Physical Appearance of Chiron Conjunct The Ascendant

chiron potMatthew asks…

Saturn on the ascendant makes for nice cheekbones. Jupiter on the ascendant makes for chubbiness. Has anyone noticed an observable, physical effect from Chiron on the ascendant?



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  1. Oh, chiron is conjunct my ascendant and yeah it may be in the forearms…I mean I have skinny arms in general but my forearms are the same width as in the words of WWF: ‘pythons’ – LOL. My last b’friend said I had female Popeye arms…nice eh???

  2. Forearms?! I have chiron conj asc and i dont have popeye partner does tho and he has sat & jup rising (he also has great cheekbones). Chiron is about wounds that dont heal, so maybe it’s about having a wounded look..scars maybe, a physical wound for all to see. I dont have those either but i did grow up physically very quick (fully adult sized by the time i was 10 )and felt like a big freak during school years which has maybe stayed in my psyche, always in the back of my mind i’m a big clumsy freak even though i’m ‘normal’ now. I got a lot of attention from men at a time i didnt need it, cos i looked so much older and with a buxom bosom and booty and this made me hideously self conscious and protective thru my teens and prob through my twenties too. Took me a long time to embrace my body (venus conjuncts as does NN).

  3. prominent noses. distinctive profiles. on men.
    but, well, the only chiron ascendants i’m aware of were born with chiron in aries. really jagged profiles, actually. and skinny.
    but i’m not going from a lot of examples here.
    it’s hard for me to describe.
    but both of them were abandoned by a parent. (or two.)

    1. I think you are right. I have quiron conjuct with my asc, in aries, and I am very skinny, with a lot of scars, but I don’t have any problem with my physical appearance (maybe because I have venus conjunct with quΓ­ron too, in asc). But is right, I was abandoned by my both parents, in my young age. It’s not tottaly abandoned, but I felt like. So probally is right this teory…ah, I have ceres conjuct with asc. too.

  4. Chiron conj asc + appearance, I am a tall 5’9″ well built woman who has alway been convinced that I should be a 5’2 blonde, very petit, thus talking my chart- chiron is where you are wounded, I am in the wrong body !

  5. Very late to the party. I’m female, a Chiron square ascendant in Gemini, and I have very skinny forearms (although I quite like their shape). I do have a prominent nose though, and also visible scars, and do not feel comfortable with my physical self. I’m also a medical student, haha. Yep, wounded healer in house of Self…sounds about right.

  6. Love these old posts…

    Chiron conjunct my Taurean ascendant…no big forearms, not super tall (5’6″), I do have a slightly interesting Italian nose though. πŸ™‚
    I do have a scar on my left eyebrow (from a drunken tumble many years ago) and my belly button from an appendectomy.
    How about tattoos…perhaps those are “visible scars” in a way? One on my back and another on the nape of my neck (pisces glyph!).

  7. Don’t know why people keep coming up as anonymous but suspect it has to do with the work on the site last night. Will have that fixed asap. Sorry!

  8. jupiter rising is not chubby here.
    speak for yourself. In libra 30 sec from ascendant sextile saturn – curvy feminine – nice teeth – great skin –

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    i also have chiron conjunct my ascendant which is in taurus… and i also am 5’6…. and i also had an appendectomy when i was 15… and I also have a prominent nose which i’ve always hated!

  10. What about chiron square ascendant? I have it and problems regarding my looks too. I am too tall, too self conscious about my legs to wear bikinis or skirts and I have very prominent circles under my eyes which make me look tired all the time.

  11. @Alicia: Chiron is on your ASC too?!?!?!??! I remember we both have a Taurus ASC and you’re Pisces;-) I just read something yesterday that made me want to investigate this whole Chiron conj ASC thing a little further…..I did find some VERY interesting and eerily accurate explanations via google, but thought I’d do a search here as well to see if any actual human had any insight;-)
    Are you (or anyone else here that has it) well-versed or knowledgable about this placement? other than physical appearances?

