More Crazy Grace (Jupiter Uranus)

funeralReally, I can barely believe this has happened.

Once upon a time there was this couple, they lived in Texas.  They came across this insane deal on this beautiful, ultra-high end bedroom set. They could not believe their luck. They could not believe the price they paid for this furniture…this was back in the late 1990’s.  They wound up moving here…and then the husband died in 2000.

That was it for the wife. She never slept in the bed again!  She continued to keep her clothes in her dresser, but she slept downstairs in a recliner if you can believe that. This went on for fifteen years!

The woman died in March. Yes, I am buying the furniture, which is priced at roughly 10% of what it is worth.  Matter of fact, the gal who is selling it, their daughter, has had calls from all over the country, trying to buy the furniture…one piece here and one piece there.

She’s refused to do this.  She said it was bought together and it’s going to stay that way.  This is when I came in and had my lucky day.

My husband and I have both worked since we were teenagers. Neither of us had ever had anything nice.  All of the sudden, this is changing.

There’s another thing going on here. The mother who just passed has the whole place decorated with one strong accent color. It’s an odd color…and it just happens to be the color of new couch!  What are the odds of that?

I mentioned to the gal…that I was looking for stuff in that color.

“Do you want some of that _____ glass?” she asked. “It’s dirty,” she added. She meant, dusty. her mother had Alzheimer’s – she’s been caring for her.

“Yeah, I probably do want glass like that. But you think about it. I came here to buy this other stuff.  You’re grieving. Taking all this furniture out of here is disruptive enough. No need to decide anything right now. See what your husband thinks. Just tell him the lady buying the bed is doing her house in your mother’s color. You have my number. If you want to sell some of this stuff, I’m definitely interested. I’ll pay fair price and I won’t give you any trouble or problems…”

I don’t know if I am going to buy more stuff from the house or what. But it’s the strangest thing. She’s got all these old (colored) bottles, on the shelf above her cupboards (among other things). I have a shelf like that above my cupboards. It’s just so strange.

Also, the decor in the house I am buying is dated.  Mauve!  But it’s amazing. When I add this other color, it changes it completely. It makes it look the the Netflix show, Borgia!  Which of course, I love. I’m turning our place into the Southern Italian countryside.  And I’m doing it by pure grace, ’cause ya’ll know my taste is…questionable!

And yes! When I pick up my furniture, I’ll take pictures.. 🙂

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    we jump in and we swim, or we sink……remember the water has too be clear and cool,while sharing the story is the best thing about life at this point, now houses,that is your 4th and 10th….when we go into the forest we see a tree and we see a forest… get through the forest you have too pik one or the other…..getting through requires focus…

  2. I would not say your taste is questionable…I would say eclectic! much nicer to self and can mean whatever the listener deciphers! lol

    1. Well, I lack experience. That’s what I mean to say. I can’t just have ideas. But I can run on other people’s energy…and offer mine.

  3. I loved reading this. I am so glad the furniture found a new home and I’m dying of curiosity, wondering what brand it is and every last detail of it down to the joinery and hardware. (Venus in Taurus.) I have a feeling the original owners picked you out as the new owner, Elsa. Enjoy it!

    1. I will go into that as soon as the ad comes down. I don’t anyone nosing into my business, lol. But I’ve done a lot of research. This particular furniture was made before all the furniture companies started farming out the construction to China. It’s a true find.

    1. It’s so beautiful. And there are secret compartments! And the headboard is lit. You turn it on via a small brass button on the rail.

      The mirror for the dressor is jaw dropping. I understand the people who built the funiture were paid $14 an hour…back in the day. A lot them couldn’t read, but they sure could work with wood.

      When companies started manufacturing in China, the Chinese took their designs and made cheap knockoffs. Apparently they could do the woodwork, but the finish was lacking.

      In whatever case, I got the American made, but not used. Again, I am paying less than 10% of what it would cost to buy something like this today. Which of course, I could never do. So I’m just very fortunate. My husband says, God is doing a great job looking out for us. I’m grateful and doing everything I can to be deserving of this type blessing.

      It’s just do weird. We’ve really never had anything nice in our lives. It’s hard to fathom.

      1. You’received husband is right. ☺ So happy to hear that you lucked up on a great find at a great price.

        1. Oops! That should have read, “You’re husband is right…” I tend to forget to reread things when using my phone.

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Venus in Taurus here, too. Can’t wait to see the pictures, and the color! So glad these lovely treasures are getting a good home. And so happy that you value old treasures.

    Elsa, you’ve got great style, it’s in your beauty, and in your soul. You’re blooming in the rich old soil of where you’re newly planted!

  5. Elsa, I’ve been enjoying following your journey. You’re an inspiration! Your enthusiasm is infectious! I’m about to embark on a life change as well so am very uplifted and encouraged by your great experiences and great attitude.
    Thanks so much for sharing your life with all of us. Can’t wait for the next installment… much love to you.

  6. OH Elsa, I’m living every house-moving make you’re making. Can’t wait for the pictures…the bedroom furniture….the colour mauve….. (I’ve got Venus in Aquarius…if it’s ‘questionable’, I’d love to see it!)
    We had the BIG diggers in the garden today….ripped up and destroyed everything, bomb site HOORAY…but clean canvas..ready to landscape….ready to create my new garden complete with veg patch, play area, Our Lady grotto, lawn, flowers and neat paths, driveway….I share your joy Elsa, I’ve been dreaming for this garden for the last 16 years, before that we lived in a city flat. This is beloved transformation time! Keep sharing Elsa, so happy for you.

  7. Serendipity is great stuff –
    Good thing that you and the bedroom furniture crossed paths, and the owners are nice people.
    Just gotta see that color scheme! sounds too cool!!!!

  8. I’m so happy and excited for you, Elsa! It sounds like everything is coming together beautifully.

  9. As a graphic designer, I am particularly curious about this color you won’t name. You mention mauve and how this other color does something to it.

    Can you please share the color? I’m color curious…if not I understand, but I still had to ask.

  10. I would not be at all surprised if you hesr ftom the daughter about the other items. There is comfort in knowing things that were precsious to your departed Mother are cherished by someone else especially if they are not things she has a place for. Same with the bedroom suit. Knowing that you and your husband will cherish it the way her parents had most likely brought her great comfort. Win, win, win all around so wonderful

  11. Reading this makes me so happy! I knew something perfect for you would appear when that other house fell through but the fact that it’s translating to every stick of furniture is just wonderful. I’m thrilled for you and hope this lupus flare us passes quickly so you can bask in the sunshine in your garden!

  12. Brings a smile to my face and hope to my heart! Still think you might consider putting a really cool dress on the wall 😉

  13. Now, this is what I mean – I love it when this happens! and wish these things would happen more often, but they seem to come at the most important moments, otherwise it wouldn’t be as meaningful. This is Synchronicity (CarlJung), sign posts on the road in life, as was written, and title of Phil Cousineau’s wonderful book “Soul Moments.” I’ve had them through life, and think that we all do. I know there’s an aspect in my chart during transits at this time for synchronous events to occur, but can’t remember which aspect it is b/c I’m not a good astrologer (or at all). What a blessing for you, Elsa, on many levels…very happy for you and the Mr.!!! It’s good for all of us; it’s uplifting to know of someone’s good fortune and especially when it comes in such a manner. Happiness!!!

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