’s that for Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn?

I thought of, Mary, the older lady with terminal cancer that I’ve been visiting for the seven months. She really hangs with her pain and hardship.  Final perseverance!

What do you feel is your “greatest gift” (Jupiter in Sagittarius)?
Also, do you think this might change if you knew you were near the end of your life?

15 thoughts on “What Is Your Greatest Gift?”

  1. Greatest gift as Jupiter entered Sag was getting the opportunity to teach at a top ranked research university. But as Neptune hits Jupiter 3 times during this transit, there has also been disillusionment; The old ‘be careful what you wish for because you might get it’. These disillusions have brought the answer to your final question of end of life issue: it’s (life) all about relationships,the important relationships in your life. It has become my mantra.

    1. That’s beautiful, and completely true. Relationships are ultimately the most valuable things in our lives.

      I’d consider my greatest gift to be my empathy and ability to understand people. Thinking, though, about applying this to the end of my life makes me realize that I don’t always extend that empathy to my closest people as consistently as I do for my clients. All that fire in my chart can leave me a little impatient. This is a great reminder to be a little softer. I think I’ll go right now and tell my man how proud I am of him. 🙂

      1. Beautiful, Midara. I agree with you that empathy is a greatest gift. It seems to be especially potent when used in combination of letting/encouraging people to just be their (best)selves, as no one else can do it for them.

  2. with a chalkful of planets in the 8th including Sun/Mercury, Jupiter/Pluto (the ‘/’ represents close conjunction), I suppose, for now it probably is that I have made peace with my future death (of course I know that I’ll never know how I will be when I die, but for now, I will happily die of natural causes 😆 ”
    It’s funny how I keep telling myself “I will die when I have hope”, and I know I am incapable of dying now (not that I am extremely adventurous or anything; I have my Moon in Taurus and Mars in Virgo) since my life is hollow and without hope.

  3. My ability to see beauty is the greatest gift that Ive received. And thats Gods grace, truly a gift, undeserved. Libra?

  4. My greatest gift is presence. I pay attention, I notice, I process, I care, and I act or react with intentional integrity and love. Libra/Scorpio

    1. Very interesting, Tango! I’m Libra, Scorpio rising with Mars and Pluto at top of my chart. And, I relate to your gift.

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    James Slattery

    My greatest gift is the gift of the gab (curse?) since I’m a Gemini. I keep an open mind to views in the world with my Sag moon. Together I confront small minded biases, often in debate with others! Having a Pisces Asc keeps it diplomatic and heart felt.

  6. I love this artwork….do you know who painted it? Curious.

    My greatest gift is to feel and see beauty, where others don’t seem to. My Mercury/Venus conjunction trine Neptune. My empathy/sensitivity can be a curse/gift as well. Cancer sun, Mars and uranus.

  7. This question caught my attention because I believe we should thank God for our gifts every day and I do. The greatest gift he gave me personally was my mind and all that entails.It can be a blessing and a curse since it goes non-stop and has caused me some difficulty with other people.Meditation is impossible for me but reading and absorbing information is a snap. This is combined with empathic abilities which often throw me offtrack when I am confronted with a distressed or sick individual.Apparently , all of this was predestined in my charts which Elsa did for me. So spot on! Made me feel so much better like there’s a reason I’m like this!

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