  12. Thats so weird. I am also Chiron conjunct ascendant in Taurus whose 5’6″ and has a prominent nose that I hate! Weird. I’m not pisces though and didnt have an appendectomy yet. I’m aquarius.

    1. chiron and Lilith in aries in the ascendant of pisces had appendectomy and have predominant nose that I don’t like very much also I’m tall 5’11

  13. Hi,
    I’m relatively new to astrology, but thought I would give my input anyway. I have Chiron conjunct my ascendant in Taurus in the 12th house. I’m extremely skinny and somewhat tall. I do have noticeably large forearms, but I blame that on working in a frame shop. My sun is in Sag, so I feel quite centaur-like and definitely relate to the “stranger in a strange land” feeling. As with others, people always seem to comment on my “striking eyes.”
    I recently began studying reiki and energy healing so I got excited when I heard about the healing role of Chiron. I have had type 1 diabetes since childhood and while you can’t tell by looking at me, without insulin injections I would die. This has always been a deep wound both physically and spiritually, but now I feel that by exploring and meditating on this wound I can use my experiences to help heal others as well as myself.

    1. Hi. Late comer, I’m also Chiron weak conjunction to Asc (7 degrees) in Taurus. Also Type 1 Diabetes since 7 years old (40 now). I am trying to gain insight into medical astrology. Can I take a look at your chart?
      Scars – yes, bullying in childhood – yes, scars – yes, many, for different reasons.

      1. Face scars: on my both brows, left part of the nose towards the mouth.
        1, 71, beautiful body, but my face looked like it is not irrigated with blood; otherwise beautiful features.

  14. i’m late on this post but just got here through a google search. my chiron in gemini is conjunct taurus rising. mostly i look like a taurus except for long limbs- 5’9- height seems to be a recurring theme here. i was painfully shy as a child and teenager, which relates to the gemini- wounding in communication, for a little while i didn’t speak at all as a child. i was also self conscious of my height and of blushing, but much less as i get older. as for my ‘presence’ i’ve been told it’s in various ways striking or unusual, and some people are uncomfortable just being with me but i can’t point my finger on why…people seem to have different reasons….or maybe it’s the hooves…

  15. Alicia and jennydablock – I have too Chiron conjunct Ascendant and prominent nose, appendices removed (3 scars on stomach) and i am 170 cm tall. Strange!

  16. isn’t this going to affect the head…I have gemini near ascendant not conjunct…so i can’t really answer…it’s less than 10 degrees but still too wide for a comet…

  17. Know someone who has this aspect. Plenty of tatoos (that are kept hidden under clothes) and plenty of scars from accidents that keep happening and happening (never met someone so accident prone, but this may also have to do with mars opposition asc).And eyes full of pain and warmth and generosity..

  18. I have Chiron conjunct the ascendant in Aquarius and have those developed forearms everyone is mentioning if I work out. I also have a scar on my eyebrow, prominent nose, restless legs (I seem to bounce my legs up and down rapidly if I am feeling ill) I’m told I have an understanding yet faraway, (other wordly?) magnetic look in the eyes, and a friendly, electric-magnetic, all-embracing feel. (though that might be my Venus-Uranus opposition very close to the ascendant) I also have a cleft in my chin, which is probably Uranus aspecting the ascendant. Mars in Taurus squares my Chiron, so there are issues with my brother, who is Taurus.

    I have noticed if I don’t do meditation or chanelling of any sort, the energy turns in on itself. I also prefer being colder than too hot, because I make a lot of heat and energy. Does anyone relate to these issues?

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    Also late, but also chiron (in the 12th) conj asc (gem) and I do have a prominent nose, the other worldly eyes and had my appendix out. I also achieved my height at a young age, as someone else mentioned. this is all very interesting

  20. OMG…just discovered today I have chiron conjunct ascendant in taurus and like Alicia I also have a scar on my left eyebrow and also little scars on my forehead and depressions left by pimples on my cheeks……scar on left eyebrow seems to be a constant with this placement and I am 5-11.

