Lying To Me

I always tell the truth even when i lie scarfaceI was talking to someone recently (in my real life). They lied to me. ย It was one of those Gemini lies. I knew immediately, the person was lying because they didn’t want to hear any remarks I might make. I got off the phone and thought about this, hard.

I decided not to ask this person things, they can’t answer without risking an unwelcome comment from me. ย It sounds kind of controlling, but it’s actually defensive. I don’t like how I feel when I hear this person lie.

I don’t think it would be a good idea to confront them. ย The way I see it, I can avoid talking to the person, or just avoid subjects that make them uncomfortable. I’m going with the latter.

A few days later, I was watching a tv program. One of the characters said, “It’s always easier to lie.”

I was struck by that, because I go out of my way not to lie. I’ll do just about anything to not be put in a position where I have to lie, say to protect someone’s feelings.

Now I see it takes courage to tell the truth. Saturn in Sagittarius. ย I have never viewed lying from this angle, but people say that all the time, don’t they. “It’s easiest, just to lie.”

How often to do you lie, because it’s easiest?

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  1. I find it hard to lie though. I get really uncomfortable. It’s like my whole body contradicts my lie and I get scared to get found out. I’d rather avoid saying anything or beating around the bush than lie.

    Sun and mercury in Virgo.

      1. I too have Venus in Gemii (and Neptune in 12th sqaure Sun)
        I lied a lot as a kid(as self defense… wasn’t really a story teller per se although I could if I had to) Sometimes (rarely) I will slip into a small lie to avoid confrontation… but am pretty strong on honesty.
        That said, I can lie if I have to…(there are sometimes situations… )

        Yet overall… I have a weird sense of instant karma… like if I lie it will come back to me.
        Sag Moon? Saturn in 1st (Scorpio)Guilt from past lies.

          1. oh that’s so cute… kids lie just because they think that because you can’t PROVE they’re lying, their truth is a reality. I actually had this explained to me by a teenager. It’s a value that hasn’t kicked in yet, for some. They simply don’t see telling the truth as a value (venus) – the cons outweigh the pros as far as they’re concerned. Crazy making, if you happen to live with one of those teenagers….

  2. I think you should confront it ๐Ÿ™‚ Doesn’t have to be this dramatic thing everyone dances around. Usually they just shrug it off or laugh when found out. I think for some people the lying is more like a creative outlet and not an affront to your intelligence. I decide on whether or not I want to engage with a compulsive liar based on how entertaining I think it will be. If it’s something I know will piss me/them off I won’t engage at all.

  3. I figured out that my ex husband does this. I always kind of had a hunch. He has Venus in Gemini, though I don’t want to pigeon hole anyone.

    He was always very convincing, saying that he wasn’t lying to me even though I felt like something was up. (Scorpio Moon)
    Until this past week, when it really dawned on me…

    My daughter said to me that he said to her that I was “chato” because I forgot to do something he wanted me to do. (chato is a negative word in Portuguese) She told me out of the blue when she saw something that reminded her of the incident. She’s five and would have no reason to make something like that up. He denied it when I confronted him.

    I guess it needed to be my own daughter for me to see the light.

    He’s a monk, he’s Zen, he doesn’t like to argue……………….

    1. This is just my opinion but I would be cautious in future about referring to remarks by your daughter made in innocence and/or confidence to you, when speaking to your former spouse. A child is so easily caught in the middle and just wants to be loved by both her parents.

      1. I understand Luna, thank you for saying so. I’m a child of divorce, so I understand. I confronted him, calmly, because having one parent speak badly of another can also be damaging as she may see herself in both of us. It needed to be addressed. I can assure you we both care for her and love her profoundly and, despite being divorced and utterly human, we are very good parents. He’s a great Dad and I love him though I do not fully understand him… Communication can be a very positive force if done calmly.

  4. Venus in Gemini never ever lied.. funny I was warned this by astrology maybe only to myself.. sagg scorp on assendant as well like above but an honest kid…

  5. Never heard “its just easier to lie”, that’s just unbelievable, ha ha. If a kid is lying you have already lost them in some way, if they have always lied you never had them in the first place. Lying is a defense for something else. Changing the subject to other things seems like avoidance, unless the lying is somehow insulting you or you don’t want to hear something disturbing or this person is trivial to you. Someone you consider important lies to you, you call them out on it, that is not manipulative, it doesn’t have to be hostile but it takes courage. Maybe they think you can’t handle the truth because the answer won’t please you? Kids do this. Could be they are just manipulative. Could be they are very lost inside. Nothing to lose either way, if the relationship is to be honest, if this is a close relationship you care about that is.

