Anne Of Green Gables – Mars In Libra?

“What? You don’t think you’re like Anne (of Green Gables)? I think you’re just like her,” the soldier said.

“Oh yeah. I see the correlation. Beginning of the movie she is talking care of everyone and they still tell her she sucks. That’s familiar. And then when she gets a chance to get out of there she has to do some fast talking. She has to sell herself. The quality of her life depends on it.”

“You mean when she first got her at the train? Because the old man told her he wanted her as soon as he met her when he was dying.”

“When he was dying, yeah. But she didn’t know that then. All she knows is she’s an orphan and a girl and she best get to selling or else. I know all about that.”

“Well what I think is she talks like you. You always ask me why I’m laughing at you, and it’s because you sound just like her. The things the come out of you are just like the things that come out of her.”

“I have no idea about that. I have no awareness.”

“I know you don’t, that’s why it’s funny. Everyone laughs at you all the time,” he said before he caught himself not wanting to hurt my feelings or to get in trouble. “I mean laugh at you all the time and you’re always asking me about it. I know it makes you mad but the reason I am laughing is not a bad one. It’s just that no one talks like you, do you understand?”

“Sort of. I understand enough,” I said. “I can get by on the level of understanding of that I can muster.”

He laughed. “Okay good. And I also like how she clobbers him. Gilbert, this is, it reminds me of you. The boy loves her and does she care about that? Hell no! She smashes her chalkboard over his head anyway, BAM. There you go, jackass. Have some of this you asshole. Same think as as when you swung that helmet at me.”

“Yeah, I was mad as hell.”
“Yep and my favorite part is when he finds her in the river clinging for dear life to the pole. And here he comes in a boat and she still won’t give him an inch. She knows he’s got to save her. He is going to save her. He will save her, she knows it and he knows it but will she admit it or even act like she’s glad to see him?”


“Right. Instead she gets mad in her veins and puts her nose in the air. She’s mad even though she’s in love with him as much as he’s in love with her.”

I don’t know about you but I think Anne of Green Gables has Mars in Libra.

“So will you watch Anne of Avonlea with me someday, P? Because I like that one too.”

“We’re already in the middle of two wars, ” I said.

band of brothers“What wars?”

I named the two war movies we’re in the middle of. So which do you like anyway? War or Waltons? You like all this war and you like all this G rated stuff too. Which is it?”

“I like them both, 50-50.”

“Hmm. Yeah, I’ll watch Anne of Whatever.”

“Anne Of Avonlea,” he said happily.

I just shook my head but I’m telling you I find the blood and guts vs G movie thing both fetching and fascinating. He watches The Waltons alllllllll the time.

8 thoughts on “Anne Of Green Gables – Mars In Libra?”

  1. I totally get that. 🙂

    My movie shelf has both Mary Poppins, The Last Unicorn, Black Hawk Down, and Silent Hill.

    And I lurv them unabashedly.

    Venus conjunct Mars opposition Uranus? What else might it be?

  2. I did a project on astrology in literature for my American Short Story class last year, analyzing dates put into books to see if it made astrological sense. Anne of Green Gables’ birthday is actually mentioned — she’s a Pisces. Doesn’t that seem to tally with her dreamy, imaginative personality and especially the way they talk about her big, expressive eyes? And yet Pisces will so totally break a slate over your head if they feel threatened. ^_^

  3. I love that series with a passion. I read all the books and watched the series on PBS.

    Gotta love that spirit.

  4. I liked the movie so much (anne of green gables) that I ran out & bought the books. I think my favorite part is when Anne accidentally “sets Diana drunk” hehe. I could soooo see that happening to me!

  5. Ha ha…you gotta love that Libra! My dad reads War and Peace and this turns the TV on to watch Judge Judy. Or picks up an Archie comic (and he’s in his 80s, how funny is that)?

  6. Funny – I was looking this up because I think her moon’s in Leo. She’s mentioned as being vein constantly in the book and she’s always going on about her looks and fashion sense. Plus, her HAIR is her crowning glory!

    How silly that it comes back to an Elsa P blog post where astrology is concerned!


  7. Also, the book says her birthday is in March. I think she’s obviously a Pisces, no dispute on that one. I just wish Lucy Maude Montgomery had stated which day!

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