Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus 2024 Solar Return Charts

2024 TaurusThis is a client’s 2024 Solar Return chart.  You can click the pic to see the full chart.

Note, the Jupiter Uranus conjunction. Pluto in Aquarius squares the sun and on this particular day (April 24th), the moon is in Scorpio.

My son and my husband are both Tauri, so this prompted me to poke around. I found that all the Taurus birth dates have a chart like this.  I expanded my search.

Aries birthdays are similar… as are Pisces dates.

We’re going to have these tight stelliums for months. It’s worth a heads up.

aquarius stelliumUpdate – The stellium on the left is my dog, Lila’s, Solar Return.  She’ll be 13 years old on February 17th.  Stellium season is upon us!

The houses in your Solar Return chart where the stellium(s) fall, tell you the areas of life that will be affected. Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus will have Return charts with narrow focus 2024-35.

Get your personal details for 2024 here: Solar Return Report.


36 thoughts on “Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus 2024 Solar Return Charts”

  1. I had poked around looking at my 2024 SR chart a while back and remember being relieved. Had another look just now because of your post and it’s the best SR in a very long time. It fits with my prediction that 2023 would see noticeable improvements, and 2024 would be very good. My Sun will be sandwiched between Jupiter and Uranus with Venus alongside in a stellium. Libra rising with Venus in 7th… and a Leo Moon. 🙂 I had a Scorpio full moon being eclipsed 2022-2023, it was very bad, this year Aries moon, so much better. I’m happy with a run of fire moons, it does make a difference.

    1. I haven’t evaluated them, but upheaval, I’m sure.

      My husband will lose his mother and retire.

      My son is at risk of layoff. I think he will keep his job, but doesn’t want to, because his team will be gone. His gf works for the same company in another state. Hopefully, they will wind up together, and employed… Wherever. They are both engineers.

      1. Taureans tend towards sticking things out, especially at work. Perhaps there will be some updates and changes that will encourage your son to stay despite the loss of the team. Uranus is an unpredictable but liberating factor. Depends if it has already crossed the sun or not. I have that ahead next year, it’s just hovering nearby this currently.

        1. Yes, he started with this company, summer before his junior year. I have expected him to work there for the rest of his life due to this quality…Taurus, I mean.

          But he did tell me he did not want to get caught there.. Holding the bag, trying to get things done with no team. The girlfriend is also looking. I don’t know.

          Also, who knows what will be going on in 2024. Uranus is in Taurus. His job is in the finance industry. I think he’s going to be rocked. But he’s equipped to deal with whatever. As a mother; we hate to see our kids go through things, but its clear he’s sailing into a storm. He’s got a lot of company, though I’m not sure that’s good.

  2. Elsa, I am dismayed that your site no longer allows me to copy and paste your forecasts. I have for years chopped and pasted these into my daily calendar. I would greatly appreciate it if you could reverse this change! Thanks!!

  3. My baby is due on 15th of February, if he comes on the 15th he’ll have a stellium in Aquarius and Taurus. My other son is a Taurus. Anecdotical my Taurus sun has an exact Pluto Mars conjunction in Cap, the Aqua child will have it too, very tight on the 15th, but in Aquarius. I’m very excited and …a bit scarred but you know, life’s an adventure (Mars Jupiter conjunct)

  4. This is all in my Solar Return 10th. It makes sense as I finish my Masters course and it will be pretty intense. I also have a Leo rising SR chart with Moon in Leo opposite Pluto in the 1st and 7th and I’m currently not in a relationship. The Jupiter Uranus which is transiting my Moon in the 8th natally is in my SR 11th, I’m hoping this means my hopes and wishes come true. 🙂

  5. I’m a Pisces and checked my SR, it’s interesting.There is a nice spread from Aquarius to Taurus. Only Moon stands alone in Cancer. Saturn still conjucts Sun, but not too close, 7 degrees. that’s far better than this year, when Sun and Moon are in thight orb with Saturn. Almost all the planets are above horizon.

  6. i wish this year can be different. i need a cosmic break. the last 3 years were identical as if it was a very long one that never ends. I have never seen my life hit such rock bottom and never recovering. Uranus went over my Taurean stellium like a lunatic and had to deal with absurdities, nevermind the deprivation of even basic stuff. Pluto is still in and out my 6H hitting as hard as possible to make a statement. How can 2024 be different, maybe a bit less harsh??

      1. thanks Jody, I was counting on Jupiter too as it has helped me in the past but now it seems that its energy doesn’t reach. it crossed over my sun already twice and due to a third one but can’t see any improvement.. let’s see how 2024 kicks off

  7. I hope it helps. I got gifted some money around the first direction (it’s in my 8th) so I’m hoping something good might come for me when it goes direct again.

    1. That was a good one! Jupiter is in my 10H now so I am hoping for a change of status for the better.. Sun is my 2H ruler as well

        1. you made it with Pluto. now it’s my turn.. I m expecting a lot of power struggles as it will square my 10H sun from the 7H.. I saw a lot of Aries colleagues struggling at work. how was your experience?
          unfortunately I have Uranus over my head too and it’s unmanageable.. I could endure and survive pluto in my 6H which was no fun at all but Uranus is out of control..

