Aquarius Children & Independent Thinking

I had a consultation today with the mother of a double Aquarius child. I have a lot of experience with Aquarius. My mother was a double Aquarius.  My father was also Aquarius, with four planets in the sign. As for Aquarius children, I wrote about my son’s best friend for ten years…called him the “Quirky Aquarian”.  He was at my house, daily, for a decade.

I told his mother, I was sure he had his own ideas. That he was thinking, independently.  This may seem obvious, but it’s not, really.  I’ll tell you how I know…

If read my book, “Heaven, I Mean Circle K”, I am thinking all the way through it. Matter of fact, I’m thinking like a bat out of hell, and no one around me has CLUE ONE what I’m thinking.

You can trust me on this; I have a poker face. Or you can read the book and it will be obvious. Because the things I am thinking are so unique.  My thoughts are completely independent, if not completely off the wall. No adult put them in my head, that’s for sure. My thoughts are outrageous, flabbergasting and original.

At this point, our society seems to believe that some authority (parent, teacher, government, SUPERstar) can control the thoughts of children. Dumb children, maybe. But if you happen to have an intelligent child, I can promise you, they’re listening to you, but they’re also screening everything they hear. They’re feel your words, weigh them, or suss them out in some way.

They’re not going to explain this to you and it’s not your concern, anyway.  We all have to make our way in life and we have to figure out how we’re going to do this.

An intelligent kid will realize their parent has limits, edges or sensitivities. They’ll find ways to get around those corners, while you’re talking. This may not be comforting, but it sure makes parenting more exciting and interesting. It’s also, true.

What are your thoughts about your child’s thoughts?

15 thoughts on “Aquarius Children & Independent Thinking”

  1. It is my sons 10th bday 🙂 He has four or five planets in Aquarius and he definitely is an independent thinker. He has Mercury conjunct Neptune which makes for some interesting conversations! Now I have to go look at his chart again. Peace and Love

  2. I dont know that they are all doing active critical thinking or really weighing truths in a sophisticated way. I know I didnt learn to do that so much. I have seen children not totally accept what parents say and use their mental world to process it. Ive also seen them hide their reactions to things

  3. My double Scorpio son’s Mercury in Libra in the sixth trines my sun in Aquarius in the sixth. I’ve told him before that we’re in sync because we’ll be thinking along the same lines at the same time, often. We fist bump each other and say Synchronicity! Thrills him. He’s way beyond his peers, not just academically (he consistently makes straight A’s, which I never did until college) but in how he parses information. He accepts my limitations. I’ve been very open with him about my anxiety and depression. We’ve collaborated on books together.

  4. I feel like my granddaughter is a sponge. Of course, she is 19 months old! But at times I get this freaky, fascinating feeling that she will remember every single thing. That it will all be embedded in her. That’s all I can say right now without being impartial! She’s a Gemini sun and Mercury (r), with an Aquarius moon.

  5. I am a Libra Sun, my husband is an Aquarius Sun and Moon, a large number of my favorite people are Aquarius Sun sign even more specifically early February Aquarian. It’s a natually easy personslity fit for me I love them all.

  6. My son is almost 18, 5 planets in Aquarius with 4 of those 11th house. You are so right. Control freaks cannot understand this energy and think it’s rebelliousness. It’s not about reacting to other people at all- it’s just an Aquarian doing their thing, other people don’t enter into it. I know a few of them and you just are not going to prod them. They can be stubborn!! I do think they can shoot themselves in the foot, which is probably their weakness.
    Fun people. First half of Aquarius is the 2nd part of my 5th- maybe that’s why. Silly sense of humor. 🙂

  7. My first grade teacher wrote a remark on my report card. She said “she sure is opinionated for someone so young” LOL! I’ve always been an independent thinker. Yes, I will listen, but don’t tell me what to do and I won’t always take advice.
    Aquarius Mercury, Venus and Saturn, with Pisces sun here. Yep, I’m an independent.

