Jupiter in aspect to Uranus, by transit or in a natal chart..

How Important Is It That People Agree With You?

Astrologer,”Claire-France Perez”, is a double Gemini. She can’t help but be interesting. “You don’t live in the world of agreement, sweetheart. You live by your heart…” she said. I can’t quote her fully because I can’t remember her words verbatim but she was essentially saying that I did not do things so I could get […]

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The Cardinal Grand Cross and “Sudden Death”

When talking about Uranus squaring Pluto, the phrase “sudden death” comes to mind. I googled the phrase and pulled up it associated with heart attack and as the title of a movie but my personal association ties it to sport, (Wiki, sudden death – sport) where it describes a scenario in a game where the next point

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