Saturn Transit Through the 7th House…Conjunct Venus: Online Dating, etc.

I currently have Saturn transiting my 7th house, applying to natal Venus. Saturn is all about reality. Venus and the 7th house – relationships. Just listen to me talk. ::smirks:: I believe the transit is in effect, people. 😛

I was on the phone with pal, Alexa. She’s a Gemini. Cancer rising, Cancer Moon..

“Well, it’s very hard to hook up. You meet someone on and then go have a date. What are the odds you are going to want to have a second date? Not very good! Think about it. What if it’s you and you meet someone new. Not a lover, just someone you meet out there, and say you have lunch with them.”


“What are the odds you are going to want to have lunch with them again? Ever? With your life as busy as it is? You have all this stuff going on now once a week you are going to want to hook up with this person in your busy life. Think that happens often?” I asked.

“No. Not very often.”

“Right! And starting a relationship with someone is a much bigger deal. It requires a lot more than lunch once a week! What are the odds you are going to fall in love with that person? The odds are poor! Chances are, you’re going to be bored out of your mind. Or you’re going to think, that was okay but I can’t see any reason to do it again. Too much trouble. Really, this person is sort of a pain in the ass!” I laughed. “Really, I’m just saying it is not easy to run out there and hook up if you are meaning to do it with any kind of substance.”

Later, on the phone with Scott:

“Yes, it’s very hard to find someone you actually love. It’s hard to find a friend!”

“You’re telling me,” he said.

“Right! I don’t have to tell you, I know. But you see what I mean. I just got this new friend, Kathy. And I am lucky about that. Do you know when the last time I got a new friend was?”


“Four years! It’s been about four years. So that’s it. Every four years you get a new friend…a real friend. And then how hard to you think it is to find a lover? Someone you actually love.”

“It’s hard,” he said. “Very hard.”

“Yep. So you’ve just got to be smart, that’s all I can say.”

And another one:

“Okay, well think about it. The guy is running through women. He’s stuck his dick in 21 women this year and now he wants you to be number 22! Like you’re going to do that? Like you’re an idiot? He’s the idiot! What? He’s going to stick his dick in the 22nd woman this year and this time get a different result? What’s he thinking? This time I’m gonna fall in love? Who is he kidding? It’s ludicrous! It’s insane. It’s the stupidest thing I ever heard! And then he wonders why he’s bereft.”


With the Mars Saturn conjunction in the sky, I have been having conversations like this all day. Egads! But if anyone needs a reality check regarding relationships, dial me up, I’m ready to rail!

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3 thoughts on “Saturn Transit Through the 7th House…Conjunct Venus: Online Dating, etc.”

  1. Ah…

    I was reading something about men needing to have sex in order to feel (while women needs to feel first in order to have sex). So perhaps that’s why the male thought he might fall in love with doing what he does.

  2. Hmm….reality maybe but you’re thinking too much… doesn’t think it just ‘does’…and it happens when you least expect but really want….

    But, enjoy ur thoughts….

    And that, ‘Born a Girl’, is a lie told by a very misguided male….

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