Are You Intimidating?

A fellow Capricorn rising told me that people find her “scary and intimidating”.

I responded: It’s my Mars conjunct Mercury (9th) that concerns people. I have dimples. I’m fine until I open my mouth!

Are you intimidating? What’s the astrology?

34 thoughts on “Are You Intimidating?”

  1. I didn’t used to think so…until my friends and family started telling me that I am. What makes me intimidating is the fact that I can transcend bullying to the point of making the bullies/mean girls nervous. I literally don’t care whether I am excluded from a social clique. More peace and quiet for me.

  2. My husband is a cap rising and appears very intimidating but he’s not all. Once people talk to him they can’t get enough.

    I have Libra rising and don’t appear intimidating at all at first but I have noticed at work people get intimidated by me – I go above and beyond to prevent this from happening but sometimes it does.

  3. I’ve got Cap rising, and people say I’m non-threatening. But deep down I always feel “evil”…like I suppress it on a constant basis.

  4. What CeeCee said, exactly: some / Pluto sq Asc.

    It’s a vibe. Some people catch it, some people don’t. Some think I’m harmless and attack, then are surprised when I grow claws. Some think I’m a serial killer and are surprised when I squee over bunnehs.

    Mostly, I think Neptoon (trine Asc, natch). 😉

  5. When I was younger, a couple people have told me I was intimidating until they got to know me and I found this totally bewildering at the time.

  6. LOL….I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you describe yourself sometimes Elsa and I feel like you’re describing me! Libra with Cap Rising…..yep, dimples and an engaging smile and then I start talking and it throws people for a loop. The dichotomy of it makes people stand up and take notice, for good or ill.

  7. To add to my previous comment, I think it intimidates others when we don’t match their preconceptions. Suddenly there is a wildcard in the room and they don’t know what to do with it.

  8. Pluto square ascendant and saturn trine to my asc- yes people do sometimes find me intimidating, even though my asc. is a ‘softy’ pisces:)

  9. I’m not sure. I have Mar/Mercury conjunct too- and they are opposite Pluto, so I guess it’s possible. I’ve got Neptune/Moon/AC, so I guess people see what they want to see.

  10. People find me very intimidating. It is my Capricorn Mars. It certainly isn’t my Cancer rising or my Pisces sun. When I was young, I always got the comment, “you are very different from what I expected.”

  11. I have Leo rising, trine Uranus and Mars im sagg. And then these two (mars/Uranus) squaring my Virgo sun. I feel restless at times and need to drain my energy. When I feel challenged I am not scared to step up. My faulty personality is When I get angry I have a strong temper (Uranus/mars). I would say I feel like a mini green hulk when I am ticked ha ha. Others feel intimidated if they are around when I am angry, but I am not able to notice as much. I do stay pleasant most times…I have plenty of trines with jupiter.

  12. Yes. If I’m not smiling or laughing, then I’m told I come off as intimidating, or angry, when I’m not feeling that way at all. It’s really annoying.

    I’m not quite sure of the astrology, other than I possess a stellium in Capricorn, which either conjuncts or sextiles my Aqu and Sco aspects….

  13. Yes, I think of all my Pisces and it’s puzzling to me. But my bestie says so and as a Scorpio, she don’t lie…she says it’s just men though. I figure it’s the Aries moon and mars.

    So when I’m not shrinking into myself, I’m supremely confident. Yeah…hell, I confuse myself so I wouldn’t doubt I confuse others as well.

  14. I think I can be due to merc/mars conjunct in my 1st and my cappy moon/jupiter. Most times my cancer sun & asc help people feel not so intimidated,

  15. I can be if I turn on the Pluto, but for the majority of my life I have seemed approachable and harmless. Maybe a bit too approachable :). My rising is gemini/cancer cusp, Neptune opposing.

  16. Yep, I’ve been told that more times than I can count by people who I subsequently become friends with. It seems I’m pretty intimidating as a stranger, but not so much once someone gets to know me.

    I have a 4 planet stellium in Capricorn conjunct my sun in late Sag, my chart ruler Venus in Aquarius conjunct the MC, 4th house Virgo moon, Taurus rising. I have a very strong presence in spite of being quite reserved and private, and the Venus/MC conjunction makes the detached Aquarius vibe very publicly visible.

