Does Psychic Ability Show In A Natal Chart?

old zodiac fabricA friend of mine met a “medium” who said she was fake. The medium said that her her peers were fake too. He asked me what I thought about this.

I don’t know about people who specifically contact the dead. I’ve never met anyone who could do it, reliably, but I do know people who are “psychic”. I wonder how people think this shows up in chart.

Most notable in my life and experience, one of my sisters definitely has some ability. She’s always credited her Sun in Pisces trine Neptune for her ability. She also has Mercury in Pisces which I feel denotes the ability to get information from ethereal sources.

My husband is also wildly psychic. He has a Scorpio Moon conjunct Neptune tightly inconjunct Mercury.

Are you psychic or do you know someone who is? How does your ability manifest?

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  1. I think it’s my mercury/neptune/ascendant/south node conjunction (all sextile venus and pluto). I’ve been able to see death and accidents before they happen – of associates, not just family members. But this happened during a period where I literally had no “self” and was way too open to psychic forces. As soon as I got busy with a full life, I lost the receptor abilities. Now I’m just good at reading job applicants and such, and can spot a con a mile away.

  2. mmm…. I have Virgo sun, Uranus, Pluto in 12th, Taurus moon in 8th with Scorpio Venus conjunct Scorpio Neptune in 2nd
    Jupiter in Pisces in 6th.
    Ive been told I read people well. I do well with photos of people. I can hear their voice talking in my mind while looking at the photo. I also read people in person. Their energy that comes off them. I also can envision things that will trend 5-10 years from now. DOnt know if any of these placements would be responsible.

  3. Natally I have Saturn in Pisces and a stellium in Scorpio which includes Moon conjunct Neptune conjunct Mercury. I am very sensitive to energy. When the energy is restless, or harmful I can usually feel it immediately. I sense subtle signals/indications and am sometimes loath to express them for fear of revelation.

  4. Glancing at the comments seems like the traditional water/Neptune connections are holding good; am in that group myself (Sun Pisces; moon Cancer; horrific Moon/Pluto/Saturn connection;weird Nep opposite Sun/Mercury). IMHO the fact that our official ideologies, whether scientific/rationalist or traditional religious, refuse to acknowledge psychic phenomena really gets in the way–because of them people do not trust their own insights. And yes I,ve had plenty of stuff myself but the comment earlier about a fake medium struck a bell with me–there are quite a few people who, amazingly, ignorantly, dip their toes in these waters just to mnake money/have influence. Fakes are fakes and have got little if anything to do with the real deal.

  5. In 2012 the rug was pulled out under me. Saturn Return in 8th house.
    But also Pluto going into my 12th house, along the way trining transitting Neptune in Pisces. I began to “see” things. But I couldn’t make sense of them.

    I saw the face and eyes of the BF I hadn’t met yet at the time (it took a whole year before he showed up in my life). I also saw myself as a witch in a middle aged setting with me standing atop a burning pyre. This was a situation 3 years in the future coming to me, with the same theme. During a hypnosis session I found out it could have been a carmic relationship from an earlier life. If you believe in those things.

    Afterwards I’ve had “sights” that is very clouded in dream language, but nevertheless they’ve come to pass during the past year. Recently I had another one coming to me.
    I tend to “suck up” things and feelings from people which gives me a very strong gut reaction.

    My 11th house Neptune is quincunx Chiron in the 3rd house. Dreams and communications seems to be big here. And pain. Healing. Wounds. Old wounds – some of them from past lives.
    I guess Pluto/Neptune took it a notch up when they were interlinked between 2012 and 2013 from my 12th house. My 12th house is in Capricorn, so I think it could have something to do with the theme of power struggle and karma in my “sights” or whatever one could call them.

    1. Wow,thanks for sharing your experience! Smething similar happened to me when I basically drew my current boyfriend before we even met. I am a freelance illustrator and ever since I remember I was drawing only females and then all of a sudden I drew man’s head!

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    Linda (Dreamer)

    I also have Sun in Pisces (8th house) trine Neptune, and Moon in Cancer (borderline 12th but in 11th) trine Neptune, with a Pisces in Mercury (9th):( conjunct (cazimi or combust) the Sun in Pisces.

    It’s a burden really…..especially these last decades. In the last 3 or so years, I see things that I just shake my head. I’ve tried to tell people things and they think I’m crazy, only to find out later I’m not. But they dislike me even more. So now I just keep it to myself….unless it’s good stuff for people close to me. But ya know, most people really don’t want to hear the truth.