  8. So interesting about independent thinkers, i was watching the “crown” series, on monarchy and being “ousted” out because a King (king Edward viii) specifically didn’t follow the rules. And in the series, he was claimed by the kingdom that he was an “independent thinker” because he wanted to marry a married woman which the kingdom wouldn’t accept. So I looked him up, Aquarius rising, Cancer sun, Pisces moon, Gemini Jupiter/Neptune/Pluto. All trine his rising. (leo in 7th) Queen Elizabeth II sister Margaret was even proclaimed as an “independent thinker” because she was too dramatic, too different, Leo sun, Cancer moon,Aries rising,she doesn’t have any Aquarius, save for Lilith, which trines her Gemini mars. While Taurus Queen Elizabeth II has Aquarius mars, married to a Gemini sun Prince Philip. She wanted to give the people “peace” not “noise” which Margaret was. I thought that was interesting to me in terms of monarchy rule and the “independent thinkers”. Someone mentioned control freaks cannot realize above, the tying down of these thinkers? The Queen represented control while her sister represented not so boring.

    Our uncle Pisces sun/Aquarius venus, married to a Libra sun/Libra venus, they’re both independent, but family oriented still. Weird juggle. Maybe the Taurus moon grounds him. Definitely my mother in law who has Aquarius venus/Jupiter is very independent. Much more than most women I know, her best friend Gemini sun/Aquarus moon was also super independent. So weird to me, when a Gemini sun gets Cancer venus, Taurus in their chart, they become less independent thinkers in what described between monarchy rule and going off the grid. And in astrology I read Uranus is in the fall in Taurus? and Uranus exalted in scorpio.

  9. I have a distinct memory from an exchange with my mother when I was 4 years old. We were walking through a field, and I had evidently been naughty. She told me that God would be angry with me for what I had done (can’t remember what that was, but hey; I was four!). I remember thinking, ‘Hang on, I’m just a little kid. No way God is going to stop loving me for something I did wrong as a little kid. I’m just a kid!” And I remember being overcome by a strange feeling, that I knew something my mother didn’t know. God would love me anyhow. I never shared my thoughts with her, because I sensed she wouldn’t understand. I have Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.

  10. Yep. My triple Aq son never ceases to amaze me with his insights beyond his years – since he was little. He’s now 17, and that comes out more in the classroom, where his teachers tell me he brings unique insights and creative analytical skills to his work. As a triple Aq myself, that feedback filled me with immense pride, his creative brain. Growing up as the only one in my family with a strong Aq signature, I definitely played the “outsider” and “rebel” role. My conformist Virgo Dad and Pisces mother had no idea how to treat my energy. Independent thinkers, indeed. Thanks for the post.

  11. I have an Aquarius ASC, 8H Libra Sun, and 1H Pisces Moon. In my later years, I’ve fully embraced my Aquarian independent/free thinking characteristics. This about-face change from Libra’s “don’t rock the boat” philosophies has been liberating. Simply maturity and life lessons also factor in.

    1. One more thing…I’ve just completed my 2nd Saturn Return. With the beginning of the 3rd chapter of my life, I feel confident choosing the direction I want – let the chips fall where they may.

  12. Wow, another great read. My daughter is Aquarius ascendant and when she comes home, I say, “chaos is home” (in a nice way). She is like a tornado coming through the door!
    Yep, she is quirky, an independent thinker, a little off-beat and great company to have around, although sometimes a little frustrating. She is deaf with binaural cochlear implants.

  13. my triple virgo is just getting old enough to communicate complex ideas.. and he’s got some crazy wacky stuff going on in his head. it’s pretty cool 🙂

  14. “Independent Thinking Children (Aquarius)”
    My Fifth House is ruled by Aquarius.
    My Uranus is then in Sagittarius, in the Second House.
    My Jupiter is in Pisces, in my Fifth House.
    My Neptune is in Capricorn, in my Third House.
    My Saturn is in Sagittarius, in my Second House.
    The child is only planned, yet is already getting shaped by my astrology.
    I think it’s cute.
    My Sun is Trine my Mars, so I have positive views of everything Sun in my chart.
    It’s all cute to me.

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