  8. I guess for Taurus people Uranus is challenging and for others they might be ok. Taurus don’t like change. but I think Jupiter will help and it could bring good change. Where is Venus in your chart? so my mum died with Pluto on my IC and when it sqaured Sun I had an intense relationship for 2 years (during lockdown…I have Sun in 7th) and I had a miscarriage and we split…it wasn’t the best relationship either and he had some control issues. However, positively I started psychotherapy training and so I do think can some good things can come from Pluto. Uranus on the my Taurus moon has been ok so far. Pluto in Aqaurius doesn’t do alot for me except sextile Mercury….it will be years before it bits my Taurus moon. eclipses are in 1st and 7th which I hope brings someone new in. I feel in a good place now.

  9. that was really tough so sorry for your struggles. Uranus was no fun for a lot of Aries either as it was in 7 squares with Pluto. I ve seen Aries people close friends and colleagues making huge sudden changes in their lives that was the best thing it could happen to them.
    My Venus is in 17 Gemini opposite Jupiter/Uranus. I am scared of this year’s square from Saturn. I had it in my progressed chart for three years and I know what it’s like. Neptune also squared it for a good 2-3 years from 2019-2021 and my finances just vanished from that time on..
    It is good to hear that Pluto is guiding you to the right direction now that it’s leaving.. psychotherapy is such plutonic process, you ll find more inner strength. I don’t like relationships starting when Pluto is in the mix and it’s going to transit in my 7H. I ll be more cautious with potential partners, too tired for drama

  10. Oh yes…I’m late Aries so I always get that near the end. I did move in 2018 but that was a Jupiter opposite moon transit which helped and pluto trine moon. Uranus on Sun I did some courses and got more confident etc such as improv. Oh yes Saturn isn’t fun. I’ve finished Saturn squaring my Moon and then it will square my Venus next year. Is your Venus 17 Gemini? If so it’s not opposite Jupiter Uranus? As that is in Taurus? Or is it opposite natally ? I’m 12 Gemini Venus. I don’ t know maybe it could be studying or working really hard on something. I’m studying so hoping it’s just that. But also money is tight right now. Neptune transits can be tricky. Jupiter Uranus transiting your 4th could be a move? I don’t know I think Pluto in 7th could be transformative? Digging deep and finding a relationship that is meaningful. I have Pluto rising natally so seem to have lots of Pluto life things happen although yeah it’s good for being a therapist.

    1. My Venus is opposite Jupiter/Uranus natally. Transiting Jupiter/Uranus will be on my 10H opposite my moon. I think Uranus is so malefic in Taurus that Jupiter can’t give much. I don’t have any expectations from this conjunction.
      Money is indeed tight for many. I had my natal venus, Jupiter and sun my 2H ruler hit hard by malefics and eclipses since 2021. My mc was smashed by Pluto/Saturn in 2020 by square. I feel the universe wants to eliminate me

  11. Try and hang in there. I am hopeful for Jupiter Uranus, I think it’s quite a powerful combination and could bring unexpected surprises that benefit people in the long term.

    Sorry to hear about Pluto Saturn in 2020….it’s tough but you will come out wiser and stronger…

  12. also just to say when I had Jupiter opposite moon by transit I moved house and bought my first home and it was the best thing I did…2nd/8th (finances). Also I have moon opposite Uranus natally. moon in 4th natally is a lovely placement….not sure how old you are but Scorpio/Pluto placements are tougher when younger I feel until you get used to using the energy. i have Pluto rising but now use it in therapy (I trained as a Counsellor in 2012 and now doing a trainee child psychotherapy. so if you can find an outlet for Pluto or Scorpio that can really help. Gemini Venus will also get Jupiter hitting it next year too which is nice…might help finances. Also you were you born in a full moon?

  13. that’s very hopeful as Jupiter/Uranus will be opposite my moon in spring. My moon is in Scorpio in 4H which makes it a lot bearable. I was born after the eclipse. My Saturn is in 0 Scorpio conjunct Pluto in Libra in 4H. That alone is a huge obstacle, it makes life difficult. Jupiter is in rulership in my chart. When it hit Aries in 2022 it made a grand trine with my asc and natal Jupiter/uranus and gave me a big financial relief. A decade ago when it was in Aries I got a few years of abundance and hard work until my Saturn return halted everything. 2015 was Uranus in my mc and I ve been having a hard time ever since. I could manage Plutonic energy in my 6H, it wasn’t pleasant but I had patience and resilience like a Taurus that I am. Uranus has been driving me mad. Don’t know how to appease it. I m living with other people, I got rid of most of my possessions to downsize, I focused on my intellectual/spiritual development, read a lot those last few years and still do. It still messes with my life, I can’t get a job I set goals only to be cancelled by uranus. Uranus opposite moon by transit is not a good aspect. A lot of emotional turmoil and now it’s at my mars too ruler of my mc..

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