Libra, Manners And The North Node In Synastry

My husband has his north node in Libra in 7th house (double whammy). His node is conjunct my Mars Mercury in Libra. It’s safe to say, I’m to pull him towards relationship and politeness.

Remember the boss he wrote SCREW YOU to and then wound up apologizing? He is pretty much partnered with this guy so:

“Did you wish him a Merry Christmas?” I asked.

“No. Hell no, I didn’t wish him a Merry Christmas. I don’t care what kind of Christmas he has,” the soldier said.

“Great! Just great. It wouldn’t kill you to say Merry Christmas to the guy. He treats you pretty good.”

“Yeah, I guess. And yeah, I guess I could have said something. Should I have said something?”

“I think so. I just don’t see why not… why you can’t tell someone you work with that you hope they have a nice Christmas.”

On Monday night…

“Well maybe you can just mention it to him when you get back to work. Say! I hope you had a nice holiday,” I said. “You could do that.”

He groaned. “I’ll think about it. I will try to imagine doing that or saying that.”

“I don’t know why you have to think about it. If you haven’t noticed, you seem to actually like this guy and you have a history of this you know.”

“What history?”

“You have a history of hating people and then becoming friends with them. Good friends.”

“I have no history of that.

“You do have that history,” I said, ticking off the names.

“Oh, well that… those guys, that was different.”

“Whatever. I think it’s the same. The guy is nice to you, I know he likes you and I even think you like him begrudgingly so maybe you will ask him if he had a nice Christmas when you get back. Maybe you will.”

Tuesday night…

“The bastard sent me a card,” he said.

I snorted. I just laughed and laughed. “Yeah, well he likes you so you got a card. Are you going to ask about his Christmas today? Maybe you can just tell him hi from me. You are welcome to do that if it’s easier than being directly cordial.  I don’t want you break anything like your mind or your back just to be nice. Just tell him I said I.”

No response.

Do you consider yourself well-mannered? Got Libra?

21 thoughts on “Libra, Manners And The North Node In Synastry”

  1. That’s funny. I think my current boyfriend is here to teach me some manners. He’s got Libra and he was always taught certain things (open doors for women, ask how people are doing, always be accommodating even to people who are being jackasses to you while at work). He’s very good at it, so good that I can really see why some people take advantage of him sometimes. He’ll be asking somebody to stop doing something but he says it in such a way that they don’t think he’s serious. But his Mars in Cancer rarely lashes out — the only time I saw him lose it was when somebody was disrespecting me.

  2. That was a great story elsa but it made me think.

    Yes I believe in manners and I have libra and I was brought up to have manners because I have two Libran parents (which can drive me crazy at dinner time). I continually debate about being well mannered vs being fake because I have scorpio. I know theres a difference, I know you can still be polite and cordial even if you dont like the person or you have differences but I always still double take myself. I think maybe I dont believe in manners if people dont mean it. I guess what I mean is there is a difference between being polite and just being polite for the sake of it. I just guess there is a way of being politely rude and if you’re going to do that you might as well be just plain old rude, doh, I just cant make my mind up.

    1. Yes, Yes, Yes. Most of my Libra is 8H so I constantly have the conflict of well-mannered vs being fake.
      This makes so much sense now 🙂

  3. >>I just cant make my mind up.>>

    I can’t make my fuckin’ mind up either. I have fuckin’ MARS is Libra!! Fight politely DAmnit, never mind I can’t decide shit!! :-0

  4. I have Libra rising, and I swing back and forth between politeness and aggression, depending on who I’m with. However, it really annoys me when co-workers don’t follow certain conversational rules, like when they don’t realize that “how are you?” is a rhetorical question, and then launch into an exhaustive description of their bowel problems. That makes me reel back in horror. Polite horror.

  5. Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto in Libra…..

    “yes sir.”
    “no sir.”
    “yes ma’am”
    “no ma’am”
    “thank you, ma’am”
    “thank you, sir”
    “Have a nice day.”
    “Excuse me, may I…….”

    …..It’s all a regular part of my vocabulary.

    My parents didn’t even raise me this way, WTF??

  6. Strangely, I don’t find my Libran Mars to be much of a problem. I do have certain “rules” about arguments (i.e. don’t interrupt, no personal attacks), but I don’t seem to find it as troubling as Elsa, for one, does. Maybe because it’s conjunct Venus and Pluto it has more kick…

    But, yeah, three planets in Libra. I know me some polite! I ignore it when it suits me, though. 😉

  7. Becca, LOL! I work with a JW and I couldn’t even argue with her when she told me in no uncertain terms I have a demon in my home (note to self, don’t talk about the ghost at home to co-worker, ever again).
    I was not raised with manners. None. My Dad licks his plate when my SO and I visit for supper, for fuck’s sake.
    Nothing irritates me more than my friend who whines about table manners but never, ever responds to a single email or phone message because she is *so busy.*
    I’ll take me friends who fart at the table over the fake people who call me ma’am any time.

  8. Oh God, that’s funny stuff!

    Yeah I have Libra, Mars and Moon natally, but sun/moon/ascendant/mars all progressed within the past year or so and damn, it’s been a welcome change.

    I tell you, it’s perfectly lovely not having to be polite all the time…



  9. Generally i’m polite. I’m very aware of social etiquette (stellium in 7th/virgo) and am the height of good manners when out and about, sorry i bumped into you, thank you for opening the door, eating like a lady etc. But like kashmiri I was brought up to lick my plate, burp/fart if i wanna, swear like blazes if it feels good so at home and with those i love, i let it hang out. I actually think licking plates is a sign of good manners (uranus in libra?) as it shows you enjoyed the food that much and also stops the washing up water getting too dirty.

  10. no. uhm. sometimes. i just don’t notice things, often. but it’s taken a lot of work to learn how to shut the door when i need to. i don’t want to be rude but often i am, unaware.

  11. This reminds me of Gemini’s and Me. or Geminis in general. They ALWAYS hate the people they are about to become good friends with. I have had this happen to me 3 times. This is the only sign that has done this to me. The Soldier has Venus in Gemini?

  12. NN in Libra in the 7th I have also. Learning how to coexist without taking it all so personal as Aries is known to do. Just cohabit is enough for most relations. No need to go so deep or seek out the sensation as Aries so enjoys. Embracing a bit of Libra grace has been my second Saturn return epiphany. A few years back Nicole Kidman received an award at Cannes. A reporter asked where were her tears and touched display? She replied that now she saved that for the special people in her life not for the public at large. That story tipped the scales on the whole sensation bit for me.

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