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7th House And Projection: Are You Being Facetious?

dreamsAreality’s asks: “Elsa, you said: “My partner is emotional, needy, and dependent. That’s not me or anything…” Were you being facetious here????” No I was not being facetious. What Capricorn wants to admit they need anything? That’d be the other guy! “I’m confused now. Am I supposed to be looking at what’s IN my 7th

Astrology, Real Life

Projection and Neptune on the Midheaven

Neith writes on the Psychodrama blog: “Neptune affecting us natally or by transit can sure make us either the projector or the screen. I have learned thru painful experience to disengage from that kind of weirdness. The fewer hooks we have sticking out the less likely we’ll get drawn into other’s dramas.” Well said, Neith.

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