    1. I have chiron conjunct my sag ascendant. Also, I am a leo. I have a scar on my left eyebrow & have always been told that I have beautiful soulful eyes. I have always been a caretaker of everyone & have never felt that I completely belong here

      1. This is the sickest comment I’ve ever read. I have Chiron conjucting my sag ascendant as well and I’m a Leo MC. I have a scar on my left eyebrow and the thing I hear most often based on my appearance is that my eyes are beautiful even though I never thought much of it before

  21. Hey! I have Chiron on the ascendant in the first house in Taurus. I have Venus on the mid heaven. My parents died both before I was 20 and I was a heroin addict from 16-22. So I guess I have scars on my forearms. I am a model and singer and make money from my looks I guess. My wound is from my family/addiction but I’m
    Also wounded in that I am always overweight despite a pretty face and all I battle with is bloody getting into shape! It’s an
    Obsession and constant battle. I have thighs like KFC silos. Haha. I have a little bit of a crook in my nose πŸ™‚ I’ve definetly healed myself from addiction and numbness through spiritual studies and through learning unconditional love I song about that in a metal band. One day I hope to be as astrologer. Love the thread πŸ™‚

  22. I also have chiron conjunct ascendant (and venus) in Pisces which is opposite pluto on the descendant. I too have a prominent nose which has battered my self confidence all my life. People tell me I have a kind face and photos show an otherworldly/far away look in my eyes. I gained my height (172cm)early (I was the tallest in my class until I was 15), skinny arms(!) and restless legs. No operations but a degenerative spinal condition that I must take care of or it leaves me in a wheelchair. Most of my wounding in life has come from women in my life who have wanted to dominate me (venus-pluto perhaps?). Anyway, a fascinating and healing post :-).

  23. Hello:)

    I have chiron conjunct ASC (in gemini), also mercury conjunct ASC, and Sun too.
    I am 172 cm, skinny, delicate, petite body ( looking very young). I don’t have prominent nose but it is little bit asymetrical. When I was 7 years old had an accident with glass bottle on stairs, which lives scar on left side of my chin. Another one is on left side of forehead.
    As a child I was very shy about those scars. These comments are very interesting πŸ™‚

  24. Hello πŸ™‚ I have Libra asc with chiron conjuct.

    I have a scar not too noticable on my cheek, long skinny limbs, and deepset eyes…..
    Awkward looking. Oh well

  25. My nephew, bro’s son has kiron conjunct ASC, jupiter and neptune and he was born with a small defect in his sole, it turned inside, but with medical care he is ok now.

  26. Taurus ASC (10’45) Chiron conjunct (10’45)in 1st. I am 5’5, very petite, no appendectomy, small scar on right temple but that never bothered me. I have a visible tailbone defect that has plagued my self esteem since I first noticed at about age 10…. My wound that will never heal, forever affecting my physical appearance πŸ™

  27. Greetings πŸ™‚

    I’m Taurus rising, Chiron 12th conjunct ascendant (orb less 1 degree). I have bronze tanned skin, strong arms and I’m 168cm tall. I have chironic eyes, charismatic body language and I work in the medical industry. I heal and I serve. Life mantra.

    Take my clothes off, and I am streaked with scars from five abdominal surgeries, stretchmarks and two c-sections, all under the age of 25. Older now, and very much healed but when I was younger, I was very self conscious about nudity, now I don’t care and wear my battlescars proud!

  28. I have chiron (gemini) square ascendant (pisces) and have a very large, prominent nose and asymmetrical face. Last year I was diagnosed with a bone tumor which required limb salvaging surgery. I’m now obviously WOUNDED (I need a walker to move around + a wheelchair for bigger spaces). My right leg is basically a rope of scar tissue.

    Before all that, I had a vague sense of being/appearing wounded (self-pitying pisces?), but also saturn square asc, so that’s tough too.

    It’s definitely a wound to the the self-image, so a wounded sense of self. whether this manifests physically seems to vary.

  29. I know someone with this aspect, Chiron conjunct Ascendant in Taurus, 1st house. The cheeks are slender, nose rather prominent, and chin pointy. My husband says she has a witch face. BTW she is also a bully. I saw this aspect described elsewhere as “getting bullied” but the opposite is true in this case.

