What Aspects In A Chart Show A Person “Ahead of their time”?

kashmiri asks:

“Elsa do you think that being ‘ahead’ of the current has something to do with the 8th, or 12th House? If your life’s job involves accepting/processing other people’s energy (to paraphrase your description of a function of the 8th House) it seems to me like being “ahead of the game” would be an entirely reasonable possibility (hope this isn’t irritating, ha!)”

kashmiri, I don’t think it’s either. There are two components here (in my case) that are separate but related.

First, I would give the future to Jupiter and I do have Jupiter prominent. As for becoming involved with things way ahead, I have Jupiter in tight aspect with Uranus so that pretty much explains it. Publishing (Jupiter) astrology (Uranus). Court case (Jupiter) filed for the stake of humanity (Uranus) ahead of it’s time. Even the selling… well I sold internationally (Jupiter) on the internet (Uranus).

There is another angle here and I will come back with it but first, who has Jupiter mashed with Uranus? Do you often find yourself out in front or even waaaaaay out in front?


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  1. I see this. I was wondering about having the “pulse” of the Collective, and if that could be an 8th/12th House function. Maybe function isn’t even the right word for this vague idea I have bouncing in my mind, lol.

    Regardless it is great reading here every day and knowing someone (like you) is happy leading and learning. It’s a nice combo in a human!

    In unrelated news…I decided to check a close friend’s chart to see if she had Uranus/Jupiter (she has been a lot of firsts, too, but she’s an Aquarian).
    I about fell off my chair when I realized her moon is in SCORPIO and not Cancer as I made note of initially, years ago! Another Scorpio Moon! And we’ve been friends for 13 years…man, I feel silly.

  2. you know kasmiri, if I were trying to suss something out of sense a trend, I may think along those lines but I am telling you in all these cases the universe comes to me.

  3. I do. Mostly in terms of fashion, art or music. I take a liking to something out of the norm and all of a sudden, the masses are doing it. Pisses me off. It’s like having a nice little cafe all to yourself and then BAM, you can’t even get in the door because they’re only letting the “cool” people in. Jupiter’s in a grand water trine with Saturn and Neptune, is only on superficial sextile speaking terms with Uranus. Don’t know if that has anything to do with squat.

  4. I am always way out in front, them everyone catches up, I don’t mind, though sometimes it is a bit lonely. My jupiter in the ninth is part of a grand earth trine, but I think the culprit is uranus in the sixth:

    sun square uranus
    uranus square midheaven
    venus trine uranus
    saturn trine uranus
    mercury sextile uranus
    mars sextile uranus

    my everyday is unusual and progressive in every way

  5. well… uranus in sagittarius? not that i’m sure it would count necessarily on its own, being a generational thing. my saturn takes precedence even when i do realize to do things. i’m more cautious in real life than in my mind, and would rather have someone else do the dirty work of being in the front-center of something people aren’t going to swallow easily.

  6. I am the first person in my family to get a doctorate. I am also the only single mom in my family. Since adolescence I have had “visions” of this moment for this planet. Sometimes I “see” events in people’s lives whether or not I am in a position to help. Right now I think I am picking up on the collective’s energies and this is really tough. I know praying, blessing and visualizing is important. It is all quite overwhelming.

  7. Uranus in Libra 11th house. Moon in Aquarius. Always felt generations ahead of my family and friends, waiting for them from the future. It led me to feel quite isolated all my life. I have learnt to like it.

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