Double Whammy Transits

“I think they make an ointment for that.”

DoublemintLast week on the boards Elsa talked about Stephen Arroyo’s term “double whammy” and the natal chart. In short, the double whammy is when an energy signature is repeated. It also holds sway in chart comparisons, transits, really any kind of chart analysis. It’s like a neon arrow from the sky, “HEY, pay attention to this!”

Today I noticed in my own chart an example of a double whammy by transit. Right now Saturn is opposing my Venus while transiting Venus squares my Saturn. It doesn’t have to be the same aspect. Venus hits Saturn while Saturn hits Venus, energies repeated. What do I take from this? The time is ripe for judging (Saturn) what I want (Venus), for solidifying (Saturn) my relationships (Venus) or possibly ending them (also Saturn) because they don’t work. It doesn’t point to the outcome. What it does is insure the issues will come up.

If things are on track I’m likely to find a Saturn figure or situation in support of me. If they’re not it should be obvious as well. Double the Venus Saturn, double the fun. With a square and an opposition it’s likely to show up “in my face.” Were they a trine and sextile, the result would probably be more subtle. So are easier aspects better? I don’t think so. I’m either doing well or I’m not, and I want to know. I need irrefutable evidence if I’m going to let go of something I’m clinging to. So bring on the metal bats!

Double whammies with benefic planets aren’t necessarily great, and ones with malefics are not necessarily bad. They are, however, great emphasis on the interaction of the two energies represented. They’re a call to pay attention and to capitalize on the opportunity presented by that extra energy. It’s an opportunity because there’s twice the energy available to put toward the issue at hand.

Many people see this effect when an aspect in the sky mirrors one in their chart. This provides the extra energy to work on an issue that is core to your self as opposed to transitory. If you want a clue as to where the issue will manifest, check out where each planet falls housewise.

Do you notice double whammies?

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  1. Right now, I feel all fucked up. Yes, I notice them and feel them.
    Sun squares moon, sun squares mercury, sun squares saturn, venus squares sun, pluto squares sun, north node squares sun, venus squares AC, pluto squares saturn…right now I feel bad, alone, isolated, misunderstood, depressed…etc

  2. I’m I alone in this process today? If not, what are you doing if saturn is kicking your ass in the 7th house.

  3. Satori,
    “Many people see this effect when an aspect in the sky mirrors one in their chart. This provides the extra energy to work on an issue that is core to your self as opposed to transitory. If you want a clue as to where the issue will manifest, check out where each planet falls housewise”

    I feel like every planet is in my relationships shredding me up in pieces with no mercy what’s so ever.

  4. (((Siddiya)))

    I’ve had progressed Saturn in the progressed 7th house for a million years. I eat many cheeseburgers and much ice cream; I both do and do not recommend that approach.

  5. Oh yes, double jointed is more like it. And yes there are days I hate, hate, hate, my trines, come on already hit me in the face with a pie. I need some stress to keep growing, and changing.

  6. You aren’t alone, siddiya. ♥

    I prefer the feeling of sextiles and trines – especially from Pluto and Saturn – but I do remember doing well in ways, with harsh aspects. In the past, not now. 2007/2008, I think I was better off when saturn squared my moon/Venus and nodes, and opposed my Mars – not better off in every way, but I was trying to conquer a fear at the time. I felt sort of out of control, emotionally, when it moved away, and Jupiter was all over my Aries planets and my third house.

    Saturn square Pluto has been a recurrence transit for me (I saw them called that by someone named Nick dagan best, around 2003 – when something mirrors something in your chart), and it’s been pretty bad.

  7. I made myself a cheeseburger last night, but it didn’t stay with me long. I was craving it, and remember that people talk about them grounding energy.

    Ice cream, I had in the early hours of yesterday morning. 🙂

  8. twice this week I asked people if they wanted to get a cheeseburger and they said, “I had one yesterday.” ???? I don’t get it.