  30. I have Chiron conjunct Ascendant in Pisces for a solar return and I have just found out I have got a spinal degenerative disease [ Chiari / Syringomyelia ] .

  31. Im sun, moon, and ascendent in taurus. My ascendant intersects my moon and chiron.

    I have very expressive glowy blue eyes. But Im short, with a sporty build. Many of my planets are in libra so i think that smooths out the taurus stockiness. Im very strongly influenced by Venus.

    As for chiron… it intersects my ascendent along with my moon. My mother got sick when i was four and her illness made me feel the need to hide my feelngs. Her issues always were so important. So i really struggle with fighting and expressing my own needs when some one else needs something.
    But then i sometimes overexpress… like im making up for previous losses.

    Thats how chiron affects me.

    I have a very small nicely shaped nose. But i have so much ven

  32. I’d never had the most positive view of myself but when I hit puberty I dealt with major self esteem issues. It was mostly from acne scars. I withdrew into myself and it was a chore to even leave the house. I’d cake make up on my face which probably made me look worse lol. I’m finally at a point where I guess I’m coming into my own. My face has cleared and I finally look in the mirror and see someone who’s pretty and probably always has been.

    I’m much gentler on my face now. I have a pretty simple routine of natural cleansers and light make up (virgo rising) which I’m a lot more comfortable with. I don’t have a prominent nose it’s kinda button looking lol but it is pierced. I’m also 5’6″ and thin but I’ve been told I have a cute figure. My eyes are pretty fluid. Admittedly I do have doe eyes, people are always asking me if I’m okay or if I’m going to cry. It’s pretty annoying sometimes lol.

    As far as childhood goes my dad did leave when I was around 4 and my mother remarried. My stepdad’s a bit domineering and bullying, I deal with issues standing up for myself. He doesn’t like me and I kinda wish it was just me and my mom. I did also have some random bullying incident a few years ago in high school. I lost my id and a few weeks later someone copied my picture onto fliers and scattered them across campus saying rude things. It was so random I was a really unremarkable student, not really popular not unpopular.

    Ugh I didn’t mean to write so much lol, sorry.

    chiron in virgo (1st house) square venus, opposite moon. ascendant (widely) trine venus; square saturn, jupiter and pluto.

  33. After returning to this thread after so long….

    I see the connections and similarities of Chiron Rising peoples! Something only we can truly understand.

    The wounding that permeates our very being but also gives us a depth of compassion and healing for ourselves and others which comes after we cross that Chiron bridge of healing.

    The physical similarities and life experiences are also strikingly themed-wounds, for many of us Taurus Chiron rising-appendectomies -prominent noses-a distinct gaze-5’6 height range-skinny forearms-restless legs-

    I wish we could all share our photographs-to see the eyes of our Chiron rising peoples that only we can truly understand.

    Much love and peace

    New York

  34. Chiron rising, in Capricorn. Nose is good, profile good too – but yes on the circles under the eyes: “Old before my time”. Felt like Golda Meir from a young age. I was pretty hot in the day, still can pull it off – but there is always something broken and pitiful and a little off even if dressed to the nines. Like perfection, but with a such a blatant crack that it makes you suck your breath in: oh! no! Sadder because it was *almost* really amazing… Good teeth, but one is front tooth is darker so I have to smile small. See? Sigh. This stuff works, doesn’t it?

  35. I have Chiron conjunct my ascendant in Pisceas, have in recent years experienced my Chiron return & currently have TChiron on my ascendant, TNeptune on NChiron & TChiron trine NNeptune. In terms of physical features or characteristics I don’t believe there are any that would distinguish one with Chiron conjunct the ascendant as opposed to other people or signs, aside from these types appearing to be deep in thought, sad, & very accepting or patient – Chiron transits will teach you these traits eventually even if you don’t possess them originally. I had a very serious case of acne as a girl, also a dreadful surname & insensitive parents; as an adult I’ve felt very confident in my appearance but now am not so positive – my teeth & weight are a concern & I honestly believe part of Chiron’s job is to knock the ego out of you. A lack of confidence & poor health are definitely part of Chiron transits so look out for these if you’re fortunate enough to sight one of these rare creatures, they’re usually hiding out in a cave somewhere until the transit is over!

