Are There Markers For Mental Disorders In A Natal Chart Of A Child?

mercury-tiepoloHi, Elsa,

Is there a chart signature for ADHD? I’m thinking of my 2-year-old grandson who is a VERY busy body! Is it just “boys will be boys”? The age? Or something else?


Hi, Grandma.

I don’t think you can diagnose ADHD or any other disabling condition by looking at a natal chart. There are astrologers who claim otherwise but I don’t buy it. I’ll make my case!

If Mercury square Uranus makes a person have ADHD, then every person with Mercury square Uranus should have the disorder. They do not! So I’d forget about viewing this situation from that angle.

A natal chart can tell you that a person has an active mind or that they have a lot of Mars-y energy to deal with. Knowing this about your child or grandchild is helpful.

Remember that kids are individuals. You may want a child that sits still. This does not mean that this is what you get! In fact, you can have four kids, all well-behaved and then here comes kid number five and he’s an oddball. This does not mean he or she has a disorder!

You did not send birth data on your grandson, but based on what you wrote, I’d say you have him pegged.  You have a hopped up two-year old boy, who is going to need outlets for his energy.

He may very well be a Lamborghini, in a family who prefers to travel by horse and buggy. Before I’d think about clipping his wings or holding him back in anyway, I would get him out to run some laps, under strong supervision. Because if he is a bit wild (as some of us are), discipline is very important.

I’d allow him to train in one of the martial arts, before I looked for a medical cause or cure. It sounds like he has a lot of Mars energy flying around. You may not be the person who can help him get it under control.

You may also want to get a child natal report – pay particular attention to anything in it says that pertains to Mars or Mercury.

Good luck!

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  1. I have uranus the higher mind squaring the moon in pisces so I have been born with a mental infirmity I don’t care what anyone says.

  2. I love Elsa’s response. Spot On! I taught a class for some years for parents which I named Terrific Two’s because I’ve always disliked that Terrible Two’s title. It’s a fabulous age, they are learning so much and everything in them is growing and forming and changing. The mental, and the emotional and the physical are often out of synch over this time but it all resolves.

  3. I think this is a very good observation that has to be in dealing with one on a fragile level, even tho Jung and that age of psychology experts had come up with the why, things go wrong with humans, these answers are slowly coming too a good conclusion, ASTROLOGY IS NOT A CURE ALL it is a part of the complex puzzle on why we and our ancestors are different, and we do inherit, then again mental disorder is also acquired over a period of time…..or a chemical imbalance occurs, at any relate to be observant an open mined is the key to deal with difficult people in communication..

  4. My oldest son who is 38 years old now is very ADHD his Son is in the 10th house he is a Libra and his Mars is 4 degrees of Scorpio.

  5. I really think the grandmother is a horrible person for asking if her 2 year old grandson has signs of ADHD in his astrological chart. He’s obviously an energetic child and needs a lot of stimulation and she’s at a point in her life where she doesn’t gave the energy to keep up and wants to stick a label on her toddler. If anything, rather than looking to astrology for answers,she needs to read some parenting books. Elsa answered her question with the right answer though, this grandmother is not the correct person to provide the energetic outlets in that baby’s life. I am sorry to be so annoyed and critical of this woman but she shouldn’t be labeling a baby with ADHD.

    1. I agree with Elsa. Some kids show their colors super early, and it’s incredibly overwhelming. It can make you desperate for answers from any source at all and can make you feel at the end of your rope on a daily basis. Her curiosity does show that she’s trying to be resourceful rather than let him run wild while she’s pulling her hair out.

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        Hildegarde's Girl

        I agree treehugginmamma. Treemomma was a bit harsh. She needs to look at this as maybe being a personal trigger of hers to call this grandmother horrible.
        She is simply trying to make sense of the behavior. Im glad Elsa answered it that way. I have tremendous energy physically and mentally. And found out I have mars sextile pluto and which explains some of that. But not all.
        There is also a real danger in attributing every characteristc and attribute to astrological mapping. It can allow in its best form understanding and compassion. In its worst form an opportunity for a cope out for behavior or for fatalistic labelling of the person which gives no room for self determination.
        Bravo Elsa.

  6. well lets get back to the visual thinking of healing people we love…..i lost a family member as of recent and they are not good, astrologically the death was karmetic and the time spent dealing with them was on time…while there is a little boy involved and he is very special and that is the story i am reading now….you all have a wodnder/full new year and keep thinking how we make good this site and what life is and thanks for speaking up and being honest and real….Alexander.

  7. From my experience, all two year old boys (boys in general) tend to be hopped up. One of my sisters has young grandchildren and she is well beyond her 2nd saturn return. She has commented that she doesn’t have the energy to deal with them for long periods of time anymore. They are so consuming.

