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scorpio black tattooHi Elsa, can you share your knowledge about men with Scorpio moons???

Thank you a lot,

Hi, Sofia. I can try.  I’ll answer this from a personal perspective, rather than write something clinical or professional. The textbook stuff is all over the place. I think this will provide deeper insight.

First, I have never set out to target Scorpio moons. It was fairly recently I realized that every single single important relationship I have ever had with a man – they either had a Scorpio or an Aquarius moon. I’m talking all the way back to my high school boyfriend, who I met at twelve years old. I had to think about this.

The moon is uber personal. A man’s moon does show the qualities he’s drawn to.  Apparently my strong suits are intensity and eccentricity? Okay.

If you attract a Scorpio moon man, they’re going to suss you out. You’ll be probed. If you want to figure out how, check, Mars in the chart.  The Scorpio moon needs to know if their are breeches in the hull.

Some complete their exam and move to trust you, with one eye open.  For others, this is an endless process.

This is exactly how it works.

As for the care and feeding of a man with his moon in Scorpio, you’ve got to be loyal.  He’s also going to be seeking significant exchange of energy.  This man can feel you.

It’s like sitting next to a very deep pool; you know you can never really fathom it which can be unnerving.  Women who want to dig in the psyches of their men, to run their operations will not fair well, why? It’s because a person’s inner workings are their own business.

If you find someone digging in you’re underwear drawer, are you going to keep them around?


This man will share with you, for sure, but on his own terms, when he feels comfortable enough to take the risk.  If that works out, there will be more and more and more, endlessly. The concentric circles I talked about in the video are real!

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What do others have to say about men with moon in Scorpio?

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  1. This is interesting because I feel like I can appreciate the sign of Scorpio, all their complexity and depth..I really like all that! but at the same time I can’t be with one too close, in fact when too close I eventually perceive them as toxic. I think it’s because I myself have some Scorpio – Pluto in 1st house but my Venus and Moon are both in Aquarius in 5th house. So I will happily give intensity but won’t want to receive it back.

  2. True dat, as they say in the Louisiana bayous! I dated one and this is correct. Although they seemed gregarious (Gemini Sun), their natural state was quiet but with intense yet largely hidden energy. Funny note: they studied venom for a living! How Scorpio is that?!

  3. My dad is a Scorpio Moon and even after being together for 40 years, my mum is still in the vetting phase. He tried to kill her at one point. He also tried to kill me. Ummmm sooooo. He’s also a Pisces Sun.

    My coworker had an ex husband whose was a Scorpio Moon and she had Venus in Scorpio. Whenever she spoke of the situation he would get into (cheating ones) he seemed predatory.

    Due to my upbringing , I’m pretty wary of Scorpio Moons.

  4. Omg! Me too! Every special relationship I’ve ever had has been with a moon in Scorpio person, especially a moon in Scorpio and Aquarius sun. Have not a clue why but they seem to be my people. My adult son is an Aries sun, Scorpio moon and we are still close. We just seem to “get” each other.

  5. My husband has a scorpian moon – and he is the Most Non-psychotic, calm in the face of people screaming at him, person I’ve ever known. His whole family went covid ballistic, and even called us to tell us we weren’t invited for Christmas – we had no clue till they let us know and I can’t count the hours they screamed at him – full throated screaming. He’s a retired fireman. He is steadfast and true. He’s Aries sun, Pisces rising, but his Venus and Mars ARE Both at zero degrees in the 12th house. I don’t think he even cares about anything spiritual or ‘other wordly’ – only about doing the RIGHT Thing. And he loves dogs more than people, but with a family like his, we can understand why. He was the Only person walking around in Walmart, home depot or the stores unmasked – and he cares not ONE IOTA what other’s think of him for his foundation is solid. He’s a Great man in my opinion.

      1. Thank the Lord, for these Strong men to balance us out. I divorced my family when I was 17, but my husband was the youngest, and they all looked to him as their bank account – When he did not THINK as they said, it was beyond their experience and they went ballistic, and then we moved away from their power of influence – my husband has become an even more strong person, really growing into himself in ways I’d not seen or that I even knew he had. Covid was hard, but it did bring about, cause alot of good changes, but I still don’t like all that I lost.

