What’s Faith Worth?

Pisces pink and blueIn recalling these short clips of my childhood, it seems this would be a good time to explain how faith supports a person (Saturn in Pisces).  My siblings and I were in a world of shit, that for sure, but as I mentioned, we were all intending to get out of there, eventually.  You can see this as the horizon or the future. Jupiter!  The future was wide open, in all of our minds.

I guess I should say, it helps if you have a functioning Jupiter.  We did and you may not.  If you lack any sense of hope, faith or optimism, it was probably taken from you at some point. This would be good to know, so you can get it back.

In whatever case, let’s look at what happened, post my time in the “Army”, when I was nine years old (Psychological Immunity in Real Life).

Within a year, I’d learned to drive.  Freedom, baby!

My oldest sister left home when she was seventeen.

My middle sister and I moved to town for an entire summer when we were thirteen and fifteen. See “Let’s Move To Town”.

I left home when I was fifteen… wearing a sundress from Goodwill, rubber sandals that cost a dime, and no purse and no money, whatsoever.  Faith!

My middle sister left and came back a couple times but she was out for good, at about eighteen. I don’t know, exactly. I wasn’t there.

My brother left when he was just shy of eighteen. He bought a (fix-up) house when he eighteen years old! He used skills he learned from, Henry, to fix it up… he’s done this on the side, his entire life.  Forty years of flipping houses, plus a full time job. Aries, Capricorn moon.

triple CapricornNow, I don’t care if you’ve read everything I’ve ever written, it’s still the tip of the iceberg as far as what I’ve gone through. I’m hoping you can see how faith matters. Your beliefs, matter.

Now this is a Henry item.  That’s most his chart right there. Henry believed in the goodness of the world and the goodness of people. Not ALL people, but most people. He also cultivated the idea, if we put out minds to it, we’d have a good shot.

This is how we learned astrology. He my sister and I our first books and encouraged us to try to LEARN.  He literally told us, we were smarter than he was. He could not get astrology to gel, but maybe we could!

This goes back to what I’ve been saying, recently. People don’t encourage each other any more.  It all about how set upon everyone is.  This weakens the spirt. It’s negative programming, though I know that word triggers people.

I’m not saying, we’re in the same economic climate we were back then. Clearly, this is not the case.  But the principle, stands.

As I’ve been saying for months, you have to play in the schema you’re in… with the cards you’ve got.  This is true, regardless of the quality of either. I’m suggesting this is a lot easier to do, if you have some faith.  Faith in yourself, faith in life, faith in God, faith in others…FAITH.

Take that away, and.. who sets out to climb a mountain, believing they can’t get to the top?

If you don’t like where you’re at, why not plot to change your story? I understand there are circumstances when a person is bound for some reason. You see this illustrated in this post. I want to leave when I’m nine years old, which actually, I wanted to leave from the time I was five years old!  It took me a number of years to get out of there. Ten years! And what sustained me?  Faith!  I didn’t even know that word at the time, but unbeknownst to me, I had faith in abundance. Thanks, Henry!

We need to go back to, “Little Train That Could,” books for children.  Think about this, if you have kids. Don’t fill them up with, Little Train Can’t & Never Will, So Don’t Try, But Do Blame Others”, books!  Can you see how damaging messages like that are?  Don’t cripple your children!

I’ll tell you most effective thing I ever told my Sun Saturn kid… he started school early so he was young and small, and scared about high school. Scared to fail.

“Look, Vid. There is nothing in that high school that you can’t learn. There’s nothing that is too hard for you or out of your reach, in the entire curriculum. On top of that, you have four years to learn…”

I stopped there, because I saw his brain click.  He took that and ran.

We really need to start encouraging each other, supporting each other, trusting each other, etc.  Faith is a key here.

I shared my faith with my son.  He developed his own faith and he’s faced every fear and hardship he’s run across, since.  Compare that to NOT facing these things!

So what is faith worth? I don’t know how to price it but I know people who have it and act on it, have much happier lives than those who do not.  They’re luckier and they tend to have a positive effect on others, bringing them up, rather than down.

We are such a spiritual hole at this point, people can’t recognize the hand reaching into the darkness, wanting to pull them up and out.  But the light is there. You will never kill the light.


7 thoughts on “What’s Faith Worth?”

  1. my aunt was that light in my life. She is an eternal optimist, and always encouradged me to reach for anything I put my mind to. I dont think I’ve valued that enough. Took it for granted and didnt say thank you.

    Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right. That’s really stuck with me.

  2. Hi Elsa, I love this post, I love all the posts I have read of yours. You have an uncanny way of hitting the nail on the head every time. That truly must be a gene you inherited from Henry. I think Faith is Love in another form. When you love life and everything it brings you, whether good or bad, it is a faith that all things will come to together at some point.
    When you truly love someone, you want the best for them and you have faith that they will survive and surmount whatever obstacle is before them. You want that for them so much, that the force of your love gives them faith in themselves. You are right, we don’t see that so much anymore, people today are so caught up in being the number one, the spotlight, the new celebrity. So scared to tell someone else they have what it takes, because they feel that if they tell someone else that, it will deplete them of their own source, which works in the opposite direction. Thank you, Elsa for being so consistently pure and giving in what you bring to the table for so many. You can give the horse water, but you can’t make them drink. You do a tremendous job of bringing water to the thirsty. I am drinking it up and knowing that it comes from a reliable supplier of beneficial information for the soul!

  3. I’m finding these write-ups on faith helpful and uplifting. I think one of my major life lessons is to always maintain faith (12th house sun).

    I love the reference to the value of faith-filled children’s books. I totally agree. I really don’t think it would hurt for adults to pull one out and read it as a reminder (if required).

    I believe our souls enter this world being optimistic/hopeful. Over time, negative life events can damages us and we forget what use to come naturally to us (particularly when we were younger).

    We may need to re-learn the basics to get out of the rut we are in. Re- discovering optimism and faith may certainly help set us free.

  4. Love this post. I have been blessed with a couple of ‘Henry’s’ in my life as well. Faith always gets me through. Thanks Elsa.

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