What do you defend?

Yesterday someone told me about how their children defended their filthy rooms. If you have a teenager, you probably know what she means. The kid sits in the middle of all their crap and says, “But I like it like it this.”  Or they tell you that it’s their room. Anything to avoid having to get up and clean up their own mess.

Marijuana is now legal in Colorado. I voted for the legalization, because I see no reason to spend public money prosecuting pot-smokers, never mind jailing them.  That’s the extent of my interest in this.

What I notice is that the pro-marijuana group seems obsessed with the public classifying them as better than drinkers…or meth users…or whoever.

Some of the pot shops sold out on day one. The big story (spin) was all about how peaceful people were when they were told there would be no pot today.

“If it was booze, there would have been a riot.”  That’s the general claim. I have no idea what the basis for this is. I have never seen a mob go insane for vodka in my life. I do think people need their wifi though.

The point is that pot-smoking must be defended.  They’ve been lumped in with drinkers and meth heads and heroin users and they want people to know that they are a unique group of users, with special qualities.

A lot of energy goes into this. You can decide whether or not the energy is wasted.  What interests me is looking at what people defend.  What do you defend?

More importantly, are you defending something worth defending?  Or are you wasting your time?

It’s a Saturn question.

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  1. what right do pot smokers or any smoker have the right to pollute the air we breath – it hurts children’s lungs most of all – sad people they die a terrible death – my mother did

  2. I don’t mean to start a fight.
    What’s telling and possibly illuminating is considering what it is that you defend with such fervor…perhaps mindlessly.

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    curious wanderer

    I go back and forth between wanting to defend high-minded ideals about how human beings should treat each other and wanting to defend nothing (except maybe my honor). I lean towards the latter. As you said, it’s a lot of energy to defend something. People are going to think what they’re going to think, and what other people think is none of my business. I seem to get more out of living my ideals instead of defending them.

    1. You have a good point about living it. It gives others the permission to do the same. If someone has shied away from doing it, and they run into you doing it, it provides them with the reality of the possibility. We open each other up all the time.

  4. I think it’s pretty common to see people invest a lot of energy defending something ridiculous.

    Here is another off-the-wall example. Recently someone told me of a 33 year old who was offering business advice to someone in business. Apparently the guy has sold pot, so this is where he got his expertise.

    But what killed me is the man is in debt $220,000! He’s not yet passed the bar…he may never pass the bar exam and if he does pass it, he’s likley to struggle to find employment.

    With problems like these, should he really be promoting himself as a know-it-all, to someone who is actually running a business (this person is not me), that they built from the ground up?

    And there are the people who defend their bad actions and why? They know what they did is wrong, as does anyone else with even a few brain cells. How much energy should a person be investing in this?

    It’s a waste of time and energy.

    That remark brought to you by Pluto transit to my Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio.

    Defending abortion is another baffling thing to me. You’re defending drilling into a baby’s skull? It’s surreal.

    This is my point. Is what you’re defending, worth defending?

    That genius I talked about above told my client she was making a “grave mistake” not listening him.

    Excuse me, sir, but I think you’ve got some grave mistakes of your own that you might want to attend to.

    No one said that to him, because people are polite, I guess.

    1. My own beef with the anti choice people (who am I to judge a woman’s instincts) is the push to outlaw birth control. I just don’t see that. Every egg is a potential life? I don’t get it. It’s too extreme.

  5. Hmm I never even thought of this. I have Saturn in the 9th house between the 10th house too.. It seems. So I have defended myself against G-d’s ways with me, and I have defended my beliefs, pursuit of education, and pursuit of a crazy music rock start gig against at all odds. I am so upset at myself because I have not finished this goal of mine which was to make it in the biz. I could have. I had a good shot with an artist but I left him. I am finally wising up now. Because time is running out on me.

  6. Animals. I see strays from far away, just one is all it takes and I stop everything to help them. I make and post huge signs, make calls, wait with them till their owners arrive.

    Once, I saw a horse-size, gorgeous dog sitting on the corner during my walk, a block away. I decided to approach it. It had a tag with an 800 number. The number was to under-cover police in PA (I was in CA!).

    The police quickly taught me Czech so I could give the dog instructions while they pulled an officer out of a baseball stadium to come and get him. Mind you, it was a good hour drive from the stadium but he made it in minutes. Turned out, the dog and officer lived around the block from me.

    I see and defend animals and will forever. It’s a gift, like others can sing or play a piano, I can spot and save animals. When it happens, I’m all “why now” but snap out of it and execute my gift.

  7. I have whittled down the things I’m willing defend.
    I will defend my life, for example. I will defend my family and my business / livelihood.

    I will defend my freedom as well, but as far as opinions, or my beliefs or ideas, I do these things as worth fighting over any more.

