What Sign Is The Best Match For Me?

To a client who wanted to know which sign would be a good match for her:

“I think you’d do best with a mixed breed, like yourself, so I don’t think naming a sign will be helpful.

Taurus would be good for your earthy side, but would bore Gemini to tears. On the other hand, Aquarius would be good for Gemini, but they don’t eat, so your earthy side would go begging.

Your best tack is probably to excavate all your parts and allow them expression. This will attract a counterpart…”

Do you express yourself fully? Can you see how stopping short of this can really hinder your chances of finding a romantic match?

12 thoughts on “What Sign Is The Best Match For Me?”

  1. fully and totally …

    i don’t even really think of myself as a scorp anymore. I mean, scorpio pride all the way, but i’m virgo/libra/scorp with a whole bunch of saturn. that’s just how it be (and yes, I totally started a libra pride thread yesterday!! lol)

    i can’t say, “i’m a scorpio, and I only get along with pisces..” my virgo likes capricorn boys, and my libra likes a bit of fire to keep her hot!! cap and fire aren’t a sought after mix by any means.

    it’s almost easier for me to determine what signs i DON’T play well with….. (yea aqua and aries, i’m looking at you……) but even then, I have great friends who are aqua and aries suns.. I just know not to date them.

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      James mccasland

      You have to look at the whole chart. A libra with five planets in Scorpio. Might be more Scorpio, and look at the rising. For me, the asc is like a window, my Aries sun comes thru an Aquarius window. Descendant is Leo, I am attracted to Leo, or Leo type actresses, artists,dramatic and friends.

  2. hahaha- I thought something is wrong with me. I love taurus moons but just that ( goes well with my pisces moon); give me too much earth and I go nuts.My gemini find them way too boring, always unmovable and uninterested in talking too much about ideas or stuff. also, my gemini mercury loves fast and quirky minds. I like comfort but not too much . makes me feel uneasy.

  3. Yes!! The crazy cardinal square of 2008 was a new dawn for me. I came out of hiding. The rewards are immeasurable. Love finds you, but first you have to find yourself.

  4. Oh yeah. Dramatically expressed in all my complexities and quirks.

    With a moon-ruled moodier than a toddler Cancer sun/mercury, “more-fickle than thou art” Gemini Moon and Venus. Add a Leo ascendant conjunct Jupiter and my mantra is:

    “Look out world! I’m ALL THAT in my crazy.”

    I’m learning to tone it down, actually. Too much at once. Consolidating numerous personalities into one whole isn’t easy. 😉

  5. The few phases in my life when I went all out went down in flames. Clearly, I have not got the hang of how to manage that, or I’m supposed to live like that, and I can’t allow myself to. Also, when I’m firing on all cylinders, I end up attracting much more than I can chew.

    I’m a better person when I hold back and focus on being restrained – need saturn for a jupiterian person.

  6. I am Aries Sun with lots of water and earth in my chart. My best match seems to be Aquas, Sadges, and Cancers. Scorpio men are awesome friends but, I can’t date them. They seem to want to own me or something. Gem men are fun but, I don’t take them seriously. I say, get to know someone outside of their astrological profile before knocking them out of the running completely. 🙂

  7. I have two other choices (other than Scorp) and that is Pisces and Cancer. It took me years to meet a Pisces and more years to finally marry him. I have yet to date a Cancer or a Scorpio man and neither have ever crossed my path.

    I ALWAYS ended up with an Aries or a Sag…every single time… I have a list of names hahahah…and every one of them ended very badly…and even funnier ….every one of them have come back to try it all over again….omg…hammer a nail into my forehead first!! I have had a lot of fun with both signs but being married to either is a big no…no matter what else they have going on in their chart.

    I have lots of Pisces, Cancer and Scorp girlfriends but just never found a water sign in all the years I was out there to date.

    Makes me know for certain that I had something to learn from Sag and Aries…that had to be it because I am surprised any of us lived through it hahaha…. I usually wanted to beat Sag in the head with a hammer hahaha and hide from Aries lol ….. Nothing pissed me off more than a Sag man… they brought out the absolute worst in me. Talk about shadows….I went full on dark. I ended up hating them both.

    Never met a Taurus.

    Don’t take Gem seriously…they make me laugh though.

    Was crazy insane in love with a Leo and a Cappy once and they both broke my heart.

    Virgo picks the shit out of me…

    Forget Libra….watching them make decisions makes me suicidal.

    And Aqua…no way. I am way too deep and they look at me like I have two heads….You can’t sit one next to me…. we are repulsed by each other instantly. Its my absolute worst match

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