Adapting Post A Traumatic Change

george_grosz__the_wanderer__1934Post the Uranus Pluto square, many people are in a situation where they need to totally reinvent themselves. Though I know many people in this circumstance, I’ll use myself as an example.

I moved across the country; at the same time, I became an empty-nester after having children in my home for twenty-years.  Meantime, my husband, who had been driving a truck for the last year, came home full time. It’s a totally different life.

Some of this, I saw coming. Most of it, I did not see coming, but I did hit the ground running. Lucky for me, I’m pretty mutable. I also have a strong Jupitartian streak – these are people who go native, fast.

Still, it’s not easy.  It’s not easy, but it is interesting. I’ve discovered new sides of myself. I’m still me. But I’ve been forced to shift my emphasis.  Everyone has to do this in life, at some point.

For example, I used to be a gym rat. I loved to go the gym. I became to ill to work out. That was the end of that.  People think things are going to stay the same. They don’t!

There are many other things that can and have happened to people I know. I’m sure you can say the same. A person may have lost their high-paying job, gotten a divorce, gotten married, suffered a death in their family – you name it. All the sudden, you’ve got to adapt.

What I’m noticing now, is people don’t necessarily realize this. Consequently, they’re walking around like some kind of shell. It reminds me of Paul Simon’s lines in, Graceland.

“And she said losing love
Is like a window in your heart,
Everybody sees you’re blown apart,
Everybody sees the wind blow…”

I’m writing this today on the chance you’re struggling because you’ve not yet realized you have to reinvent yourself. You have to proactively try something new.  Because it’s not going back the way it was, ever.

Are you struggling with life as it is today?

Addendum to this post – How To Reinvent Yourself, Post Traumatic Loss

27 thoughts on “Adapting Post A Traumatic Change”

  1. I’m at a crossroads on whether or not to stay in my long-term partnership. I have Uranus opposing my Moon & Venus in Libra right now. I don’t want to make an impulsive decision but I understand that our relationship needs to change to grow. A few days ago, my son had a car accident and broke his foot and now I will be staying with him part-time to take care of him. Thankfully, my son is okay but it’s now giving me space to think about my relationship. Love is complicated sometimes.

    1. Yes indeed.. Just broke off my 10yr relationship and I live with him & his parents.. it’s tough and it won’t be easier chaning my life but I’m happier knowing I made a good decision for myself.. ♡☆
      Good Luck!

  2. Oh Elsa I have to say you know (you’ve done my transit chart for me) I have strong Jup, pluto, saturn and moon and venus going on for me. At times I feel I must recluse people just get obsessed with me- these are words shared with tears not triumph. I have found another who can’t let let go and although I do love her, she can not control her feelings. Scorpio, Leo signature for her. She said lovers is fine..not so. She came into my house uninvited claiming I’d left the doors unlocked. My cap says hell no I did not. How to adapt to that?

  3. <3

    Unfortunately for me it's stayed the same for far too long and this scares me to death even more than the alternative. The longer things stay the same, the harder it is to let go. But my husband is one who stays the same for as long as possible, until things are basically decaying the soul. There is no pushing him to change- he's got a second house Capricorn Moon, so I will eventually end up going into the inferno with him or even scarier, without him.

  4. I realize my old ways no longer serve me and am joylessly making what changes need to be made. But it makes me extremely angry and resentful that everything is so hard all the time with so little available by way of temporary relief. I crave indifference, maybe one day the inner shrieking will die down.

    1. I’m just getting the old life is over. Slow learner. Taurus Sun. I’m angry and resentful, too, of s*it lasting so many years.

  5. Everything that’s supposed to work doesn’t work. I like to help other people when I can but I find the idea that it in any way helps heal the person helping completely false. Bitterness rage rage rage. I think it may be my spousal substitute.

  6. I was stuck in a bad situation because I didn’t know if I wanted to settle and make it work or figure out everything by myself. I chose the latter option even though it was scary and I feel like Jupiter has been rewarding that choice because I’ve managed to get a promotion, find a place to live on my own, and I was able to buy a car yesterday (no more walking to work when it’s dark out, hooray!). I’ve been energized, I’m ready, I can do this!

  7. I’m struggling to change habits, but I see differently and that makes all the difference. I’ve felt out WHERE I need to be and WHY… but those are outside jobs. It’s becoming more clear every day what needs to happen on the inside. It’s happening, I’m working on it… and of course I never do anything fast enough for myself – so, patience. I’m a bit of a turtle. I’m slow, steady and full of water and earth. Things happen, they manifest – but slowly. I get that now.

