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Astrology of Tattoos and Piercings

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I'm definitely pro-tattoo and piercings. Live your life! 

I have tattoos and a few simple piercings, but definitely did have more alt piercings back in the day. I plan to get more tattoos soon. 

1H Pluto with Sun/Moon/Venus opposite Uranus. I think piercings are definitely a Plutonian thing, but I can see how tattoos could be either a Pluto or Uranus thing. Hmm.

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I have only one tattoo and I didn’t get that til I was in my 40’s. I got my nose pierced and wore a little stud for years and now I don’t. I don’t know why. No reason other than a change. It’s not evident where it is. 

I’d get another tattoo some day but I’m in no rush, as I don’t really know what I’d get. The one I have now is on my foot. I actually liked all the weird pain of the tattoo and the piercing. It was deep and delicious in a very steady, digging way…I can’t describe. It was weird, then it hurt, then you just rode it, then it was done.

‘I actually did have three tiny tattoos from when I had radiation. They are small dots on my chest, so they could point the rays at the same place every day. 

I don’t know the astrology. I’m Aqua sun, I do have Pluto and Uranus in the first, busy first house. Lots of earth. 

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I’d guess that the arts of tattooing and piercing fall generally under Scorpios domain. The needle forever changes the one who is stung…seems emblematic of the scorpions stinger.

All the other signs and planets and placements would likely play a part in the art, areas of the body, motivation, even the style and tools used, etc.

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