How to Prepare for a Uranus Transit

fallingWhen looking at upcoming transits, people often cringe when they see Uranus coming. This is understandable! We spend so much time laying our foundation, getting our lives exactly the way we like them, settling in and getting comfortable. And then Uranus comes along and shakes our shoulders and yanks the pillows from under us. No one likes sudden change. But it can be good for us nonetheless, especially if we know how to work with it. So what can we do if we see a Uranus transits coming up?

1. Decide what needs to change. Something does, I assure you. Make a list. Better yet, make a list of what doesn’t need to change. And the shorter that list is, the better off you’ll be. Many of us get so comfortable where we are that we become calcified. We think that sure, things could be better, but they could also be worse, so might as well stay where we are. But Uranus doesn’t buy it. Comfortable does not equal good, and Uranus sees to it that we learn the difference.

2. Know yourself. It’s common to hear horror stories of people who go completely astray and blow up their lives to pursue crazy whims under Uranus’s influence. I suspect this is less common than people think (and exactly who gets to decide what “astray” really is, hmm?), but if this is a concern, there are ways around it. The best way is to get really, really clear about your values, motivations, and little hidden pockets of resentment and dissatisfaction. With Uranus, these can grow and become a driving factor in our decisions. Being aware of these pitfalls early on can prevent a huge mess later.

3. Treat Uranus like a friend. Transits from benefic planets like Venus and Jupiter are greeted with joy and anticipation. We roll out the red carpet and welcome them like beloved guests. We eagerly watch for any gifts or opportunities they may bestow upon us. And with that mindset, we’re far more likely to actually notice the opportunities they bring. Treat Uranus with the same mixture of hope and expectation. He may lack Venus’s charms or Jupiter’s ease, but he brings with him just as many chances to bash through the walls that have held you back, break the ties that bind, and live the life you’ve imagined.

4. Above all, be flexible. Uranus is notoriously impossible to predict. You may be absolutely certain of your path, but when Uranus enters the scene, things can change dramatically. The more flexible you are and the more willing you are to follow where Uranus is trying to lead, the more you’ll benefit from his presence. The more you resist and refuse to bend, the more likely you are to break. Yes, Uranus can be like The Tower in tarot, shaking your foundations to the ground. But he’s just as likely to be like the Magician, giving you the alchemical tools to create something great.

While Uranus is no one’s idea of a picnic, he is an essential force. Both we as individuals and as a society need change, even radical change, just as much as we need stability, love, and every other planetary influence. If we are willing to know ourselves, be flexible, and treat Uranus as the benefic he as every potential to be, we can use these transits to live a fuller, richer, more authentic life.

Tell us about your Uranus transits! How did you cope?

19 thoughts on “How to Prepare for a Uranus Transit”

  1. I am Uranus-ruled! I have been used to being moved around all my life. Uranus is poised to cross my nadir into my 4th house (foundation/home) in about 2 years … immediately after Saturn crosses my ascendant.

    So basically … whatever crap I’m on NOW, it’s not gonna let up for awhile. I had a packed 8th house solar return and we are currently seeing the unfolding of a very strange and eventful year (for everyone, as it turns out, in addition to my personal revolutions).

    I will remember this period for the rest of my life. Luckily I have Aquarius, so I am interested!

  2. Great post !

    I love Uranus. I definitely feel good about this planet even if it is all square on my chart! Perhaps I feel that way because its my ruler?

    I relate to what shortpants wrote this and being moved around a lot.

    Transit wise…. Uranus has been pretty busy lately. In the past few years it has rolled back and forth over my Mercury and moon. The changes it brought were significant but not brutal….. as far as I can tell, I am doing better because of this period.

    Right now its hitting my natal chiron which is conjunct natal IC. Having recently learnt what chiron conjunct IC means …. the idea that Uranus was rolling over it next made me a little nervous. Its not over yet but so far it has been way kinder than anticipated.

    There are other heavy transits going on right now so its hard to know exactly what bits are responsible for what.

    One weird thing is that I have gotten constant static shocks from fabric and have also had some freak electric shocks from appliances. Can I credit Uranus for this? He has just entered my forth house and all this has been happening at home. Have others experienced similar things with electricity and Uranus?

    In July Uranus will begin to square my mars on and off before the big bang : the Uranus opposition.

    The Uranus opposition coincides with a transit over my natal sun. Natal sun and Uranus are partile opposites….. who knows what can be expected of this transiting conjunction at such an auspicious time.

    This Uranus opposition thing sounds kinda hectic but I’m a firm believer that Uranus is a good friend and everythings going to be okay.

    There is advantage in Uranus unpredictability….. no point worrying about what its going to do.

    1. Welcome, mountain moss!

      Yes! Shocks, electricity, and nerves so wound up you could string a guitar with them are all part of Uranus’s charms.