    1. My grandson (16) lies a lot…or tells stories as I like to put it. Tall tales! LOL.

      He’s Gemini rising and Neptune square Jupiter so he can really exaggerate. When he was little he had an awesome imagination… but fairly strict/rigid parenting (where did I go wrong lol!?).

      His dad(my son) the Capricorn…has always been rather confrontational about it, which hasn’t changed anything except my grandson has become a better liar.

      On his hand (I do hand reading) he has a fingerprint that is called a composite. Like a yin/yang symbol…goes in two directions. Means one can see both sides of things, but can have trouble making decisions (kind of like Libra) etc. He will make a good negotiator or mediator.

      He has a strong need to please (momma’s boy) added to a strong need to rebel(pissed at dad).

      He’s an awesome kid and really wise soul … perhaps a little lost right now (what teenager isnt?).

      He’s a very good writer (of stories). Perhaps he will learn to put his skills to good use ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I’m a Sagittarius Sun/Leo Moon and I’m not a liar. With my Moon sextile Mars aspect and my Moon in the 1st house I find it really hard to hide my real emotions, almost like an Aries Moon, which makes sense because the Aries/Mars/1st house all belong to the same archetype. ๐Ÿ™‚

    According to my experience, men with their Sun and/or Mars in Gemini are often compulsive liars (I’m not saying all of them) and they can be cheaters too. This is just one of the reasons why I avoided men with significant Gemini energy in their chart when I was still single. According to some astrologers, being a Sagittarius woman I would make a great match with a Gemini man. No way! Opposites don’t attract in my case. ?

  7. Ex boyfriend had venus and mercury in the 7th house Gemini.
    Opposite Neptune and moon in the 1st house.

    Liar? You betcha! He cheated with my best friend! Smooth as an eel.
    If I ever see him again I will tell him a lie which is actually the truth: “I faked my orgasms through 8 years because I felt pity for you”

  8. I can’t lie, because I have to stop and think “is it worth it to lie” first and that gives it away that I’m lying. Of course I do have a Sag sense of truth so I lie all the time if you count embellishment as a lie. I just automatically need to make everything BIGGER.

    I’m more open about lying at work. I told white lies to customers all the time when I worked at Dominos, and in all my retail jobs. It makes things easier and its white lies. I actually don’t think I lied much in retail, just mostly at Dominos. I had to explain why deliveries were late and I couldn’t tell the truth without sounding bad. Tips were involved so I guess if you offer me money I’ll lie ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. I have no idea how often I lie. I will flat out lie to keep from hurting someones feelings. Sometimes I accidentally lie because I can’t remember things like I once could. It isn’t anything I think about or track.

  10. Usually never. I grew up in a mentally ill family, in which the truth was changed regularly, always to the advantage of the parent. I hated it! I finally have learned how to tell the truth, calmly, and in a relaxed friendly manner. Not in a hostile manner, and I will wait until I can say it this way, even if it takes a few days of no contact.

  11. I can’t lie. It has to be my Sagittarius MC. In fact, there have been times when I SHOULD have lied but couldn’t. My mother drilled it into my head to always tell the truth even if it kills me and it just might do that one of these days.

  12. If/when I lie, it’s a libra thing – usually to spare someone’s feelings. Sometimes, it is impossible for me to be direct, which is weird when I become aware of it. But, I also have Sag on the midheaven & I value the truth a lot. So, if asked (specifically) for the truth, I give it…both barrels.

  13. I lie in order to not hurt someone’s feelings and don’t feel guilty about it. I really have no need to make someone feel bad when it’s something petty like looks. I don’t lie about stuff that matters.

    I have Sun & Venus in Gemini.

    My dad is a double Gemini… Oh boy does he exaggerate. Lol

  14. I hate Gemini lies!!!! I have Gemini Chiron…..they are my wounds. Telling lies to avoid hurt feelings even though the lies themselves hurt more than anything else. My Leo Mercury/Mars is blunt and honest, cuts like a knife sometimes. It’s hard to lie since those lies could fester in my body and I get physically ill. I think I have Scorpio Saturn/Moon/Pluto ….I uncover lies for myself not by choice unfortunately or I uncover lies FOR others. Scorpio Saturn isn’t very lighthearted …*nervous laughter*

  15. interesting topic!

    Yes, I will lie to someone I don’t know very well who is “pumping” me for information, personal or otherwise. I dislike it when people I don’t know ask too personal questions, or are clearly asking me for information they plan to file away and use against me at a later date. 3rd house Scorpio stellium and Sun in Libra. ๐Ÿ˜€

    But I wouldn’t lie to just be a jerk or to cause someone trouble. I hate that crap too!

