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Transit Neptune conjunct Sun

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I’m having this transit. It just hit me today that I am TIRED... like stupid tired. ?

Have you had this transit? How did it affect you?

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Mine began in 2005, at the age of 20-21 years old.

One of my younger brother's was diagnosed with lymphoma, and passed later the following year. I was also in a very toxic relationship.

I left my parents home for the final time, of course out of anger and in an attempt to flee the evil.

I was subsumed by Neptune, in a fugue state. Nothing was clear, and neither was I. Communicating clearly with anyone was extremely difficult.

I made a lot of ridiculous choices. Nothing panned out. All seemed like a gamble, or empty. Pining anything down was futile.

I am not fond of that time period, but there were valuable lessons.

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