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Sacrifice & The 12th House

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A client has a 12th house moon in Capricorn. I mentioned "sacrifice" to him; he asked what "sacrifice" was in my world. Good question.

What does "sacrifice" mean to you?

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12th house sun and 29* moon square 29* Saturn in 4th.  I sacrificed much of my life for other people--nothing you can do about sacrifice, it's done.

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My whole life has been based on sacrifice, naturally, I am a double Pisces Sun/Moon. The Moon rules my 12th house in Cancer. I have Sun conjunct Moon, so sacrifice is very much part of my identity. Not to mention I have Neptune on the SN.

So an example of sacrifice... my son... remember my 12th house is in Cancer (the mother/moon). I took my son to another state when he was 5. We lived in another state, but I always wanted him to stay connected to our family back home, so I really emphasized that was our home. Took him there, talked to him about it, told him how much everyone loved and cared about him, made sure he stayed a part of it the best I could. Considering I am pretty much *not* a part of it. I mean I am, but I am sort of a black sheep, okay, I am different. 

So instead of keeping my son to myself, promoting what we had in this other state and securing him here, I always, always had his better interest in mind. 

So when he was about to start college I asked him where he would like to go.... he said he was considering moving to our home state to go to college. So I supported him and I helped him get into a dorm there, right in my hometown. 

All his life, I could have not encouraged him to be close to family, after all I am not, I could have kept him to myself right. Conditioned him however... but I wanted the best for him. Forget myself. I love him, why would I not make a sacrifice? 

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It’s choosing the greater good over the lesser good. 

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The 12 th is very Plutonian - simultaneously an ending and a new beginning. Pay attention to the signs on the cusp of the 12 th and 1 st  and then Pluto , the Moon Nodes and the Black Moon for other hints about what is ending and what is beginning.

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Letting go of your ego and pride and putting others first, not yourself.

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