  17. I don’t think I’m intimidating. I think people see me as soft and harmless (Neptune rising) and try to pull shit on me.

  18. I am learning to smile a lot as it mitigates the mars/merc/jupiter conj. with Libra moon and cap sun/saturn and neptune/asc., if i don’t pick the fog machine I want to use and use it, people’s reactions can be a problem. Smiling seems to make the message easier to take.

  19. I think people with Venus/Plutonic and Mars/Venus aspects are most intimidating.

    I was obsessed with a woman who had Mars conjunct Venus and had a Libra ASC and Sun not to mention Pluto in her ASC. Then many of my planets fell in her 8th house .. She was intimidating to the other students in our classes. I wasn’t so I spoke with her but she is just very guarded.

    I guess the guard they put on , fronts others away from them. As a gemini influenced person I could care less who is standing in front of me unless they are like some person I really respect like JC or something. I wonder about Jesus cause I would think he was intimidating! He is said to be very masculine during near death experiences. Ironic thing is his mother is the opposite. I have seen her in a dream she is fearsome to the devils but sweet to people who need her help.

  20. I have Sun Pluto conj MC also. That probably doesn’t help. This means I actually have the capabilty of being dangerous not just the appearance of danger. I’m responsible with it though. I try to help others not hurt them.

  21. I cannot believe you posted this. I have been thinking about this the past day. I have been told I am. I’ve made it my business with Pluto transiting my 1st to try my best to align myself with people who do not think I’m intimidating.

    I have 1st House Moon in Cap. When I am not smiling my face falls to complete non-expression and it freaks people out. I know. They tell me. It’s a family trait. The iron curtain.

    I’m not intimidated by anyone, really. I think that in itself intimidates people which annoys me. Sorry for liking you and being open to you right off the bat. I’ll try to be more suspicious and back-stabby so you can feel justified in your “findings.” Haha.

  22. I have a very close Mars/Mercury conjunction in the 8th House, Capricorn. Yes, some people find me intimidating, though not by my intention.

  23. Could it be because of I have Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune and Pluto in Leo? With Gemini rising? I’m full of personality and have met someone who I know I’m intimidating to but have a huge crush on him. It’s killing me learning how to be me and not so intimidating at the same time. Never have met someone like this so I can’t stop being intrigued and willing to stretch my natural inclinations. Pretty sure he’s Aquarius which probably tells part of the story.

  24. Avatar

    Yup – Mars/Merc in Aquarius opposite Leo Moon, Pluto in 1 widely conjunct the Ascendant, Saturn conjunct Ascendant in 12. At least my rising is Libra and Jupiter is conjunct Saturn; I have a little charm and I’m a fairly cheerful guy.

  25. Yes. I have Scorpio Rising, plus I’m Asian. I think our facial features/cultural upbringing can make us look forbidding/bitchy/jerky at times.

  26. Pluto/Sun/Midheaven conjunct in Libra. I’ve scared someone by not being easy to read. No kidding: I’ve read that you can’t tell how a Libra’s feeling or thinking through eye contact. You have to look at body language.
    Also, I have Mercury square Ascendant and Mars square Pluto. When I go out in public I feel like there’s a big F*** OFF written on my forehead. What Libra with Sadge Rising wants that??

  27. Yes. To some. I used to think that’s not how I see myself. But If I were someone else, I probably wouldn’t get near myself. Very uninviting facial expression, which is just my default face. It’ mostly because of active saturn/pluto aspects, aries mars square cap rising, scorp midheaven, lilith square pluto/mc, pluto 10th and saturn 1st and all that. But on the other side there’s a lively gemini smile in there. Like this ‘ 🙂 ‘ cause I don’t smile with teeth. That’s just agressive. 😉

  28. Further confirmation down the line. This driver picked up a totally drunk man off the road whilst I was in the car with my transit uranus opposite pluto exact. The drunk man started to be loud and going off on rants involving the driver and the other passenger. You know who this drunk, uninhibited by wine man never adressed a single word to? Me. Don’t deplore your resting face.

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