    2. 1998. Uranus on my Chiron. 2nd husband and I met. Progressed Sun conjunct 1 Virgo my Natal Jupiter = back into service for a man. We are Uranus conjunct Moon together Cancer!!! . First night, water and electricity…… Shower blew up. That just about sums it all up. He is Aquarius, I am Cancer. Chiron was on his Mars Venus Midpoint. Pluto on my node. My sun on his Uranus Pluto midpoint, the urge to change your entire existence. He finished work 1 year later and blew up my entire life. Thats when you know the planets work, lots of connections. Thank you up there, I knew I was doomed. Laugh out loud.

  3. Uranus, back when it was conjunct Neptune crossed my Descendant,
    my mother suddenly died.

    Uranus crossed my 8th house Saturn, my dad died and his wife mailed me an unexpected check that allowed me to make a life changing move
    to another state.

    Uranus crossed my 9th house Pisces Moon, an elderly woman I took care of died and her husband used some of her life insurance money to take himself, my son and I on a trip to Europe that we all decided to do suddenly.

    Uranus crossed my MC, I found out I was going to lose a house I tried too hard to keep. I sold it and found a more suitable and affordable house.

    Uranus is quincunx Jupiter in my chart. When Uranus crossed Jupiter, I just assumed I would get a financial windfall. Instead, I developed a mysterious and life threatening medical condition that took a while to diagnose. I ended up in the hospital, where a surgeon told me he was going to cut my chest open to operate. Then an ambulance got me and brought me to the hospital I needed to be at, 89 miles away. Another surgeon told me he was going to operate, all he needed to do was poke a few tiny holes in my stomach. I asked him if he was going to cut open my chest. He said, “Why would I do that?”. So, that last Uranus transit was lucky all right. Just not the kind of luck I was expecting, but very am grateful to have.

    1. Avatar
      Hildegatde's Noviciate

      Wow! That is staggering!
      Uranus transiting my 8th house moon at 10 degrees soon.
      I better start looking over MY shoulder

  4. Well, Uranus through my seventh has certainly ah…well, my hopeful ideas for my future love live have gone asunder, as you know! Nobody expected THAT….sigh.

  5. Tr Uranus was conjunct my natal Venus when my father suddenly died. Tr Uranus in my 9H (higher education) squared my natal Uranus as I began college. Tr Uranus was conjunct my MC when I accepted my first job offer. Tr Uranus was conjunct my Aquarius ASC when I became involved in my children’s parents association at their school. Tr Uranus in my 1H opposed my natal Uranus when my family and I moved into a new neighborhood to be closer to their schools. Tr Uranus had ingressed into my 2H (personal values and adjucted income) after my divorce.

    1. They are, but they’re still felt personally. For instance, I wrote a while back about Millennials becoming radicalized as Uranus opposed their Pluto. So this is a trend within the group, but each person has their own individual journey to get to that point.

  6. This sure is timely! I have a Uranus Transit to my 5th/and 6th houses (not quite yet into the sixth yet! So far am being requested to work from home, but before that our duplex rental was sold to a family that is now tearing up and remodeling their apartment. It is unsettling to say the least and though we are allowed to stay now, who knows when they are done if they will say “you have to move now once the pandemic quiets down”. We don’t EXPECT it but are aware it COULD happen.

  7. Natal Neptune is at 28 libra cusp of the 12th. It forms an out of sign square with Uranus. Looking back at the sudden breaks from relationships and I mean long ones, all the time ones, I do this. First I go into shock, then I go into wanting to blame and being angry for everything I put up with, and then I have to forgive myself for not being aware of what I was involved in. So I have come to the hard conclusion that I have been too self sacrificing in relationships (neptune in libra on the 12th house cusp). And I could elevate people to the status of users when they just became very needy and demanding and nasty when I had no more to give. Mama mama I need more more more.

    These sudden splits happened to varying degrees of shock, on uranus square and opp natal uranus transits. I see them all. I just was not aware of what I was doing in these relationships. It makes me look differently at my natal pisces mars rx sesqui uranus via that out of sign uranus square neptune, (which is now in sign as neptune has progressed to scorpio). Basically those self sacrificing relationships were depleting my energy and uranus was having none of that.

    1. I think the danger of the mars rx sesqui uranus is the potential reaction of the other when uranus brings the knife down for the cut off.

      1. Dug into the dust for old ephemerii and annals. It’s not uranus uranus transits, but uranus venus transits. Venus squares Neptune in sign. That makes more sense. I could not prepare because I was unaware or in denial and while knowing change was coming I had no clue what it was. But I like the idea of staying flexible. So Venus Uranus. How perfect since pluto will be opposing natal venus for the rest of this year yet. I will keep my eye on uranus transits and keep a distance, since I am not smart enough to know what needs to change. venus uranus and keeping my distance. Sounds like the corona virus.

  8. Avatar

    Amazing post. Just what I needed to hear.

    We keep learning, and so, we keep adapting to be ahead of the curve, then shift, to help others 100000000x. This is all so new… it’s true. We’re going to try.

  9. I know someone who reached her uranus return! Like whaaat. Such a sweet person. Sun,mercury,uranus all conjunct in early in taurus. She used to tell me stories and we’d wear funny hats and laugh and dance in pajamas almost 20 years ago when I was a kid.

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