Sun Conjunct Saturn @ 8 Years Old – On Venomous Women, Etc.

evil angry witch“She’s an evil angry witch who is never nice to children,” my son explained.

“Ooh. I guess she is,” I said. “I hope I am nice to children. I think I am.”

“Yes, you’re nice. You’re a free-wheeling mother,” he said.

Guess who has Jupiter in aspect to his Moon? Whew! ::wipes brow:: Because the other night he told the soldier I burped.

“Oh for chrissakes, when?” I asked. “How many times have you even heard me burp in your life?”

“Twice,” he said. (I thought this was accurate.) “Once outside and once in.” (Knew it was accurate but did not know kids counted these things)

“Two times? Two times in your life and for that you call me a burper? You’re going to grow up and write your book and I will be in it – your mother who burped all the time?”

He laughed.

“Or I know you. You’ll draw a cartoon. I wonder what you’ll make me look like. What characteristic will you exaggerate?”

“You’ll be the one with the burp coming out of her mouth,” he said calmly. At that point I shut up.

Both my kids can kick my ass in their mere childhood. I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed. I know the PC thing to say but I am telling you this it is definitely humbling and possibly shameful to be routinely bested by an 8 year old. In whatever case this is a Jupiter Moon family and venomous women make us itchy to say the least.

5 thoughts on “Sun Conjunct Saturn @ 8 Years Old – On Venomous Women, Etc.”

  1. Three boys here….my Virgoness almost can’t take all the burping and ….well, the farting too!! LOL. I’ve learned to deal with it!!! Ha!! Hilarious….love the comeback…”Two times in your life and for that you call me a burper….?”…funny. Definitely proud….they have to get their smarts and attitude from somewhere, right?

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