    I’ve had a lot of dreams lately and a discussion with a very spiritual friend, then later a confirmation with in a book I’m reading and it all means I am in dire need to integrate my animus. My objective is to take back my power and ignite the force within. I need to create and cultivate a positive inner male voice and force. This is pretty hardcore inner reconstruction that I’ve had since a child but I’m certain I can work with it. It will take time. The most important thing is that I can see my pathology.

    I’ve been afraid to be myself for so long or rather I’ve been so focused on fitting in and learning a new way of life that I just wasn’t aware I was shutting down to myself. It’s nice coming back.

    There are still a few unknowns and life has been throwing some pretty strange synchronicities my way. So, faith, faith, faith and faith as I move forward.

    Thanks for asking the good questions and giving me the space to reflect.

    1. I can relate Shan. I have Chiron on my Pisces Mars… just broke up with Pisces boyfriend. I find working with archetypes really helpfull. Looking at wounded masculine…wounded father… always trying t fix men…

      Reconstruction is good word (esp with pluto now in cap)… good to work it through to heal and get through to the other side.

  8. I moved across my own country as well, smack dab in The Grand Cross of April 2014, to live with a Venus/Saturn/Pluto grand square composite man.

    Talk about going somewhere!
    The first U/P square pulled out the rug under my feet (thanks, Saturn Return in Libra, conjunct my natal 8H Pluto as well!)

    Something had to die though… me for a start. My 8 year long relationship as well. My naivité regarding men’s nature. And a year after I moved in with the new BF, only to learn the hard way that you don’t do this without everything challenging you.

    Before I was sooo in love with cooking, I had my own food blog and a lot of friends online. After the first break-up/ square I didn’t even care about good food or the like anymore. I’m more spiritual. I’m not the naive girl I was before. All that sh*t changed me but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy doing your old stuff anymore – it just means you’re doing it with a heightened sense of awareness now.

  9. I haven’t had a real job since the market crash of 2009. My real estate career has been in the shitter that long, I’ll know in a few days whether I got hired into a new field or not.

    1. I lost my job just a few weeks ago. I’m lucky to have a part time job, but I need a full time job, or at least two part time jobs.

      I had an interview, but I didn’t get the job. I’m now thinking of looking one more time then I’ll try to go full time with my part time job now.

      I hope you find a real job soon. It’s hard sometimes.

  10. There is no way to know what the fallout will be in this country and the world now. So I am at a complete loss about any “future.” I’ve been on this planet more decades than most of you and never felt this way.

  11. “Post the Uranus Pluto square, many people are in a situation where they need to totally reinvent themselves.”

    Elsa you’re spot on as ever. I’ve been reinventing my life since severely losing my health, so many things are different now… (not for the better of course, but what else can I do except adapt and plod along).

    I’m lucky in that I have genuine friends who stood by me, it did make a huge difference, also a psychologist and a psychiatrist who helped a bit with PTSD. Still, even with help, I hate that &^*”% square, it took away so much, all irretrievable.

  12. I expect a transit Pluto opposite my Jupiter, Moon and Uranus, (stellium) in my 11th house and at the same time Uranus square those three planets. This “party” begins in Februari 2017 and where I am when it ends??? I am not scared, but sing a song is something else! 🙂

  13. How does one start though? Or where does one look to get ideas? Especially when life feels like it’s at a stand still.


  14. Cross country mover, too, in May of 2012. And, then to have more “fun” moved a year later in summer of 2013 to another region of country. Started back at a profession I had left years earlier. Not the life I would have imagined, but the one I’ve got!

  15. This is great. Will schedule an appt with you again. Really snapped my neck. It’s all as you said. CHANGES DEAR GIRL. Finally am able to sever the abusive verbal relationship. Shit, future has doors flying open. So exciting, just had to JUMP.

  16. With the Uranus-Pluto square, I achieved “maturity” and stability, but it killed (Pluto) my revolutionary streak (Uranus). I used to think I’d be able to live off the beaten path, now I don’t think I can, even though the security I have now is hard to complain about (and it’s not like I hate my job, either).

    I’m still struggling a bit with the loss of a passionate, hopeful outlook on life, in which I felt I could do or be anything. Frankly, it was based on an illusion. But I still miss it and wonder if I’ve made the wrong choices. I actually don’t think I have, though. Just wondering and looking back. I need to stop doing that because the old days are toast.

    I do want to regain my inner drive and fire–all of it, not just the diluted version I have now. I’m looking at Saturn in Sagittarius, which has yet to trine my Mars and Venus in Leo. Mars coming up first. What better opportunity to get some mojo back? Or give it structure? Perhaps that’s my problem, not that I have little energy but that it’s too unfocused.

    One good, recent thing…I’ve been hiking every chance I get, lately, which feels healthy spiritually and physically.

    Saturn will also oppose my Jupiter in Gemini next year. I consider that the gauntlet. If I can get through that and still have a positive outlook, I’ll be good to go for a long, long while.

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