    I also don’t want to be in a position where I have to defend my bad behavior so I try very, very hard to have good behavior. If I do slip, I mean to own it, apologize, make amends, confess, or whatever else I need to so so I move on.

    I think I have come to this point via life experience. I write this so that young people can take a hint, if they want.

  8. Bottomline, I think I will always stand for women’s rights. And I know all women are not handling rights respectfully by becoming brutes themselves in their new positions of power. But I stand for human rights for women because of my gender. It allows me freedom of movement. And I do have an inner gauge for fairness because it’s how I like to be treated. I think we are most ardent about what we believe to be in our best interests. And on all issues, I tend to lean toward what will make a better world to live in. If I go it’s all about me and my menial interests and getting ahead (whatever that means) and screw everybody else, the streets are not as safe for the kids, the environment is not as healthy. I can’t fix it by myself, but I am indeed part of it if only in my own day to day actions. What kind of world do I want to walk in, what kind of world do I want to pass on.

  9. Oh I get it now. The problem comes with enforcing personal beliefs on everyone else. I’ll have to check myself on that.

  10. I don’t think it’s natural for me to be very defensive. For example people have wanted to challenge astrology with me for…about 30 years now. Ever since I talked about it publicly. I have no interest in discussing it at all.

    That’s another thing. People want to fight about your beliefs, thinking it matters to you whether or not they agree with you, which it does not.

    If anything, I like keeping company with people who are different than I am. I have a 7th house Uranus for Godsakes.

  11. I will defend my right to live my life as I see fit and also the right to not have to justify what I do to anyone else. How I live my life is my choice. Its my pain or my gain and no one else’s. I think everyone should have the same rights. I am not my brother’s keeper.

    I really want to give kudos to the people of CO for fighting back against excessive gun control and to paving the way to stop the huge taxpayer waste of money in the “War on Drugs”. No one should be in prison for smoking or selling Pot. I think probably all of our politicians in office have done it at one time in their lives (except Bill Clinton, who didn’t inhale, ha ha). Obama was in a “Choom gang” and he’s the President!

    I always defend Astrology. I’ve studied it since the ’70s and have lived my life by it. Its a hard sell because people look at it as witchcraft, a religion, anti-Christian, heretic, you name it. I’ve heard it all. I feel like you where I’ve gone to not discussing it at all – unless someone asks.

    I have studied Astrology my entire life and know it is a tremendous form of self-help. It is a valid science based on math and the movements/qualities of the planets. I’ve come to think its knowledge is meant for very few, but I don’t know why. Any attempts to bring Astrology to the mainstream are quickly dismissed.

  12. I defend my right to continue boycotting BP for fucking up my beautiful Gulf Coast with their infamous oil spill. I may be stupid for doing this. Does BP sell their oil to non-BP gas stations? Probably. Should I punish gas station owners because they sell BP oil? Probably not. But the Gulf Coast was a large part of my childhood, and BP crapped on it. Watching the beaches and waters I loved as a child being invaded by poisonous tarballs, and seeing wildlife coated in toxic goo……..I just wanted to cry.

  13. My long term partner and my cats. That’s it.

    I’ve been wrong too many times about too many things to really believe my opinions are worth fighting for.

  14. So glad you are back, Elsa, as I missed your comments over the holidaze.

    Interestingly, I have been thinking along similar lines lately. It seems to be common for humans to defend and judge. Both require a lot of energy. When I find myself judging, it seems to be fear or hurt based. When I see others defending, it seems to be to maintain some position in relation to something else.

    I have learned to say that I don’t agree or share an opinion without sounding critical (I hope) or saying I’m sorry. I’m not as interested as I used to be in discussing the issues when they arise.

  15. I come to the defense of my daughter, who has a disability. I will crush anyone who tries to impede on her basic rights.

    Like others have said, I defend a women’s reproductive rights. I also defend the right of anyone to marry whomever they want.

    I defend my right to my opinion on any subject, and I respect others rights to express their own. I believe in live and let live, and will immediately build up a wall around someone who tries to tell me what I “should” be doing, acting, believing in, etc.

    As a Librarian, I defend the ability for anyone to access whatever information they need, to research all options, and to ultimately come to their own opinion on any subject. I always advised my so to “question everything”. Check the facts on your own. Find your own truth.

  16. The majority of my planets are in mutable signs, so yeah, I’m kinda free-floating. I too am a 7th house Uranus along with a Mars & North Node Aquarius so I’m open to all the funky stuff & diversity.

  17. I don’t defend anything these days. There’s a couple of reasons for this. I’m really comfortable with my decisions and I really don’t care what other people think about them.

    I think defending something is sometimes a real waste of energy. Or it’s a misguided way to use energy. It focuses on the negative. I’m talking about defending ideas here, not defending human rights, etc.

