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Misophonia in a chart

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I have severe Misophonia. 
I’m ashamed of it and don’t tell my family. I just deal with it. 
As I’m getting older, I need to practice more self control to speak or get irritated with my husband as he’s  also aging and eats like a horse or pig. Haha! 
Bless his heart- he has a dental partial that he removes and swishes his mouth out with drink and etc..... I cringe. 
He’s so easy going I can’t say anything because I know he can’t help it. I’m very patient- but inside I’m feeling rage. 

I also have social anxiety & etc., from severe childhood trauma, I don’t know who else to discuss this with. 
Does anyone here have this condition and can it be linked to traumas and or our charts? 

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I will have to think about this but I do feel for you. The first thing that comes to me is throughout my life, whatever I most wanted to avoid, I was inundated with the thing until I found a way to transcend the trigger. I have not enjoyed this but have grown is ways I could not have imagined because of it.

Its a sensitivity so I would look at Neptune / 12th to start. Maybe Mercury for ears and brain.

The other thing that comes to mind is back when I used to bring communion to people in hospitals. I am pretty squeamish. I was taught, if some had a bad injury; to focus on their eyes. This was very effective. Sometimes things seem insolvable but then you see a way.





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I don’t have this condition, but know that some hypersensitivities can be linked to trauma, and can be seen in the chart.

You mentioned your family, childhood trauma, and your husband, so I first looked to your 4th and 7th houses, which are both ruled by Mercury in Capricorn, which is disposed by a difficult 12th house Saturn in Aquarius, which is conjunct your natal moon (emotions, the mother). Mercury rules the five senses, and with that Saturn placement, I can definitely see how troubling this could be for you.

The 12th is the house of self-undoing, imprisonment, and isolation, and with Saturn there, it was in your own words—shame. It seems you’ve isolated yourself from your family, at least in regards to this condition. Thing is, I don’t know that it’s the condition that’s kept you isolated, or your sense of shame. I’ve been there, redbird, it’s horrible. A wise person here on the boards once told me the trick to starting to heal from Saturn/Moon is vulnerability. Not total openness, of course, that’s stupid, but a real private moment of sharing the whole shebang with someone who cares and loves you. Things won’t be sunshine and daisies afterwards, but these types of placements want you to beg for mercy, and when you do things do get lighter.

Pluto conjunct the DSC can suggest a tendency to compulsively fixate on other people, in Virgo, possibly on their hygiene and personal upkeep. Keep in mind Mercury as the ruler of Virgo, too—the five senses and our nervous system.

Pluto is like nuclear energy. Incredibly powerful, incredibly dangerous. Pluto shows the sore, the infection, the putrid festering wound, the piles of garbage, the buzzing flies over a rotting carcass or forgotten plates of food, the sloppy nasty wet noise coming from someone’s sweaty face, the obsession and compulsion, the horror, jealousy, paranoia, and rage. But Pluto is also where we take back our own power, and Pluto is the most willing to work with us, for the small price of owning everything about ourselves, of looking under every rock, and dusting out every corner. Pluto doesn’t even require you to change, that’s Saturn, though he knows you probably will. He only requires that you see yourself for what you are. After that, he’s on your side and that powerful energy is available to you. It’s still dangerous though, and should be treated as such. We’re still weak little humans who get too big for our britches sometimes.

With Pluto where he is your chart, you likely have an incredible ability to see into other people. What you see is something of a projection, too, but when you’re aware of it, it’s a recognition. In Virgo, that’s an experience that could potentially be very healing for them (or hurtful, depending) and for you. When you’re able to look at your own feelings of shame, invaded privacy, and possible uncleanliness (just thinking about the possible roots of this condition, and curious if your relationship with your mom is somewhere at the root of this, too), instead of getting caught in your triggers that are attached to other people, you can start to look deeper past those triggers. When that happens, you won’t fixate on those triggers as much, but on something deeper inside of the other person. You’ll recognize it because you’ve already acknowledged it in yourself, and may be able to work with it or offer some gem to them, instead of being repulsed. That’s healing. I also tend to think of Pluto trine the Sun as the Phoenix rising from the ashes, so there’s that too.

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@buendia Am tremendously gracious for every word of wisdom and advise. Thank you so much for explaining this to me. I have been so set in understanding Saturn as I’m going through 2nd Return- and I’ve always focused on that Moon Saturn conjunct that I never thought about the Pluto being related with Mercury. Thank you, I wasn’t aware of the Sun trine Pluto possibilities either. That is hopeful. As I’ve battled severe depression, bad on my entire life. It’s exhausting. 

What are your thoughts on my Jupiter- Chiron, and also conjunct my AC — also opposition to Pluto Uranus? Those are 2 power planets both on AC and DC. Did you notice that? 

Seems to be a lot for the 12th. But I’m used to it- 

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