  9. WHOA nelly!

    *Moon square n. Saturn, Saturn square n. Moon

    *Mars opposite n. Uranus, Uranus sextile n. Mars

    *Jupiter opposite n. Saturn, Saturn sextile n. Jupiter

    *Jupiter trine n Neptune, Neptune square n. Jupiter

    *Jupiter to conj n. Merc, Merc trine n. Jupiter

    *Uranus square n. Neptune, Neptune square n. Uranus

    *Neptune trine Pluto, Pluto conj Neptune

    Just when I thought I had it all figured out!! Thanks Satori!! 😛

  10. Natal Sun conjuncts Lilith and squares transiting Lilith, which just happens to be on my natal Eris.

    Natal Pluto trines My Sun, which now conjuncts transiting Pluto, only two degrees away.

    Natal Uranus trines my Sun, transiting Uranus squares my Sun.

    All aspects to my Sun apply to my Lilith and Pallas as well, as they are so near. These objects, therefore, took a broadside during the recent eclipse exactly opposing my Sun. Actually, so did Juno.

    My AC sextiles my Sun and trines the transiting Sun.

    My Moon sextiles Ceres and trines the transiting Ceres. It also conjuncts Neptune and squares the transiting Neptune.

    My Venus, PF and Mercury oppose my NN and conjunct the transiting NN. These also square my Mars and oppose the transiting Mars.

    My Mars squares both my Venus and the transiting Venus.

    My Mars also squares my NN and the transiting NN, while the transiting Mars is on Royal Aldebaran. That’s not good, particularly with my Vertex just 5 degrees off transiting Mars, which also completes a few more grand crosses in my chart, resulting in an immensely volatile situation.

    Of course, my Pluto and Uranus conjunct Mars and are now square to transiting Mars.

    How would this play out in practice? Might I be getting ready to receive a visit from the Mongol Horde? Yes, that’s pretty much what’s going on, as I’ve enraged a psychopath with a small army of his own. If five footmen can be called an army. So far, I’ve kept them at bay and reduced their tactical options to bad ones exclusively.

    How would this feel in practice? Mainly stressful, but not nearly as much as the divorces, the feud or the moldy house I once bought. I’ve been stressed before. If I can hold out longer than they, Saturn in Libra will take them out for me, unless Pluto gets them first.

  11. oh heck yeah. have two planets in aspect in each other’s houses and it’s become like 40% of the story of my life 😛

  12. I have a double whammy mars/pluto and pluto /mars coming up. transiting mars will be conj natal pluto and have had ongoing pluto conj natal mars for the last year or 2 and will be for a few more months ..where is all the suppposed energy?…I’m longing for something ..maybe a volcano to erupt that has been gurgling underground ,deep inside for ..for ever..? I’d settle for some extra energy!

  13. Can anyone here share their experiences with transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Uranus? or Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Jupiter?

    As it turns out I’ll be having BOTH September 2015 and they are only 2 days apart in exact conjunct aspect. My natal Jupiter is 19d Aries and in the 4th house (also conjunct Venus) and my natal Uranus is 8d Virgo in the 9th. There is also transiting Neptune the very same day at 8d Pisces. I’m a 6d Pisces Sun.

    Anyone have any thoughts as to what to expect or look out for?

  14. TODAY:
    Transit Merc. conjunct natal Sun 14°cancer
    AND tr. Sun conjunct Mercury 25°gemini
    0°orb::::::::DOUBLE WHAMMY
    My natal sun in 10th House
    My natal merc in 9th…
    Spiritual career gonna get off the ground?!
    Souls purpose/journey?
    Hope you’re having a fantastic day, Elsa!
    My 6 yr old says your name 85 times per day lol

  15. Love & Destiny?
    Currently, transit North Node conjunct my Venus…and transit Venus trine my North Node!
    (Also randomly delicious,
    tr. Mars is 10 degrees away from conjuncting my Venus…new love arrival? LoL)

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