  16. I have Sag rising, stellium in the ninth and a whole lot of Saturn Capi energy lying is not something I can do easily or even at all. Actually my Cap Sun/Sag rising sister told me once that not verbalizing every truth was not lying because she could tell by my truth blurting I was confused by that concept. My husband whose moon is in the third house will throw small lies to avoid hurting peoples feelings like our daughter asking if he noticed her new hair style and he will say “of course you look beautiful” there is no chance he noticed her hairstyle even if her head where on fire but he means it when he says she looks beautiful. He does not do this to me because he knows I can tell when he is lying and it makes him sweat so with me he reverts to deception through omission meaning he will ignore me it is not something he wants to talk about. His intentions are good so there is no benefit to calling him out on it just one of those third house moon things.

  17. Of all the men I know with Mars, Venus, Sun or Moon in Gemini (the more the worse) all tend to lie about relationships. Some lie about not having other women, some lie about having many. Some do it because they think they’re being nice (LOL) and some because they want to be mean. Some cheat, some want to have other men’s women and then brag about it. In fact, all the men I know with strong Gemini influence appear to be somehow… troubled. They are often mean and hurtful with their words. They all harshly judge women’s looks even if they themselves aren’t good looking at all. I used to gravitate towards these types but I’m not a fan anymore. Of course I only know like 10 guys with strong Gemini, but this has been my experience.

    Women with these placements tend to blurt out stupid things about themselves that aren’t beneficial to them. Hard to say about cheating though.

    1. Personally I lie or leave things unsaid if the issue is unimportant or would cause unnecessary hurt. Stuff like I talked with someone who my bf doesn’t like. Then again what is unimportant to me can be important to someone else… In the past I have lead people on by leaving things unsaid because I liked being liked, but I try to avoid this now. Sometimes it’s good to be honest to avoid unnecessary hurt.

      1. Oh I’ve been here for years, mostly under a different nickname though, and I have had a few consultations with you as well.

        Anyway, it’s always good to be welcomed ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. I’ve always wondered about this too because I’ve always been someone who tells the truth (even about totally boring, tmi things- I just can’t help it.) My partner comes from a long line of pathological liars (which has screwed him up) and it has confused me so many times and caused a lot of damage in our relationship. My reasoning is why lie when you can just tell the truth? I think lies are harder work to maintain. Even when they’re caught no one says anything and it just seems to give them more incentive to lie. Looking at these comments I can see how my chart plays into it a bit (sag mc). I think I might look into their charts. Do you guys think there can be a family legacy of lying?

    1. Welcome, Faerieinkles. I do think people learn to lie in the home. But someone can have a lying family and choose to be an honest person.

      I’m surprised how freely people lie. Everyone used to understand it was wrong. It’s a low character thing to do.

  19. would mars and venus gemini in progressed chart also show a liar and a cheater?
    can people progress into gemini lies?….

  20. Just to clarify, when I say, “Gemini lie”, I mean small lies that fall out the mouth, as compared to vicious lies intended to harm a person.

    I don’t really equate lying with cheating, though people cheat and lie about it. Other people cheat and DON’T lie about it. I have a sister like this. She walked in the house one morning, informed him that she’d just slept with three of his friends.

    Uh…she’s a double Sadge with Mercury in Sadge.

  21. I don’t lie very often, and if I do it’s usually to avoid saying something that might be disagreable for the person involved. So, yes, easier to lie.
    I don’t like this, so what I try to do is simply avoid all “delicate” subjects, or steer clear when I feel something looming on the horizon. Mars in Libra style.
    I know this is not very courageous, but a lot of times the subject is just not worth the trouble it might cause.
    Leaves a lot of time to talk about the weather and other such exchanges!

  22. If it comes to really tiny silly issues, then it can be quite stupid and inconsiderate to always be honest.

    Everyone has Gemini somewhere in their charts and will likely lie about something. No one I know is 100 % honest and it’s a good thing.

  23. I don’t equate lying with cheating either. I have cheated and couldn’t keep it a secret (Sadge Sun). Good for both of us, because I would’ve gotten caught anyway. However I do associate Gemini with lying more than other signs. Nice or mean intentions, obviously lying nonetheless. Now some Gemini might come and hate my ass for saying this ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I lie to protect my perception of privacy. I hate doing it and am mostly a very honest person and have much difficulty when people close to me want me to buy their lies.

    My daughter is a Gemini (I’m Cancer), so I think j understand what you mean by a Gemini lie. I can see her doing it. I’m her mother. The thing she says is full of holes and the expression on her face is distinct. I can tell it’s not true. But, if I let on that I know what she’s saying is not true, she’ll stick to it with all her might and turn me into the villain for not believing her.

