All About Jupiter’s Transit Through Capricorn

Capricorn black goatAre you looking for a crash course around Jupiter in Capricorn?  It’s time to get serious about your future and security matters!

Plan and then follow through, taking real steps towards goals that will set you up, further down the roads.

Plain-spoken (Capricorn) truth (Jupiter) is in vogue.

These posts will help.

How are you faring with Jupiter in Capricorn?

8 thoughts on “All About Jupiter’s Transit Through Capricorn”

  1. Plain-spoken truth is in vogue now? Was it ever?

    I have seen a few signs that the bubble is going to pop on a lot of things.

    That will be messy.

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        Miss Sonya Ellen Moss

        I feel like I get somewhere then I put my foot in my mouth always… He so scared of being in a relationship that I was over controlling.. He said he liked that sort a women… Lol.. Yes I’m a true cap with Gemini… The guy is a virgo.? Are we compatible…?

        1. I’m also a Cap with a GEMINI moon and Rising my guy is a Virgo with Cap Moon My answer would be yes cap and virgo are sister signs and Virgo is the feminine side of Mercury while Gemini is the Masculine side of Mercury

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    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    I love plain spoken truth.
    And I value someone who is.

    It depends on the delivery I suppose for some people.
    It can be a cold bucket of water or the heated stick to poke you, wake you up and be aware.

    Yup… sometimes stings on delivery but I for one am so grateful afterwards.
    It may be an opportunity to save a lifetime of going the wrong way…OR it may reaffirm you are going the right way.

    1. I see Jupiter in Capricorn as a wise, benevolent figure. This placement reminds me of the WW2 soldiers I met when I was a teenager. They’d seen the world and they never steered me wrong.

      I’ve also has their words, ring in my ears throughout my life. Their principles has stood the test of time.

  3. I am a cap with a cap we love each other so much but constantly bumbing heads will this last in the future 3 years so far

    1. I’m a cap and the love of my life is my ex wife she’s a cap also. Sadly to say we didn’t last we fought to much I really hope it works out for u guys.

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