Mutable T-square – Delusional Hotheads

bag-head-fireThe Moon is in Gemini now, squaring Mars in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces.

Communications may be heated, and anger misdirected!

Delusional hotheads, yanno?

On the upside, you may be moved to communicate compassionately.

But I’m not bettin’ on that last one. I’m thinking that people are pissed and their anger is going leak.

Have you seen this (yet) today?


18 thoughts on “Mutable T-square – Delusional Hotheads”

  1. I’m feeling it. People are TOUCHY lately. I can hear it in their voice, their tone, their choice of words. People were assholes this weekend! :O (Some were nice, but others, I mean, WTH?!)

    I would not provoke or annoy anyone if I could help it. People are not in the mood to be messed with these days, that is for damn certain. So I will try to avoid hot topics and give people a wide berth if I sense my presence bothers them.

  2. I’m Virgo (dealing Mars). Hubby is Pisce (Neptune sitting on his Sun). Sister is Gemini (dealing the moon).

    Just send one email to my sister -> my head is under fire right now. Don’t want to talk to her becasue I may not be able to take decesion. I know she is emotionally upset, I know I should help her to take decesion, but someone (Virgo) has broken our trust!!

    As a Virgo, that was not my expectation !!!!

    Pisces hubby is going out of town, so this poor Virgo will take all the responsibility on her shoulder unconditionally.

    I know mercury retro (scorpio) and mars on virgo will make me mad. I had some kind of mental preperation .. very soon Mars in Libra retro will mess me up the relationship.. I can smell it. I’m just tired of seeing people are breaking my trust one by one!!

  3. I feel the compassionate aspects of it for some reason. I feel forgiveness and acceptance mostly. I think its because the moon crossed my chiron today. And transit chiron is conj my Pisces mercury.

  4. Yeah, someone said something today that struck a nerve for me (though it wasn’t directly related to me or intended to be an affront), and I had to avoid speaking my mind about it because I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it tactfully.

  5. I resigned my job. After ambient power plays and manipulative bullshit from just about every direction, i finally roared on Friday and on Monday i just let go. People are bitchy and miscommunication abound, hot headed and defensive, so i just dropped it. I’m out of it, and i’m glad i made the choice to leave it. It’s too touchy for me. I don’t like this trigger energy. People are off with their assumptions and judgements like a shotgun on a hair trigger. I’m happier hiding at home doing my gardening. The plants aren’t snitchy. My rose bush says soldier on, and my tomato plant says.. let go and do your own thing. hahaha.

  6. 2 big ol’ girl fights at my middle school…and bystanders caught in the melee ready to fight again tomorrow. I put it out twice as I am in the main hallway, but after lunch they moved it too far down the hall for me to get to them and all hell broke loose. Fighting over some man-to-be, I assume.

  7. I thought I was going to be the target, and they were going to take their anger out on me. But instead they argued with each other. Whew.

  8. I felt irritable at work today but hopefully kept it hidden. It seemed like too many people had to tell long complicated stories and then laugh at themselves about how clever or cute they thought they were, but it was annoying and wasted too much time but I tried not to push people to get to the point knowing that it would hurt their feelings. It was surprising to note how many times I had to repeat myself throughout the day because people seemed to be stuck in an air-headed mode. One good thing that happened today was getting a referral to see a food allergist so I can find out what foods keep giving me hives.

  9. Oh my god. Yes!!! It is driving me crazy, I’m just trying to stay neutral, but it is really hard, because I FUCKING CARE. Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!

  10. I’ve been on edge since Friday and went off the leash Sunday night. Shoulda kept up with my daily Elsa head-slaps. 😉

    Seriously, though? I just want to growl at everyone. And possibly beat someone. And then growl some more. RAW. I got no veneer of civility at the moment. *nods*

  11. One of my residents confessed to me today….that she turned into a zombie yesterday. It’s like she turned into someone else for awhile. She didn’t even feel like she was inside her own body–someone else took over and she couldn’t see straight. I mean, what da HELLLLL.
    (She’s back to normal now. Okay, then!)

  12. Avatar

    Yeah I’ve seen it 🙁 Took Taurus girl homecoming dress shopping. She had a Taurus/Scorpio meltdown. Full fledged puking negetive energy everywhere. And damn it I wish I had seen this post before I went shoping with her.

    Mars is conjunct my 4th cusp exact today. Venus square my Pisces sun, Moon in 1st squaring pisces sun 🙁

    My moon is Scorpio her ASC us conjunct it and WE went boom 🙁

    Err I hate fighting with her!

  13. Focused, in-depth communications Tuesday. I’m used to a fixed T-Square natally and am functioning very well with this transiting T-Square. Strangely, no irritability…the challenge and stimulation feel good.

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