    One of my nephs has a cancer moon. I see him struggling with the same relationship problems I did. Sure I’d like to say the magic words, wave some magic wand right now because he’s struggling, but I just gotta let it go and let him find his way. And I am always supportive of his interests, the outlets he is finding to express his energy.

  8. Hi, can I weigh in here, I have ADHD. I was diagnosed at age 7. This lady is correct to enquire about traits she sees in her grandson. Early intervention makes a difference, and I am not talking drugs but teaching positively. Teaching how to direct energy in a positive way and not being bought down by others.
    I can say as a child in school, I could not sit still to learn to read. I was much more interested in outside world – incects, sport, climbing trees, fish, animals. I was always in a lot of trouble. I struggled in school as it was just not active/interesting enough and i could not focus. My esteem was very damaged by what people/teachers said about me.
    In spite of all this, as an adult, I have thought myself to read – through wanting to know more about the many, many things that interest me. I have been through University where I did well and have worked successfully in medical science for many years. I studied what was interesting to me. Today I have many hobbies I enjoy and have talents for. But going back to my school years, i would say i would have been voted least likely to succeed at anything by any of my school teachers, and I was always their least favourite.
    I believe it is the way you teach ADHD children that is important. Keep their attention with things that are interesting. Dont expect great grades when they have to sit still and focus on mundane things.
    I think childhood is tough for kids with ADHD. The school environment is so repressive for kids with lots of energy and little in the way of concentration. I believe if you direct ADHD kids in the right way they can use all their energy in a positive way.
    The frustration can be turned into drive and ambition. Its important to help them develop these traits because all too often these kids can become robbed of their self esteem during early school and into teenage years. If this happens they are likely to act out and become a product of what people tell them.
    These are just my thoughts on life lived with ADHD and the stigma that accompanies this.
    In terms of astrological markers, I have uranus tightly conjunct mercury, sun, pluto, jupiter all square to mars. A predominence of air signs and a sprinkle of earth.

    1. I totally agree, Penny. My son told his therapist the other day that he doesn’t get to move enough at school, which is the most sane thing I think a child could say! It horrifies me how little recess they get. It’s like 15 minutes, maybe twice a day. In second grade! Drives me nuts. The therapist said, though, that we can get “walking time” for kids with a diagnosis, to help them get the movement in that they need to otherwise focus. I am hoping that we can accomodate this, because I am the exact same way as my son. I know he’s not making it up. I actually turned down a job opportunity because at the interview they said “successful candidates need to be able to sit in their cube (their word) and focus on their work.” I burst into immediate hives lol I sat there and smiled, but when I went home, I had a total breakdown. I decided that my reaction was telling me to get brave and pursue teaching even harder. You have to use a lot of energy to teach, and that appeals to me way more than sitting in my cube and filling quotas.

  9. I have a two year old son, and I’m 42. It’s mayhem all day long, and takes all the energy I have. Sometimes (ok most of the time!) it takes both me and my husband to parent him through his emotional outbursts and also his need for physical outlets, and creative intellectual play. It’s a darn good thing we have invested in high quality childcare to fill in when we just can’t do it – either due to work or our own self care. I totally get the mars/mercury energy I have TONS of it myself. But no ADHD here, I used to be a very scattered individual but through great loving discipline and routine I am now a very driven, focused individual. We keep the little man on a very tight routine and while he seems to rebel at times, I know it is helping him develop self-control and self-care as well. I have a newborn also who seems very chilled out, time will tell of course but I will definitely be ordering two child’s reports from Elsa and bet my bottom dollar the 2nd child’s chart is very different from the 1st’s! Loved your response Elsa and she does seem like a very loving Grandma to me too.

  10. Hi Virgovixen,
    I read your post,I believe you are setting your child up with great life skills. Well done.
    You mentioned rebelling, i think comes from feeling 35 years old in a childs body, it feels like frustration.
    I think emotional development in childhood is a little different than normal with these conditions. You are right to teach self control when you can. Possibly your own aspects are there so that you will learn and understand this energy deeply, through your experience and the understanding, you can now give your children great parenting.

  11. I think you can observe the behavior in real life and then notice that there are parallels in the chart. I also find that the “markers” for whatever ADHD type behavior you’re seeing are indicators for where you can find the positive side: Leo moon is a total show off and bounces off the walls — and is also incredibly big hearted, warm, unconditionally loving. Gemini moon is neurotic — but also bright and insightful. 5H Aries sun is an egotistical artist — and also an endless source of creative energy. Mars in Aries is violent and relentless — also persistent, passionate and heroic. It’s all in how you look at it.

    My son was diagnosed ADHD at 7. He is a 9H Gem sun, 11H Leo moon, 7H Aries Mars, Uranus trine Mercury. Virgo rising.

    I do think his placements speak to a rapid-fire brain. He’s already showing promise as a writer (he’s awesome with words, is reading a grade level ahead and is incredibly creative, even if he gets in trouble almost every day at school for talking out of turn or making noises).

