Saturn in Capricorn Square Mars In Libra: No Mercy

libra wysockWhen Mars and Saturn clash, generally speaking, cruelty results.  It’s not the only possible manifestation but chances are, in the myriad of ways this transit plays out; you’ll encounter heartless, callous people. You may act this way yourself, too. Make no mistake on that front!

With Saturn in Capricorn squaring my natal Mars in Libra, I’ve had to slow my social roll! I have been rejected, left and right. I’ve been shut out of some social groups and shut people out of mine. If I sound flippant, this is not how I feel. It’s been horrible!

I’ve had some social (Libra) support (Saturn) too, but it’s been minimal – limited – basic.

This is textbook astrology but it only covers a small piece of the pie.  Clients with Mars in Libra are having different experiences.

Some of them are pressured to make a decision. This is a challenge (Mars) for Libra.  Of course the choice they have to make is serious and will have long-lasting consequences.

Some people in this position have noticed their sex drive drop, or alternately they are involved with a man who is impotent.  In either case, sex is curtailed!

I know that Saturn transits ultimately help a person to mature and be more responsible but I’m telling you, this has been no fun at all. I’ll tell you what is missing in all these hard relationships or situations. It’s mercy.

Is Saturn transiting your Mars in Libra? What’s happening?

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  1. It was not Mars, but my Moon in Libra. Still, my Mars is in Capricorn, square Moon.
    So, when Saturn came knocking, the relationship with my mom basically withdrew. She and I has not been going well for the past many years, she is not good at nurturing.

    My Saturn/Pluto is conjunct in Libra, late degrees.

    From last year to now my planets has been taking a beating.

    1 – Mars Rx 2018 in Aquarius (1st house) sapped my strength, at the same time as Saturn was sitting directly upon it in Capricorn.

    2 – progressed moon in Cap squared my natal Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra before crossing my natal Asc and got her butt out of the 12th house (that was when things started to loosen up a fraction)

    3 – When Saturn Rx’ed this year, things hit the wagon with my dad during the Mars/Saturn/Pluto opposition in June. Hello boundaries and doing things in the hidden – pure 12th house style.

    Say goodbye to your parents and the hope of ever be nurtured and say hello to self are and self nurturing activities (Cancer NN) – being your own grownup. Say hello to self sabotage in the 12th house (hello abusive boss, who is shutting and banning me out and making my colleague the favorite one). Hello cruel women….

    I am out of dreams. I just dream of peace and being relatively happy. Pluto sapped my Moon some years ago as well. That was when the ugly mother stuff began…

  2. Libra is the iron fist in the velvet glove. I have never thought of Libra as being a huggy sharey carey place at all. Libra comes on like that, but basically Libra is about making nice on MY terms.

    Saturn certainly calls that BS out as it does all BS.

    I have Libra by the way, exalted Libra. 🙂

  3. Saturn retrograde has moved out of this Spring’s energy sapping exact square with my natal Sun at 21degrees Libra. I am anticipating its return. Libra Sun of course is at detriment as it is.
    I am leaning perseverance – early in life when my late Cancer Ascendant progresses to Leo, life seemed to come easily, perhaps too much so.

    My maturation is coming late at 55. Still I have no animosity toward Saturn. I welcome ?? it.

  4. Thanks Elsa! I’m relieved to know what’s caused my drought over past 2 years. I’ve Mars at 2 libra in 8th house. I was blaming menopause or my also mars in libra partner. Things will change 🙂

    1. Saturn and Pluto are, and have been squaring my 20° Libra Mars which opposes my Aries Mercury. I’m not really noticing much of anything really. I do feel Jupiter in Sag positively effecting my mood, as my natal Moon is 12° Sag/2. And definitely feeling good about Uranus in Taurus conjuncting my Sun! Is it possible to be unaware of the harder transits, when energies of a different nature are at play simultaneously?

  5. Saturn Pluto conjunction will square my mars in libra on asc

    I have no illusions…because i already feel dead

  6. Was bang on my Mars Libra last Oct. Cut dead by two friends out the blue. No notice, just dead. Tho other friendship and support has appeared from nowhere and is still with me. Saturn and Pluto opp my Sun for forever. Dying every day, getting out the grave every day. It’s made me realise how precious life is and how easy it goes. Accepting change and looking for what’s good is what I’m about these days. Kicking my sorry ass up the road with love.

  7. Other than family I am alone. The few friendships I had are gone. Mars in libra. Oh and sex? Its been a long 5 years without and am not anticipating any for the rest of my life so… That’s fairly accurate.
    !2th house scorpio sun , at least I still have my dreams.

  8. I don’t have Mars in Libra, my Mars is in Cancer but the same thing is happening to me as is happening to you Elsa. It’s been pretty brutal.

  9. Its not fun but knowing sure helps alot to say your free to enjoy what fun and what sucks..trine or square your learning life is free and life is hard sad work

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    Hildegardes Girl

    Oh I feel awful. Had a rough talk last night with a Mars In Libra. It was rough going with me too. Im going to definitely apologize and try harder. The heat and humidity, the stress and the energies must have tipped me over. I know hes getting it from everywhere. Thanks Elsa. I wish to God I read this yesterday tho. Would have saved alot of pain on both sides ?

  11. Not transiting right now (Mars in Libra 20°), but had been (square) and will be again when Saturn goes direct.
    What’s happening is: nothing. I feel stuck. Have many things to do & getting nowhere.
    I’m hoping the short respite will help to prepare to do better when Saturn goes back over my inoperative Mars(Shmars).

  12. Saturn opposing my Mars in Libra. I have a ton to do. It’s getting done in pieces because I am wearing out very quickly these days. I blame the colitis.

    1. And the veins not working right in my legs. I HAVE to wear the blasted support hose or they poop out pretty fast.

  13. Libra Mars here, my 12th house, squaring Saturn and Pluto on my 3rd house (and they natally square themselves, 1st and 4th) It’s been hard but different from what I’ve expected. I’m being forced to look at my self sabotage tatics and really deal with them – like look for pratical ways to deal, look for professional help, and just talk about it other people and not feel ashamed. I’m a journalist so its about not shutting down my own voice because of perfectionism and fear of being judged. But not gonna lie: most of the times it feels like an on-going losing battle and I’m DREADING my Saturn Return next year, which will also conjuct my Aquarius Moon. But the Libra Mars, girl, she’s beeing SHOOK – no more hiding place.

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    I have Mars @ 8 Libra ….. did not experience any super-negative things when Saturn was square …. hmmm. No mercy? I always
    think that payday Fridays are proof positive that God is merciful.

  15. I’ve got Mars at 24 Libra in the 3rd house, so Saturn in the 5th is only a matter of minutes away from being exactly square. My physical vitality is very low and consequently, I have succumbed to a nasty virus. I have the potential for even more physical problems when Saturn squares my Neptune at 2 Scorp. I’m just trying to do everything right, health-wise and not under-estimate the urgency of that.

  16. Going on a quick google search because i just found out this is the reason i’ve been feeling disconnected lately. Completely unmotivated and finding it hard to have good relationship experiences in the bedroom. I finally found a good group of friends and it sucks not being able to be free around them and confident as I normally am.

    thanks for the post, brought some clarity.

  17. My natal chart has the same configuration, 3degree orb from my Libra mooon in the 11th house to second house Saturn (stationary retrograde at 23 CAP, turned direct the day after I was born)

  18. Hi Bob Oswald and Elsa thanks for the reminder sorry I am late its been busy keep thinking good vibes….alexander

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