Effects Of Transiting Saturn In Aquarius By House

Aquarius water bearerI had a gal ask me for a “blurb” on Saturn in Aquarius transiting her 8th house. I thought this would make a good blog post.

  • Saturn in Aquarius transiting your 1st house: Who are you? Define and update your first handshake.
  • Saturn in Aquarius transiting your 2nd house: Innovate how you handle money. Shore up your self esteem.
  • Saturn in Aquarius transiting your 3rd house: Practical use of a wild intellect or manner of speech.
  • Saturn in Aquarius transiting your 4th house: Get your foundation in. Work to express your individuality at home or with family.
  • Saturn in Aquarius transiting your 5th house: Dating experiments. Creative work. Different ways to play.
  • Saturn in Aquarius transiting your 6th house: Rework your job or daily routine. Also radical change in health status. You’re responsible!
  • Saturn in Aquarius transiting your 7th house: Make it work with others. Change if needed!
  • Saturn in Aquarius transiting your 8th house: Detaching and dealing with death and taxes.
  • Saturn in Aquarius transiting your 9th house: Review your beliefs. Some of them may be silly. Also, stand for your beliefs.
  • Saturn in Aquarius transiting your 10th house: Your chance to set an example as a non-boring authority figure
  • Saturn in Aquarius transiting your 11th house: Don’t know what you want? Experiment until you can define this.
  • Saturn in Aquarius transiting your 12th house: Guidance from the ethereal world. New portals to deal with!

This was fun!

What house is Saturn transiting in your chart? The planet is in my first house. You can see me struggle to become less oppressed.


13 thoughts on “Effects Of Transiting Saturn In Aquarius By House”

  1. Ok, maybe this question belongs somewhere else, but on Placidus I have Jupiter in the 10th. In an equal house system, I have Jupiter on the 10th house cusp. I was born in Nebraska but moved to CA in 1980. Which is “more correct” for me now?

      1. Thx! Have brothers who are twins with Aries suns! One had a granddaughter born last night and the other’s daughter was named athlete of the year at her high school, graduating Sunday! I’m all about Jupiter’s move to Aries!

  2. Saturn just made it’s way into my 10th house this weekend, and major construction on my route to work yesterday that will take months to complete. I had been lax about getting to work on time the last few weeks, and started scheduling meetings at 9 AM to give me the extra push to make sure I get into work on time. I had left myself with extra time yesterday, and just got in when my meeting started.

    I decided I would give myself even more time today, as the meeting I had scheduled was with my boss and I wanted to be early. I dropped off my daughter at the earliest possible time and on the way in I felt a little bit more relaxed I gave myself 30 minutes of extra time on a 40 minute commute and I thought by giving myself double the time there would be no possibility of being late, right? As soon as I got off the highway traffic was backed up for a mile. I knew I was most likely going to be late for my meeting, was furious and spent the whole drive steaming. I had thought I had done everything right, why was the universe rewarding me this way? I know that Saturn transits make things more difficult, but can’t you avoid the setbacks by being prepared? Just as I thought this, traffic started to let out and an older car with SATURN strung across the bumper pulled in front of me. At this point I just had to laugh and thank universe for the lesson.

    1. That’s what I love about astrology!! I sometimes think it’s the language of the gods (or God’s…you choose!) sense of humor. The signs are everywhere as we go about our business if you can read the subtext! Great story & use of Saturn energy! You can’t do better than that.

      1. So true! It’s so illuminating to read these posts and then see things like that Saturn car turn up in daily life! Years ago my Capricorn son gave me an 8 ball. Remember those? He said he gave it to me in case I couldn’t get answers from Astrology or Numerology or any of those other “voodoo” arts. So last weekend he slipped in his driveway and broke his arm on the eclipse weekend….. off work for two months and may have to have surgery with pins and screws and all that….

        1. Oh dear. To laugh in the face of the gods is to tempt fate. I want to know god’s language…astrology, the language of energy & hidden symbols (occult). I read a lot of Jung too. Hope all goes better than expected for your son. For me I have to get humble & learn the lesson (which may be humility!) though to find the flow again.

  3. Can’t wait for new portals to open. My dream life has been active and interrupted sleep is the new normal. Pluto is resting on the 12th cusp of 27′ Capricorn.

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