Stellium In Scorpio Cheats Death To Make His Friend’s Wedding

Leon has his Moon, Venus, Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio. He almost died two months ago. He called me up earlier this week.

“Calling to let you know I’m going to Michigan,” he said. “Leaving tomorrow, the wedding.”



“Good,” I said as it hit me. “Sure glad you’re going, Leon. I just realized what if you were dead? How could Wayne get married happy if you weren’t there?”

“Yeah, I thought the same thing. I’m not going to live to see Wayne get married. I decided I could wait to die. I really don’t want to miss this… this event.”

We both laughed.

Is there anything you feel you’d have to live nearly forever to see occur?

5 thoughts on “Stellium In Scorpio Cheats Death To Make His Friend’s Wedding”

  1. I nearly died twice within 3 days, in the Spring of 2001, but did not die (even though I was “deadly” tired and could have easily given up- I was sooooo close…..) primarily because of my daugher…..She was only 11 back then. Way too young to be an orphan. Now I am sure I would want to wait around until I get to enjoy some grandchildren…….

  2. actually, there was something that happened recently which i felt would take forever:

    “getting intimate” with another person.

    my fears have always been intimacy with another, and it’s crazy since i’ve got a stellium in the 8th house (but it doesn’t help that it’s in detached Aquarius.) i contemplated on dying many times in the past few years, but i guess i didn’t want to die “untouched”.

    it had all the Scorpio fixings, heh — i died and regenerated into a new person.

    basically, i felt i would have died a spinster in this lifetime – now, i am not so sure, which is probably a good thing!

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