7th house

Learn about the 7th house. Partnering, love, open enemies…

I Have Trouble Maintaining Relationships Of All Kinds

Hello Elsa, I have never really been good at maintaining platonic friendships or finding and maintaining romantic relationships. Part of me longs deeply for closeness and intimacy. The other part seems to push people away when they get too close. Part of me aches for touch. But another part of me feels very anxious when

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She Fears Commitment-Phobic Boyfriend’s Parents Will Drive a Wedge Between Them: Saturn Transit Through the 7th House

Dear Elsa, My boyfriend and I have been together for three years, and love each other very much. However, Saturn just entered his 7th house and I am worried about our relationship. His family doesn’t know we are still together. They think we broke up a year ago. His mother is not the nicest person,

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Saturn Transit Through the 7th House…Conjunct Venus: Online Dating, etc.

I currently have Saturn transiting my 7th house, applying to natal Venus. Saturn is all about reality. Venus and the 7th house – relationships. Just listen to me talk. ::smirks:: I believe the transit is in effect, people. 😛 I was on the phone with pal, Alexa. She’s a Gemini. Cancer rising, Cancer Moon.. “Well,

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