  36. I’m also extremely late.. but I also have chiron conjunct asc in 1st house Taurus. I have a scar on my left eyebrow (ran to the mirror to double check it was the left), tiny arms but giant forearm muscles, I’m 5’5″ and still have my appendix. Nose is pointy, eye bags. People consistently comment that I have the saddest eyes in the world. Tons of childhood trauma. Was and am still bullied (sadly, as a teen, also developed some bullying behaviors for self-preservation against bullies). Never had body issues, but then again, it has always felt like I was peering out of this strange shell that wasn’t REALLY me anyway. Can’t wait for the healing aspects to emerge. Interesting post!! Thanks for sharing everyone!

  37. It’s shocking all the similarities. My Chiron in Taurus is square my Leo ascendant. I’ve always been ridiculously skinny, and since I’m 6 feet you can imagine the limbs. Funny thing is the month my progressed ascendant went into Virgo (I didn’t know astrology at the time) I decided to do a liquid cleanse, I lost weight that I was never able to recover. I have prominent circles under my eyes since I was young that became more noticeable in my early twenties. And I got a bump on my nose. Which when I was made fun of a lot. I became sensitive about my nose/profile. Before that I never even noticed it because from the front it suits my face.
    I’m here because I’m trying to work on my self-worth/respect/esteem/love. Because I’ve neglected my body so much that I started building up food allergies, and struggling with a digestive disorder. No forearms, sorry to disappoint.

  38. I have Chiron (0’4degree) Scorpio, conjucnt my 1st house/Ascendent in Libra, I also have moon in libra,12th house conjucnt my libra ascendent. I have scoliosis and I found out later in life and it’s not that bad but that’s the only visible scar I can really think of, I also have a birthmark that is the color of wine and it looks like a burn and when I was younger people would kinda bully me about it and they would also tease me about being really pale. I was never severely bullied but I definitely lacked confidence for a while and it’s taken me a really long time to be confident with my body. My eyes are green with a reddish hazel center and sometimes they change color. I used to self harm a lot and I still have a few little scars but nothing major. I read somewhere that the eyes of Chiron conjucnt ascendent are like strangers sometimes and I definitely have that. I feel like because my Chiron is in Scorpio and it’s in my 1st house it brings a little Scorpio energy to my apperance. I feel like Chiron in Scorpio also makes me a bit of a strange healer I’m not sure how to describe it…hope this was helpful…it’s nice to know everyone’s story !!!! :*

  39. I have chiron in the first house conjunct my asc (libra). I was a big kid. LOL I really stood out because of that and it brought really negative attention as you would guess. I was/am basically a pushover. After I turned like 13 i lost alotta weight and slowly became attractive (LOL I’m not even kidding} anyway people still continuously pick on me trying to find flaws and ways to pull me down, for absolutely no reason. After the childhood I had I would never ever do or say anything that could hurt anybody, the thing is now when they throw bullets at me (constantly on a daily basis) It doesn’t hurt. It feels like it’s their own inner pain they’re trying to get out so they’re lashing out at me. I think you guys can relate to the feeling. No matter how much people try to hurt me I’m strong enough now to help ’em by just taking it and offering them genuine constructive kindess afterwards. I’m pretty cool with the flaws now and I think my forearms are kinda big(LOL) my nose is umm.. alrigthish? I’m kind tall (5’8) I have big feet and bacne, I have a pretty sick scar on my knee and a 3rd nipple and for the first time in my life I can say that and be really fricken happy (/_\)! Loved reading all the stories, you guys are amazing <3

