Astrology And OCD

Astrologer, and frequent commenter, Kingsley, credits Venus not Virgo with OCD type behaviors. Check out his spin:

Obsessive Compulsive Signs

Kingsley writes:

“In some Astrology circles the sign of Virgo is often labeled as the obsessive compulsive. The Virgo temperament can be described as critical, analytical, perfectionist and meticulous. Obsessive Compulsive personalities traits extend to all the astrological signs and surprisingly enough Venus is an indicator. With Venus being predominant in the charts of actors and artists it is not surprising to find Hollywood types with OCD…”

Check out the rest of the article where Kingley uses, David Beckham, Jessica Alba and Justin Timberlake as examples of people with OCD traits.: Astrology By Kingsley

7 thoughts on “Astrology And OCD”

  1. Most of my virgo friends are not of the description above, they are pretty worldly and lax. None of typical jobs and one took a year long leave of absence with work to travel the world with her 11 yo daughter…not virgoan at all! The people I know with venus conjunct sun are a bit more perfectionistic….at least the two that I am thinking of…so interesting read.

  2. Remember those “How many (fill in the blank)’s does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    How many Leo’s does it take?

    None, they can always get a Virgo to do it for them.

  3. I have an obsessive compulsive tendency towards time. I’m so afraid of not knowing what time it is, or forgetting important dates, that I check the clock and the calendar exceedingly numerous times throughout the day. I have a hard time explaining this, but if you’ve ever had those dreams where you feel lost, you don’t know where you are or where you’re going; that’s what it feels like if I don’t know the time.
    Checking the clock doesnt seem so bad (Isn’t it nice to know what time it is??), but the calendar-checking is out of control and unecessary.
    I have no idea what to look for astrologicaly. Venus is in Virgo though, in the 11th house. Perhaps I’m afraid of missing out on a social event..hehe.

  4. Ha, I do this to some extent. I can’t read or write a paragraph w/o re-reading it over and over again to grasp every last word. And I like to have symmetry/beauty/order in my space as well – everything grouped in pairs and no ugly color combinations. This isn’t weird, right? lol.

    I do have a prominent venus, but I always figured this was mercury/neptune.

  5. Not weird Ana, just your style of absorbing info. I tend to draw little characters and cartoon like scenarios when I am absorbing info at workshops etc.

    Hey shell, do you prefer digital clocks or conventional ones? I would take note of the time interval between looking at the clock. Sometimes the need to organised and on time is important.


  6. I do not know my Venus aspects off the top of my head – but I do have “obsessive thinking” and used to exhibit some OCD behaviors. Lots of Virgo and Libra in me. Venus in Virgo in 12th.

  7. I have OCD but my Venus is unaspected. But i have my Sun in the 6th house (daily routine) opposing Pluto (obsession). I read that the Sun in the 6th house is a weak position. My OCD isnt severe though, maybe because my Sun in in a grand trine.

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