What Happens When An Outer Planet Transit Ends?

Neptune offering giftsHi Elsa!

My question is about what happens after the transit. Neptune is squaring my natal neptune and I am in it! Meditating, praying, volunteering, becoming a Catholic. I am very Neptunian natally, but this is wonderfully all encompassing.

But what happens when the transit passes? How much of these joyous neptune feelings will remain? Or will I stop showing up to the soup kitchen? Or even enjoying it?

10,000 daydreams

Hi, daydreams. This is a great question. I don’t think there is a single answer though. Invariably, outer planet transit take you into new realms. Here are some ideas.

You can see these transits as periods when you age or mature. I don’t know you age, but let’s say you did X, Y and Z in your twenties, became Catholic in your thirties, did this other thing in your forties, and so forth. This would be your life, unfolding.  Your journey as they say.

Compare that to a person with a Pluto transit to their Sun. That’s  a rough one. Invariably a person becomes repulsive at some point. To themselves, to others or to both. I was disgusting when I had this transit. I was vile! I felt like the gal in the exorcist movie!  Some fall into a deep pit during a Pluto transits, but eventually the sun breaks through the clouds and that person is standing in the light again.

It’s like surviving cancer. You don’t go back in for extra chemotherapy. You may dwell on what you’ve gone through, but you may also leave it behind.

Also, think of soldiers served in a war. Some identify themselves. They wear caps that indicate they’re a veteran. They may belong to various organizations. Others came home and never mentioned the war again.

And how about Uranus? I did a lot of experimenting when Uranus crossed my ascendant…A LOT. I don’t do that anymore. Further, it seemed important at the time. I thought I would try everything so I’d know what I liked (and didn’t like).

When I look back on that time today, it seems frivolous and even stupid. Like teenage rebellion when I was not teenaged!

Hopefully this gives you some idea of the range of outcomes. I do think it takes ten years or so, to really understand what happens during an outer planet transit.

What happened when you’re outer planet transit ended?

Got a question?  Ask here! Please mention your location (city, state, country, province…whatever). I think this adds something to these posts.

4 thoughts on “What Happens When An Outer Planet Transit Ends?”

  1. Life goes on but I am forever changed. It’s never like oh whew that’s over now I can continue on my way and do the same old behavior. Stagnation is not why I read about astrology. I get the feeling that I am part of an electromagnetic field that affects me and me it. Transits open me up to a wider understanding and a deeper experience of life. I can do life better both for my benefit and for those around me.

  2. I remember Uranus going through my first house. Hahaha! I would dye my hair black and then tire of it and dye it red, then brown and then back to black. I was constantly doing this, during that time frame.

  3. I’m approaching Neptune sq. Neptune and Pluto sq. Pluto so it’s going to be an interesting few years ahead. ?

    But I will say that when Pluto opposed my sun many years ago, I underwent a radical transformation in lifestyle, looks, vocation, location, beliefs, and separated myself from toxic people. Because my sun is unaspected, I’ve never been able to grasp what it meant until then. I embraced all things Cancerian, for sure! Life itself went into turbo-speed for a couple of years and when it *finally* moved out of orb, I caught my breath.

    Now, there have been times I’ve *tried* to revert back to some of my old ways but Pluto quickly reminds me that those bridges to my former life were burned for many a good reason.

    It was an exciting time and I grew a TON. But whew! It was exhausting. ?

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