Acting As An Agent Of The Universe (Saturn) – It’s A Lousy Job But Someone’s Got To Do It

twister gamePeople are back to work and the gal I had to ‘slap” in that big meeting (The Whirlwind) is still thinking she can angle. She called me this morning, slipped a lie into the conversation which I imagine she expects to grow fruit which she can harvest in a week or so. Such a dilemma.

It’s a dilemma because I have enough problems without feeling responsible to monitor this gal’s misdeeds especially when I know for a fact there are other’s on her case. Another person, high up is so disgusted with her, he bypasses her completely and goes straight to her boss with every issue. He’s on his own when he does this though I am not sure she knows it because every issue has my name on it. Anyway, it reminds me of the game, Twister.

Like I said in the video regarding my friend (Elsa P Threatens To Amputate) I am really not the type to pick a dumping ground when in crisis which is a very common thing to do. It is almost a given that a family with a family member dying (or died) in the hospital will pick a nurse to vent on and I am very much against this. So I want to let her and her lies go. I want let some other agent of the universe slap her down and am going to try to do just exactly what. But will she keep coming?

They almost always do, unfortunately. I already told her this case would haunt her career if she continued to execute with such poor judgment. I said this privately, outside in the parking lot after the meeting sort of like a cop telling a three time ticketed speeder they were going to lose their driver’s license if they were caught again. I know I am right, I just hope I am not the one who has to write that fourth ticket.

I have told friends many times, I don’t like being a Saturn figure. I believe it’s my job but I am hoping I get a pass on this one. The other person on to her is a doctor. Let him do the dirty work, you know? He got credentials and could give this single mother have a break. We’ll see.

Do you ever feel called (obligated) to act as an agent of the universe? Because I do, allll the time.

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  1. Blah. Yes. In relationships. I’m going against it now, though. Just because I’m a Capricorn with some Scorp doesn’t make me responsible for processing everyone else’s complexes… I have my own life to get on with. (This is news to me!)

    Is this woman going to hurt someone? If so, I’d say monitor it from a distance. If not, she’s just a large poisonous bug which has landed on the windshield of your life and will eventually blow away. Just don’t open the windows until she does. 😉

  2. yep. me too. all the time. it’s in my job description as r.n. — especially the teaching aspect.

    and right now the sky is falling in the family sector and i just want to whack my son-in-law upside the head with a 2×4 to get it together, please! for the sake of his baby daughter. my own daughter, baby’s mom, is lost in drugs and alcohol, and d. wants to do the right thing, but he’s not the brightest porch light on the block, if you know what i mean. so baby girl and he live with me and i have become mama again when i only wanted to be the grandma. i really really want to tell d. to do

    a. this
    b. this
    c. this
    and it would probably be best if he would do
    d. this.

    but all those things i would tell him he must do are things that he must figure for himself or he’ll never be able to pull off single parenting.

    yeah. that said, poor boy d. has his saturn return in 2nd, pluto square sun and uranus opposed mars in 8th right now. and oh! did i mention, neptune square uranus/moon in the 4th.

    and! that’s all way too big for me to figure the ramifications of when i’m trying to work and come home to take care of a 2 y.o. every evening while her dad is working.

    soooo . . . . yes. i feel like i’m supposed to be an agent of change here too. and i guess i am in terms of allowing him and baby girl a safe place out of his dire situation and i can’t help but feel that i should be doing more, but i can’t find the energy and don’t really want to be his mom too.


    i could use anyone’s bright ideas or feedback. sure would like to be an agent of positive change.

  3. Yes, Elsa, I do, and I don’t like it much either, but I am learning that it’s much better to accept the job with as much grace as possible than try to ignore it. Why can’t both you and the doctor be her agents for change? Does it have to be either or? Good Luck!

  4. rosa- that’s really hard. i’ve dealt with an adult stepdaughter that had many issues who lived with us off and on for a while, and it was excrutiating to see her screw up repeatedly, not to mention trying to find the right balance between being a parent and staying out of your adult child’s business. it’s WAY not easy.

    and add a baby into the mix who needs protection, and you’ve got a bonafide headache.

    i don’t have helpful advice, but i’m sending you some good energy, anyway. hang in there…

  5. rosa rosa: ending a boost of energy your way! the only advice I have to you is to do a little digging/researching for possible childcare options when your grandchild is older and outside care becomes an option (it seems she’s currently not in daycare or anything like that?)
    Finding childcare is tricky, and if you’re aware of what options are out there (eg. your grandchild may be able to be placed in a daycare when she’s 4) then both you and her Dad can see a light at the end of the working-grind tunnel.
    And in 2 years from now Saturn will be in Libra–a good time for a little lass to join kids her age?
    Best of luck to all of you, and thank you for being a stand-up parent (and grandparent)!

  6. Anyone with Strong Saturn influence does. Saturn Conjunct Sun(1st house,10degrees from Ascendant). I’m sick of it. All I want to do is be happy and selfish sometimes. But it never happens that way. I tried moving a thousand miles away and still I’m brought back to take care of my family who has NO CLUE..

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