  25. The only times I really lied was to protect someone when they were in hiding to avoid dangerous situations. I lied about their whereabouts while I had them stashed away some place safe.

    More often I just don’t comment. I would say I will withhold information. My honest opinion really isn’t necessary most times.

  26. I’m way too honest–easier to be a good liar. I was never good at it. Mercury square Uranus–I always just blurt the truth out.

  27. I’m almost 60. I used to be a truth-teller no matter what, no matter how much trouble it got me in. Saturn in Sadge, natally.

    But I don’t know anymore. If someone is important to me, I always tell the truth. I’ll try to tell the truth with others, but sometimes people don’t want the truth! Sometimes they just want THEIR TRUTH. At that point, it’s like the lights go off in my house. Blink, I’m no longer home. Now I’m just thinking of what I can say to get the fuck away from you. Because we just stopped having a real conversation, and if there’s anything I hate, it’s fake conversation. I have no freakin’ AIR IN MY CHART, I don’t know how to play “let’s pretend”.

    Needless to say, I suck at small talk. Social niceties DEMAND small social white lies at times, harmless little things that hurt no one. But I just….can’t….EVEN.

  28. Well, I’m a libra, so….. But truthfully, 99% of the time it’s done to spare someone’s feelings. I hate the possibility of making people feel bad about themselves, and sometimes when I know the truth is going to hurt their ego or self esteem, the lie becomes a knee-jerk response from me. I’m a coward that way & I do hate that I don’t have the balls to tell it like it is. Also, I can usually tell when I’m being asked for my honest opinion vs when I’m being asked to validate a lie someone is trying desperately trying to believe themselves.

  29. I can’t remember the last time I lied except to myself. They’re the hardest lies to unearth. That may have extended to those around me in some way. Telling people I was fine when I wasnt. I think it’s easier to tell the truth anyway. I think most lying is about control. It seems much harder to control both sides of the relationship in this way than it is to just keep your side of the street clean. I think kids lie for different reasons. It’s more about testing the boundary.

    BTW that’s my favorite quote from one of my favorite movies. My second favorite from scarface:”balls. all that matters in this world is balls.”

  30. Here’s where I come to the defense of my fellow Geminis! I’m a Gemini with a Virgo Moon and I’ve been handicapped all my life by my inability to lie. There are such situations where it would be pretty useful to lie, but I get so uncomfortable, blush, sweat, that I’ve learned a long time ago it just doesn’t work for me. Please bear in mind that generalizations don’t make for good astrology!

  31. Gemini sun conjunct mercury, Virgo moon, not a liar. BUT thatโ€™s after decades of sorting through psychic fall-out of growing up in a dysfunctional family where the truth was to be buried at all costs.

  32. anonymoushermit

    I lie to narcissists so that I can slowly maneuver my way out of their lives, forever. I pet their egos, then run for the hills, basically. It’s not worth wasting one’s energy arguing with someone who only cares for their self image. Then I make up an excuse, like I’m busy, or that I’m depressed, LOL, or whatever.

  33. I’m very sensitive to lies. I don’t like being lied to, I have a sag moon and saturn in sag. It takes tremendous courage for me to be honest and on a very deep level I need the same in return. But, I can lie if I don’t care about you or respect you; you wouldn’t be worth my truth. In most cases I try to stay silent until I can express the truth or detach from those who I feel lack honesty. I just confronted someone who lies about the stupidest things. I have gemini and pisces as well. I can be a smooth talker and words come easily. If anything, I may just inflate a story. It takes too much energy to keep up with lies and I want badly to be known for the real me.

  34. I have Venus in Gemini, however, I find it impossible to lie, because really, the need to lie is rare (to save someone, perhaps) but in terms of our own lives, the power of words is so great, it affects our whole being, our subconscious. If we live truthfully, we create that energy field and attract better circumstances. We have a better attitude. We bring things into being with clarity. If there is conflict, which is always caused by lying, then we are sowing the seeds that come up weeds.

  35. my son who is a sagittarius with a sag mercury and sag stellium told me that he catches his aunty lie alot, and i realize i tend to forgive and not care if my sister lies alot to get out of something. But yesterday she outright lied to me and my parents about something. (when it comes to money she will lie and thats not getting out of something — taurus moon with money) Then i noticed that if i dont know something and just say it out there, for example, my flight probably leaves super early in the morning that day (didnt recheck but i recall it was early) then she’s saying to me that the airport doesn’t open that early as if i’m lying lol it’s as if she knows if people dont know for sure OR if they are lying because she’s so good at it herself xD She has a gemini rising.

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