Aries Is A Hero, Baybee!

Aries red ramThanks for your patience! The site is in much less danger now, thanks to my Zoomer son and his girlfriend.  The payment issues are resolved and while we have another problem, so far the site is stable.

I think the astrology here is interesting.  Mercury is currently conjunct Mars in Capricorn; these planets square my natal Mercury and Mars in Libra and lookie here! I’m in a jam!

So here comes, CArRiE, to help. Her Aries, activated!

Then I call my son, who has Mercury and Jupiter in Aries, on an angle. Also activated.

Having Libra, he does not want to work alone so he contacts his girlfriend to ask for her help she’s what?

Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn in Aries!

Oh! I forgot the best part:

bad man

This is my son, asking if I gave the bad man my password!  See how he doesn’t call me an idiot? Sun conjunct Saturn, he’s going to be a great dad!

This is also funny as we are both dogs, lol. I never noticed before


It’s great when your kids grow up and there you go. Astrology alive!

5 thoughts on “Aries Is A Hero, Baybee!”

  1. Are you teaching them astrology too? Im teaching my kids atm. They say that astrology is actually very popular on tik tok and apps that give them daily readings. I tell everyone to subscribe to Elsa of course ! Heres hoping that astrology goes more mainstream cause it helps out so many people!

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