    I haven’t been officially diagnosed — a therapist suggested I might have ADHD and gave me an assessment, but I didn’t stay long enough to find out her final diagnosis lol! I like to say my son and I “ace” ADHD tests lol I have a 5H Aries sun sextiling a 7H Gemini moon, Mars in Leo conjunct Jupiter, Uranus trining my 5H sun. I think I have a lot of creative energy that needs an outlet or it blows out the seams in uglier ways. And I need to move a lot or else I literally get a little nuts.

    Don’t know if that’s helpful…

  12. I have mercury square uranus and pluto in my chart. I have to admit I can be a bit flighty and obsessive but it is also sextile saturn so I can focus when needed. I am not ADHD…I also think the things that can be a curse you can turn into a blessing. I work in a creative field (web and graphic design) and the way I think allows me to hit straight to the solution via instant insight, plus I can get obsessive when troubleshooting. All in all, meditation works wonders to relax and I think all is the way it is supposed to be.

  13. I think we have to at least consider that the medical diagnosis of ADHD is bullsh*t. The problem with medical science is that it’s not a science. It’s a business. They are quick to diagnose every kid who won’t sit still in class with ADHD, and thus, prescribe a never-ending flow of income for their perpetual care and pharmaceutical requirements. It is their solution to unnecessarily medicate them to conform to some mythological mold of the perfect child. If astrology teaches us anything it is that humanity is a massive study of nonconformity in the form of unlimited astrological possibilities.

  14. when the kid comes of age, woodworking, outdoor sports, building his own treehouse or stuff, playing music, games, will be very interesting for him.. or something..

  15. I have adhd. Diagnosed quite late, and I carried a feeling my entire life that “something is wrong with me” but without knowing how or why – and then suddenly, finally, someone figured it out and I was put on medication and that is just the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I cannot begin to tell you what my life was before, and I cannot imagine where I would have been if someone hadn’t help me name that diffuse feeling in the pit of my stomach that something wasn’t quite right; so if anyone reading this plans to tell me adhd “is not a real thing” or that I’ve just “been manipulated by the medical industry” and “that all I need is some therapy and Omega 3-oils here are some links to stuff I’ve read” I swear to goddess I will come at you!!!

    With that said! 🙂 I have adhd, and there’s not one aspect I can single out as being responsible for it. It’s much more of a combination of things: like maybe it’s because:

    – my chart ruler is mercury retrograde conjunct Jupiter (I’m naturally ALOT and SO MUCH), in the 11th house (for that Uranus-y feeling) and exactly sesquisquadrate Uranus (for some more of the same) – plus also Pluto in the 3rd house squaring that mercury adds a compulsiveness to a free thinking, expansive, eccentric mind.. which sounds like someone with adhd.

    Or maybe, it could also be:

    – mars in Virgo in the 12th house straddling the ascendant: so much anxious energy and you don’t know what to with half it, so you’re either spinning non stop without direction or anxiously internalizing it all together… just like someone with adhd.

    And it probably doesn’t help that I also have:

    – a sun/moon opposition in Virgo/Pisces: always all over the place and swinging from one perspective to the other, always in danger of becoming depressed and apathetic.. while also being fully capable of l organization, order, structure – even wanting it, needing it! Just like a person with adhd 😀

    So you see my point. I know people who share my birthday who don’t have it… and in any case it’s hereditary, so my chart only shows the same blueprint that already exists in my genetic make up. You just simply have to have it to find signs of it in a chart – not the other way around!

  16. They said my oldest son had ADHD. (prompted by a teacher) THey prescribed ritalin. This was years ago when there was no internet to turn to so if you needed information you went to the Library. And, that I did. I wanted to study exactly what ritalin was and what the side effects were. (I did not like what I learned)

    We tried it and it made him weird. Zoned out….not himself at all. It was dimming his essence and putting out his light. I made the decision after a very short period of time to take him off and deal with him in other ways. Exercise and diet… put him in Karate and soccer.

    Come to find out, he has Gemini rising! (I have the Mars and I have never been able to sit still) He has been active all his life. At 41 he is in the best physical condition of his life right now… and he has a job that is very physical. Works for him.

    So, to the school system he talked too much and he was too active….to me, he was and is perfect exactly the way he is. He found a way to use all that energy…

    He can talk the ears off a sow though…and his brother with the Gemini stellium…. haha…worse if you consider a mover and a talker worse.

    I like it!!!!!

  17. My son is Cancer 17 July and has never been properly diagnosed, but has anxiety and , I am certain on the autistic spectrum. He is very defiant because he sees things in a different way. To the point of not doing exams or going to appointments. I saw that Cancer sign can be very grouchy and this can be the case , also they are the highest rate of criminal convictions on record in the US. This does worry me. Thanks

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