    So yes, being “psychic” is not all that it’s cracked up to be…unless of course you’re a big celeb with a popular tv show.


  7. Hello to everyone!

    I have Moon (in 5th) and Mars (in 6th) in Pisces. I would love to learn how to activate my psychic potentials – was told I have some. I occasionally have some insights, and I believe I am intuitive. But I guess that my moon in Pisces mainly means that I am an empath. Do you guys have any techniques with which you develop your abilities? 🙂

  8. Virgo stellium in 12th including Uranus pluto
    Scorpio venus neptune with moon in 6th.
    I mostly listen to readers who are Pisces, Cancer or Virgo as They seem to focus on energies which I think is more validating for me.

  9. Wow! I enjoyed reading all the comments.

    There are a lot of psychics!

    So, perhaps everyone on earth is psychic to some degree? maybe that’s what we often call intuition.

  10. I think psychic ability may show in a natal chart. I receive information, images, impressions/feelings about people, and have predicted events. I do not choose this, it just happens randomly. I think sensitivity is essential in the psychic process. My astrology: Sun in 12th trine moon conjunct Pluto in 8th, Sun and moon sextile Neptune, Uranus in 8th, Mercury in 11th trine Pluto 8th, Pisces rising.

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    the laughing goat

    Question… can you still have ‘abilities’ if you have planets in 4,8,12th houses but they are in Air not Water?

    This is my son’s placements…

    8H Sun, Merc conjunct in Gemini
    12H Moon, Mars in Libra
    4H Uranus in Aqua

    Just curious…

    1. From my personal experience, I’d say yes. The only water I’ve got is my ascendant and MC. The planets in my 4th, 8th and 12th are all air. Neptune aspects the 8th and 12th planets, which I think helps.

    1. I agree. I think some people are just more conscious of their intuition than others. So much of our behaviour operates from an unconscious level.

  12. I may be somewhat psychic, before my partner’s sudden death I started mimicking his symptoms and thought I was dying, I also could feel his energy from afar (we had a long distance relationship). I’m like a sponge for other people’s energies, I really need to be careful who I associate with. I have Mercury 0 degrees conjunct Neptune in 0 degrees Capricorn, 3rd house nonetheless. I fell into psychosis after my partner’s death, now I hear voices and I’m unsure whether it’s psychic skills or just mental illness. They tell me they’re dead spirits, but who the hell knows. I reckon I’ll know in time.

  13. I have a Pisces North Node conjunct Fomalhaut which is one of the four royal stars. It is said to belong to psychics and prophetic missionaries and alchemists. It is also trine my Jupiter at 29 degrees Libra, while my Jupiter sextiles my moon which is conjunct the Galactic Center, so there is this major connection between my relationship (Libra) to God (Jupiter) and the downloads I receive from the universe (ethers). I have been able to predict earthquakes, the 2004 psunami in Indonesia, 911, and many events in people’s lives. Not everyone’s but especially true of those closest to me. I have a strong pull to the spiritual realm with Neptune at 28 degrees Scorpio sextile my Pluto. Jupiter definitely inflates and enhances my North Node abilities found at 3 degrees Pisces. So it leaves me to wonder how many of those aforementioned Pisces sun and moons in your comment section have their suns and moons around the 3rd degree conjunct Fomalhaut?

  14. PurpleStarGirl

    I have Sun conjunct Neptune in the 3rd house and Jupiter in the 8th trine Scorpio ASC. Sometimes I can read people’s thoughts, get flashes in my mind’s eye when I’m awake (Clairvoyance), have dreams that sometimes comes true, and I just know things without any logical reason why. I can sense energy in places and coming off of people and I see and sense spirits sometimes, which I attribute to the Scorpio ASC.

  15. Im more psychic about myself, not so much with other people. I attribute this to a highly expected Neptune. I talk to my ancestors and ask them for help, and they’re all women. Love this thread. X

  16. Triple Pisces trine Neptune in Scorpio I’m always picking up on things nobody else appears to be aware of on a lot of levels.
    Had official training for decades as well and do a lot of reads.

  17. Things popping up in my thoughts whilst wide awake. When I had an important exam I thought to myself- I should look over exact this subject again because it will be on the paper. And that’s what came up. Or this someone that I am not very close with is gonna talk to me about boots. There he went a day after, unprompted by me, asking about boots. Or this person is going to do this random thing- at this hour- and later I find out they did. That was the closest, when I got the hour exact. Don’t know what this is this called- Overthinking? I have moon conjunct neptune in the 🐐 sign.

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