Weekend Love Forecast – Unexpected Delights, Tending The Flame

fire and iceFriday night, we hit the crossroads between the last full moon and the upcoming new moon in Aquarius, as the Scorpio Moon sextiles Capricorn Venus and squares the Sun. The Sun spends the weekend in sextile to Aries Chiron and an ongoing square to sign-ruler Uranus in Taurus. It’s a rug puller, but we end up better for it.

It’s sit up and take notice time for both the mood and our overall (personal) state. What’s going on? What is both a product of growth AND a solid, good thing? Let’s ask: What do you feel good about, and where do you think you can take it?

All weekend, Venus heads into square with Chiron and trine to Uranus. By the time Venus semi-textiles the Sun late Sunday night (early Monday), we’ll have swept through the underworld of the psyche (Scorpio Moon) and emerged into a mood to fire up the engines of higher meaning (Sagittarius Moon). Desire cannot be discounted in the equation for an elevated experience. We want what we want. It must be addressed or it will hinder progress. Revolution ignites on desire. Its flame must be tended in the process.

Saturday afternoon/evening, the Scorpio Moon trines Pisces Neptune as Capricorn Mars picks up a sextile to Neptune (ongoing). It then goes on to sextile Capricorn Mercury in the night. The mood is dreamy and full of provocative subtext. Acting out a fantasy brings the opportunity to figure out what you want (tending the flame).

The thing is… acting out the fantasy may work best as a metaphor. Test the waters, but test each step for solid ground as well. Slow, methodical action can be sexy, but it’s also safer (and more likely to garner realistic results). Don’t expect a particular outcome and concentrate on playing up the moment, but look for your “in”, your divine opening. Communicate as you go, words are titillating.

Late Saturday night, the Moon moves to Sagittarius and a sextile to Pluto in Aquarius. The mood gallops! Passion develops and expands.

Sunday morning, the Sadge Moon squares Saturn and momentum falters. It can be a mood masher or just a redirect, a course change fueled by spirit, by imagination or inspiration. It’s enough to make us sit up and take notice, an expansive mood infused with a need for considered whimsy.

By nighttime, the Moon takes off into sextile to the Sun and trine to Chiron. We’re ready to GO, ready to test our strength. Mercury changes sign, leaving Capricorn to join Pluto and the Sun in Aquarius. It joins Pluto at zero degrees (exact early Monday).

The Moon semi-textiles Venus as both perfect their aspects to Chiron: the Moon trines, Venus squares. Immediately after, the Sun sextiles Chiron, and Mercury conjoins Pluto exactly. When we are able to reconcile fiery need with our longstanding desires, a change in actionable plans is theoretically possible. This change will “rock our world”.

Mars continues in sextile to Neptune: a miracle is possible, but that miracle demands concrete action. Our perspective is key, however. Allow for possibilities you may not yet know about. Consider that they may indeed satisfy your requirements and desires. Venus’ long-running trine to Uranus brings plenty of unknown delights as we head into the week.

Do you have any weekend plans?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Love Forecast – Unexpected Delights, Tending The Flame”

  1. I can relate to that baby, Dianne M! I’m not impressed either lol, this particular Scorpio moon transit was unusually turbulent and aggravating, things coming to the surface.

    I’ve had to do early morning exercise workouts just to channel the angst. I hope things brighten up for all of us with Moon Sagittarius, although that is my lunar return, so for me, probably not so much 🤔

    1. He (the baby next door) a little Cancarian is teething and is sleep training too. I gave him some home grown fresh picked cucumbers. He loves them good for his teeth and gums. Cooling. (Says mum)
      I wasn’t very good at channelling anything anywhere yesterday 39 degrees, Mermaid. Got cranky about someone’s thoughtlessness…mmmm
      But today is cooler and tomorrow l go on a short break to the sea.
      Angst is contained for now.
      Walking is my exercise. Very glad to have a working knee…quietly grateful things arent worse. (Touchwood) Thanks for the note. And yes,l much prefer Sag moon. Babies father is a Sag. Lovely man and hands on dad.

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