  18. Amen Elsa! I was telling someone about this the other day. I pick my battles because I simply do not have the energy to fight for every cause. Idk which transit is draining me, maybe neptune, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve learned with strong reinforcement in 2013 that I can’t fight everyone and somethings don’t need my voice. I’ll fight for my friends and family, I’ll fight for my health, and I’ll fight for my freedom but I won’t fight for someone’s opinion of me. It isn’t my battle.

    I get the socio-political importance that is driving the pot PR campaign but it isn’t my fight. It doesn’t help my life to fight it because I have nothing directly at stake. I support them but I won’t debate it because others can do that for me with much more passion.

  19. I defend love to an unreasonable degree. Once I’m in a relationship, the guy could burn down the flipping house and I’d say it was probably for a good reason. I simply cannot be wrong about loving someone and wanting to be with them. Double Scorpio with Venus opposing both Saturn and Pluto. The house nearly gets burned down a lot.

  20. I defend humanity as a whole, although I’ve been avoiding any discussions on humanity lately because its so annoying. If it was brought up directly to me though I would defend them. I also defend optimism. And I think I’m starting to get defensive over religious things – the separation of church and state, the right to believe whatever you want no matter how nonsensical it may be, so long as it doesnt hurt anyone, etc. Pluto is transiting my 9th. I also defend living however you want as long as it doesnt hurt anyone. And I’m becoming more and more feminist every day. Its sad, I grew up believing feminists were just hairy man-like tree-hugging CRAZY women who had nothing useful to say at all and are just there to be ridiculed, because thats what the media taught me. The media is one thing I will almost never defend 😉

  21. only in America The United Stated do you have the rights to Live, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness – try that in most of the world

  22. I am naturally emotionally defensive, but before reacting I intellectualize it first- why am I feeling defensive? If it is from ego, I let it go and do not defend. If it is from the soul, I defend only when I feel others could be benefited by my words. I am all about equality, and I am not rudely defensive, always constructive. Or else silent.
    I am a Scorpio with an Aquarius moon and Mars in Cancer.

  23. Perhaps it’s the Aquarian sun I have! I have devoted most of my life to defending the voiceless. I have been a Guardian ad Litem attorney in Juv. Ct. representing children of abuse, neglect and dependency. I am also an animal advocate who staunchly advocates for NO MORE HOMELESS ANIMALS and the slaughter of innocent animals killed in shelters, 10 million a year. Although I believe in the sanctity of life, I find it interesting that I do not defend abortion. I believe that when men and women BOTH take responsibility for the creation of a child, then abortion should not happen. Perhaps my Juv. Ct. experience has made me see how the responsibility falls on the woman, and also that not all women should be mothers!

    1. You are welcome Elsa! I totally love your blog/newsletter and have had others subscribe! Thank you so much for your gift of YOU!!!

  24. “Harm no one, do what ye will” If you are doing what you want to do and no one else is harmed by it then you are living your truth and there is no reason to defend yourself. And in that respect, you should be so busy doing what you want that you don’t have time or space in your heart to judge others or defend your choice. If you decide to take up a cause or defend others who are weak or disadvantaged in some way, it should come from a place of love for the victims not hate for the enemy if you want to have a quality experience from it all. Who knows how it might bite you in the ass if you are bent on being a martyr or if you hate the enemy with as much passion as you have for righting a wrong.

  25. For those who believe America to be “land of Freedom”…think again –
    Not allowed to plant veg gardens:
    Not allowed to sell raw milk !-

    And, – unbelievable!! Illegal to collect rainwater in many states!!!!
    These are only a few signs of basic freedoms being outlawed today…

    1. Good post, Serenda. I moved to Colorado from Florida years ago. I thought I was being kidded about the rainwater collection law.

  26. I defend people’s ideas. I don’t take them as absolute. I don’t think it’s a challenge. I say “hmmm, I never thought of it that way.” Don’t get my panties (if I wore any) in a wad. I like hearing what people think. Which is entirely different than hearing people espouse beliefs or something they heard somewhere.

  27. I collect rainwater. I can’t believe the city thinks they own the rain. 🙁 Better than flowing straight down to the Gulf of Mexico which is where it’s going.

  28. In a negative way, I’ve recently discovered that I’ve deeply defended my “right” and “obligation” to pass on some really shitty family behavioral structures, inflicting them on myself and my own kids.
    When my parents visited separately for Christmas, it came into full view. I don’t know how I hadn’t seen it before. But it was like I grew up into my 30s (I am actually in my 30s but wasn’t living it well) all in one day when it hit me: you don’t have to be rotten too. You can choose to be better. Bing! Now I am defending my mind against the onslaught of fear and small mindedness seducing me to return. Never again 🙂

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