9 thoughts on “Addicted To Bad Predictions aka Failing Saturn In Pisces”

  1. Yep, I’ll cop to it. I even thought I was past all the need for certainty, but I think that’s where it stems from. And fear for the future generations. Everything is so messy. Even the most “together” people I know whose whole lives were plotted out and executed to the detail say they can’t imagine 5 years from now, let alone a year from now. The sky didn’t fall in April.. Thank God. I do worry it was all just the seeding process for the unknown so-called big event. But we all gotta live in the meantime. Life IS short, and distressing or the petty games of elites is a terrible waste of our time.

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    Great advice. People need to take the reins live in “the now” “the present moment”. It is a practice.

  3. Me unfortunately! Sometimes I wish I never started studying astrology. I develop irrational fears that mobilize me and cause me not to enjoy life as much as I should. Prime example I have Saturn squaring my mars and natal saturn. It’s like I’m just waiting for something bad to happen. I have been locked up in my house scared to go outside and my work is suffering affecting my finances. I tell myself I am being irrational but then I remember that the last time Saturn squared my mars my mom died 😩

      1. Thanks Elsa! I’m trying hard to remain positive. But first saturn was squaring my moon now my mars it’s been a rough few months emotionally. I have a lot going on in my chart. And this jupiter/uranus is conjunct my ascendant in Taurus 😏

  4. I do recall Elsa’s skeletal (pain)warnings that are not wrong. The last time I recoiled to an old cedar tree, to hang my hammock and swing for a contemplation session, I found remedy. I’m dealing with back pain and a job/ lifestyle that requires physical labor. I dropped to the base of the tree and just leaned into her, self pitied and useless. The ivy happened to stick out on the spot I dropped on and found a big old knot mid back. Wowza. I just stayed there, stunned and surprised that knot was there. Deep breathing and leaning in, I explored how to work it out. After 5 or 10, I got up with a lesson learned I surrendered to the tree and it worked. Some instinct, with me and the tree cooperated.
    I’m now fixed on wildcrafting tree bark to make into natural pain relieving medicine. Willow bark is everywhere. My herb book says it’s a moon herb and I accuse my Moon Saturn conjunction as a predisposition for skeletal ailments. We’ll see if honoring moon herbs relieves. No time for the chaos- it doesn’t help. Great insights Elsa.

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