  40. Hello. My bf is virgo rising with chiron conjunct his ascendant. Sad, beautiful eyes. Very similar to what Jake said but many of that could be both being born in the same year And same ascendant with saturn in 5th. He is 20 and he is still a Virgin. As am I. He got bullied. Became depressed and wanted to commit suicide. He has a college degree in therapy And loves to help people. I think people take out their aggression on him. His parents treated and still treat him like dirt… According to what he says and what they seem like. He just takes it from others. He has no self estee. weird cause he is a leo. He has saturn on the descendent. Funny cause based on my chart I AM saturn. It’s so strong on my chart. He fits the description of wounded healer. We have both felt a spiritual purpose in helping others with our psychology degrees. I have north node on my ascendant with his sun on my descendent. Chiron falls in my 5th house and I am attracted to chiron people from everything I have read.

  41. He has dark circles under his eyes and a prprominent nose that looks like Jakes nose and those posted on the website of chiron rising!!!! he has a heart defect which is pretty fragile…. And he has a very curved spine.

  42. Hi all,My chiron in 1st House Pisces rising, but chiron in Aries, gave me scar on right side of upper lip when I was small baby, acne scars, surgery scars, stretch marks, honey colored birth mark on right leg, childhood injury in spinal cord still making my spine weak, was somewhat unnoticeable in school, varicose veins (one of my cousin died of deep vein thrombosis). Always feel need to help people.

  43. Hey everyone, first post, what a hell of a long and delightful thread, late to the party or not!

    I have Chiron conjunct my Ascendant in Gemini, both 23 degrees. I also have to say, I’m very surprised by everything I’ve read here, regarding Chiron and their appearances – not that I doubt anyone else’s accounts, but I genuinely really like my own appearance.
    I’m a Pisces sun man, 6’2, “mesomorph” build, and I guess/think it’s all thanks to Gemini perhaps? Giving me height and agility, or I’d be your stereotypical Pisces – short, round, etc. I have the Pisces Eyes that’s for sure. Tall/dark/handsome and built, no complaints on my genetic appearance dice.

    Chiron Aspects: Both Chiron and my Ascendant are square my Pisces Sun (15 degrees) in House X. I also enjoy my Chiron+Asc being opposed by Uranus+Saturn in House VII.

    My takeaway/story/current life transits: Chiron entered Pisces in I want to say off the top of my head late 2011, and will leave Pisces for Aries in 2018. I believe I started my “Chirotic journey” in 2012ish. My health has been deteriorating rapidly over the past few years, and it had all been impossible to figure out. Just general chronic pain and nerve damage, with no discernible causes whatsoever. To keep things short, (I knew as of feb 2015) I have autoimmune disease, lupus – a mostly invisible illness, and it’s damned hard to diagnose or find tangible traces of. People look at me and *assume* I’m fine when I’m in absurd levels of pain, and pain flares come and go. It’s far worse when stressed, as it’s a disease of the immune system literally attacking me.

    To try to make a long winded point, on 28th December 2013, one of my closest best friends killed himself, and I was in more stress than ever. For 3 months after his death, I became *sensitive to the sun itself, and avoided sunlight or I’d be in pain*, a common symptom for those who live with lupus. In retrospect, I consider myself *very lucky* in this regard – this brought my disease to the surface and out into the sun (no pun intended at all..), and I don’t suffer from it on a regular basis currently (knock on wood).

    Right around my birthday in March 2014, Chiron was forming an exact conjunction with my Natal Sun. And, the weird thing is, the following month in April, when Chiron went on to 16 degrees, I have stopped being sun sensitive ever since (knock on wood) – well, in times of severe stress it will happen.

    Anyone care to take a stab at the symbolism of an invisible illness/autoimmune disease that causes pain from sunlight, and how it happened right on transiting chiron to sun? I could go on about my personal story and how it’s affected me, but Chiron in Pisces from 2011-2015 so far has been my hardest years on earth for sure.

    As of 2015, I came to terms with everything, and have really started a brighter path – dedicating myself right now to educating myself on many healing paths (astrology/psychology included), and finally have answers as well as my illnesses under control. Totally Chirotic themes at play here, pain and illness forced me to extreme lengths to find answers, any means necessary to get better, nothing “just worked”.

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