Will Pluto Transiting My 7th House Destroy My Marriage?

A gal who was wondering if Pluto transiting her 7th house would destroy her partnership. I don’t think this is case. I covered a few different scenarios, but this is one struck me as something I should publish:

“Pluto’s transit through the 7th will also tend to see a person become involved in triangles. Some relationship psychodrama develops. This will not end a relationship, necessarily. Anyone who sustains a relationship will run into something like this eventually. The transit provides the opportunity to face it and prevail…”

It’s common, when two people are happy, someone will come in and try to spoil things. There are also people who are unhappy – still someone comes in and tries to make it worse.

A lot of people who can testify to how a person from the outside can come in, meaning to harm a relationship. They wind up strengthening it.

Got a story? Tell us!

9 thoughts on “Will Pluto Transiting My 7th House Destroy My Marriage?”

  1. Pluto is not merely the planet of destruction, but also RENEWAL. Think of the higher energy of Scorpio, a bird burned to ashes, then a phoenix rising from them.

  2. Pluto is transiting my seventh house and has been for a few years. I’m still married although there has been someone else who entered my life, but it was more of a wake up call to start appreciating what I have. It did make me think a lot about my marriage but no divorce here so far.

  3. I’ve had this transit. What I learned is look at the house pluto is in natally. I could never relate to my natal pluto placement until that planet transited the 7th house perhaps because it hits an angle. Then very old issues connected to the house where pluto is placed in the natal chart surfaced. What was hidden became a powerful force in my life.

  4. My progressed chart has seen Pluto in 7th house and my prigressing DC is now kicking it into the 6th house. It’s almost ridiculous because the past 15 years all my relationships ended thanks to other women coming into the life of my BF’s and prevent us/him to actually roll up the sleeves and WORK for it.

    It’s like I have attracted these types of weak men – commitment phobes, cheating types – because I had some inner demons regarding my dad I had to work on. Or rather the pain from growing up with a commitment phobic dad with cheating issues.. Most of all, realize stuff about that time in my life. It has fit perfectly with Pluto transitting/hitting my moon from 12th house in my natal.

    So… pluto energy are now pushed into the 6H area of my inner life… interesting! Especially since he is in the 8th house natally. And he is conjunct with Saturn.

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    Southern Cross

    Hey! This is a great heads up. Pluto is transiting my 7th, and conjunct my Venus. All is well in my partnership – no need to elaborate – but I am keenly aware of subterfuges, intrigues, or feints working on almost psychic levels to try to throw a spanner in the works, if that can be done. The beauty is that Pluto grants me keen insights to what is going on below the surface. There are also stagy scenarios of manipulation coming from unrelated sources, not concerning partnership, but which serve to sharpen my perceptions.
    Pluto on Venus intensifies emotions, deepens appreciation of all that come within her sphere, and I love it.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! Venus at 24 degrees Cap….Transiting Jupiter Saturn and Pluto all will be conjunct my Natal Venus in the 7th!

  6. Pluto transisted my 7H when I was a child. I lost both grandfathers and my father (Tr Pluto conjunct natal Venus) during this transit. In addition, I became “a woman” when Tr Pluto was conjunct my natal Ceres (women’s cycles).

  7. I divorced my first husband when Pluto was transiting in late Sagittarius, which is on my 7th cusp. That Pluto was also square Saturn, which was transiting my 4th at the time. My ex was a ne’er do well, and I was the one doing all the work in the marriage, both emotionally and literally. The last straw was when his father died and he got about $6K inheritance money, which he told me he had no intention of sharing with me. After I’d been completely financially supporting him throughout practically the entire marriage! I forced him to rent an apartment for himself in a town about an hour away. He didn’t drive, so I drove him there, dropped him off, and told him to enjoy his effin’ inheritance. I know that probably sounds ruthless, but *I. was. just. done.* He lost the apartment several months later when the money ran out (because, of course, he didn’t get a job there either) and he was homeless for a while. Last I heard, about 5 years ago, he had found another woman to be his “momma.” This was all very traumatic, but all that energy touching my 7th house was transformative and regenerative—undoubtedly the best thing that could have happened for me under the circumstances. Any love we’d had, if there ever was any, was long gone from that marriage. It was time for it to die.

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