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Children of Narcissists

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The mother of my partner's children is a narcissist. She has waged an enduring campaign of mudslinging and parental alienation for years.

Astrologically, very strong Pluto Mars contact in her chart.

Very eye opening, seeing this behavior up close. Like being at a human zoo. My mothering instinct (Pluto Moon) is very triggered for these kids and the millions of others dealing with this situation. It's an awful, powerless feeling.

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Lots of good stuff here.

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Thank you for pulling this up. I got triggered by a phone call from my mother today, and it shocked me in the strangest way. I never thought my mother could possibly be a narcissist... I was given so much, and my childhood was nothing to complain about. But after reading this thread and some of the suggested literature, it actually fits in a lot of ways. Perhaps her mother too... ugh. I sure do miss some of these old posters. Saying a prayer for everyone's healing. I really looked up to Kashmiri and Blessed place when I was in my 20s! Now maybe I can understand why. heart  

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