Projection and Neptune on the Midheaven

Neith writes on the Psychodrama blog:

“Neptune affecting us natally or by transit can sure make us either the projector or the screen. I have learned thru painful experience to disengage from that kind of weirdness. The fewer hooks we have sticking out the less likely we’ll get drawn into other’s dramas.”

Well said, Neith. But for me this whole blog is hook. For example, people send questions and I can’t answer them all. Some of them don’t fit the format of the blog and when I get a question like that the person gets a polite explanation to this effect. Well…

Most people accept this but at least once a week I get a scathing email in return. And I’m not talking about a sentence or two. I am talking about a 3 page diatribe. These people INVEST. They want me to know they are on to my wily ways. They want me to know that I suck and where they once thought I was a caring person they now see that my blog is an elaborate ruse to sell consultations or even more frequently – my intention is to extract the unnamed anonymous person’s birth data! Huh?

So anyway, they go on and on and on and it’s a perfect example of what you are saying. Here I have kept a daily blog (at least) for six years for no pay and I have got legions of people out there calling me names and talking to their friends about how heinous I am and for what? And there is nothing I can do about it. Imagine writing one of these people back and trying to defend myself? It would be pointless.

So anyway, I think this is just how it is. If you are going to have Neptune on your midheaven people are going to project. I am a lighting rod for this, though “I am not the droid you are looking for!” Anyone else?

Are you frequently mistaken for something remote from the reality? How do you deal?

10 thoughts on “Projection and Neptune on the Midheaven”

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    Melody Zindell

    Ha! “This whole blog is a hook”…funny! My son Damian who is 7 yrs. old and has Down Syndrome, has Neptune conjunct Uranus and the South Node, right on the MC in the 10th. Maybe I’ll write a blog about the unbelievable amount of projection coming his way!

    If I may suggest, perhaps the word “savior” would work better than the word “droid”. You know….Neptune, midheaven…and how everyone is looking outside of themselves to be saved.
    The helplessness when others don’t accomodate them turns into fear and anger, which of course we blame on everyone but ourselves.

    I have been thinking some lately along similar lines with my blog. It’s wonderful grist for the mill, and a nice berometer for my reactions and feelings….since I figure I will be enlightened when I don’t have a reaction to what others think about me, good or bad!

  2. I have Neptune in the 5th. I’m thinking of charts of people I know and none of them has Neptune on the midheaven. Two with Neptune on the ASC – they seem to hide away in a reality others create of them.

  3. Melody – savior, yeah that’s right. Because then you get crucified and I don’t even have to leave the house to have this experience. Very interested to hear tales of your son…

  4. I’ve frequently been mistaken as a conqueror, someone who walks into a group and takes over. Granted, that is what happens, but it is never my intention when I enter a new setting. Hell, I don’t even WANT the role!

    This last time I wasn’t just the conqueror. I was labelled as conniving, a liar and thief, a master (mistress?) manipulator, none of which I was in reality, but the more invested I became in clearing my name, the larger the drama, the more I realized that this woman was just projecting everything she hated about herself on me and mine, until I just stopped investing.

    My life’s been so much easier since.

  5. I have Neptune on the Midheaven, but I’ll have to think about this. I do know I’ve tried to be a savior at many times in my life, but it never really works out.

    I’ve been mistaken for many things though. Mostly it’s my age, I look very young and always have. People underestimate me for sure, but sometimes way overestimate me. I’m also mistaken for other nationalities a lot, even ones that it would be hard to think I looked anything like! But I also have Pisces rising.

  6. My son has trans. Neptune now directly squaring his midheaven and just yesterday he called to tell me he had been fired.He had been reported to have said something inappropriate (not sexual-political)by a woman in his office.He told me this woman tried to get another employee fired a few years ago for sexual harassment because they had had an affair that had ended badly.He says everyone knows that she was a troubled personality and didn’t like him when he was hired on a few months ago.He is taking it all philosophically,looking for something better.He has natal Neptune conjunct the moon.

  7. I have Neptune trine the MC, and I have been on the receiving end of a nasty-gram every once in a while too. I tend to attribute it to my Sun opposite my 12th house Pluto.

  8. You cant save another person, you can help other people help themselves. Also a sign of good leadership is when it goes unnoticed. A shepard doesn’t tend his flock in front but follows behind to guide the flock and watch for strays.

    Anyway, I have Neptune opps my Venus/MC conj tied up in my Saturn T-Sqaure.

    I have to deal with other peoples’ false projections of me all the time and have learned the value of clearly commuinicating my intentions and disarming false impressions as they arise. If I allow them, some people see me as either the cause or the solution to whatever is ailing them. And I also have to deal with being treated as a mirror of other peoples’ reflections.

    I have learned the literal value in the Biblical verse “Judge not unless ye be Judged” which I interpret not as an admonition against critical thought or making judgements but that “In defining others you define yourself.” I mean for instance, what is your favorite flavor of icescream? Mine is vanilla; now does that say anything about the *value* of the flavor of vanilla or my own values?

    When making a critical call you are showing your own ass for better or worse. As far as the clarity or accuracy of the judgment being made this points to the openness and understanding the person making it, and depending on *how* it
    is made, the person’s compassion or lack thereof.

    Enemies wise, I have a 7th House (of open enemies and lovers) Aries Mercury, so I’m pretty battle hardened as far as debates/arguments go. And when some people have hostility/dislike toward me they tend to say so and vice versa, that said people also tend not to hide their like/admiration of me either and vice versa.
    I also have a 12th House Saturn and I’ve had my share of dealing with secret enemies too. I prefer the former kind of the two.

    I’m not a martyr type, but in younger years I have been set up to be a sacrificial lamb in large social groups and have learned to avoid it.

    I also have Sag Neptune wrapped up in a fire Grand Trine with Mercury and Leo Mars, (Neptune trines my whole Leo Stellium) kited by Pluto opps Mercury. And Neptune in a Mystic Rectangle with Venus, Mercury, and 1st House Libra Pluto.

  9. Oh my God, people can be so obnoxious!
    I’ve never thought much about projection myself until these recent posts of yours, but it sure happens to you all the time!!
    I hope they project good things on you too, even though that can be dangerous too…

  10. My daughter has Neptune exactly conjunct her Capricorn MC. She’s very likable (Neptune – charisma) and she (6H Libra Sun) easily (2H Jupiter) finds jobs (2H Taurus). She then develops issues (10H – public awareness) with her bosses (Saturn) as she can’t meet her designated responsibilities.

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