  6. My husband is scorpio moon conjunct Pluto. He rarely displays feelings, worries, or haunting family memories. But on the rare occasion they come up, you can see it’s been brewing for ages. My emotions run a bit more shallow (cancer moon trine pluto) but I understand. I never probe, we get along. He is also very intuitive, we never turn feelings into words, we just *know*. I do get the feeling he trusts no one but those he has chosen as his own. He does not conceive anyone doing anything without an agenda. He is also comfortable in situations that freak me out- like he literally cleaned and dressed the body of our neighbor on the night he died so the funerary would pick him up. We’d only known him for a month.

  7. I was married to a Scorpio moon. Also, a Scorpio rising. They also both had the Mars. NO!

    It was way too much. Not only because of them. Because I already have too much. It was just gross. I couldn’t stand it. Freaking jealously and sneaking around. I ran from both. They literally smothered me to death. And they were mean. Really mean. Ruthless.

    I have a GD with the moon and a dil who has the rising conjunct Pluto.

    I like living 800 miles away. Again, not blaming them, I already have enough… I don’t want all that. I could never be in a relationship with a Scorpio anything except Jupiter. It’s too much, I already have enough, thanks. Don’t get me wrong, I like and love them… but …. no. And I am one X5!!!

    Person who stalked me for years … moon Pluto.

  8. My OH has Scorpio Moon, Cap Sun, with Mars in Libra and Saturn in Pisces. He’s very vulnerable emotionally, and takes everything personally. He has a heart of gold and wouldn’t hurt a fly. But his dark moods are almost non-stop. VERY loyal and caring.

  9. I broke up with a Scorpio moon man two weeks ago and just texted them last night to clear the air. He didn’t take it well. I had to block them because they wouldn’t stop harassing me via texts, DMs, and emails ((gemini mercury)). But I reached out because he’s very popular in my city ((Leo rising)) and I don’t want things to be tense or awkward between us if we run into each other—it makes me anxious (that’s my cancer moon). He has yet to respond.

    1. And when I say he didn’t take it well, I mean me breaking up with him. Emotionally turbulent, self-centered, and hell bent on revenge. So I’m curious to see if he’ll respond to my peace offering ((his mars is in libra, sun in cancer so I’m banking on him being understanding and forgiving)). We’ll see 🤞🏼

  10. I am Balsamic Moon, Pluto, Sun and Venus in Scorpio. I have come to recognize what used to be subconscious, mainly that I do have that obscurity and emotive darkness but in my defense, I didn’t know it! Female here, my husband is Moon in Cancer exact trine my Scorpio Venus. He was determined that we would be together and after he kept trying (and demonstrating he could be trusted, apparently!) I eventually caved. 13 years in, I think it’s fair to say I am extremely loyal. I only ever say positive things about him, even to close friends and in any situation. Any conflict or business we have between each other, stays between us. I keep his secrets, if he happens to have any. And, I openly admire him all the time, lol. I’d like to think I am a good partner to him in life but it’s really because he is one to me and he persisted in forging our bond. Now it is sacred to me and I wouldn’t talk about it but I share this here probably because I have Mars in Gemini in the 9th, ruling my Scorpio planets—I’m more likely to talk about it when it’s about astrology!

  11. Here’s a curious one…I had a lucid dream where I was in a huge hall greeting every man that I’d met in Indiana for 12 yrs. At the end of the line of maybe 2000 men (young, old, sick, well, tradespeople -I was an MT)
    someone from the beginning of the line floated forward and then I heard a Voice say ‘He has the best energy for you.’ Next morning he walked in my door (I didn’t recognize him-the dream had freaked me out and I’d tried to put it out of my mind) But Spirit screamed in my ear ‘The Dream!! Remember the Dream!! Scorpio moon, Cancer sun to my Scorp moon and Cap sun. No man has ever commanded my respect like he did…or confounded or challenged the deeper parts that needed to grow. Elsa said it well! A man of few words, huge psychic connection, deep and true intimacy. No bs allowed.

  12. Moon pluto is a lot scarier than scorpio moon, for what it’s worth. There’s a whole crop of millennials with moon pluto IN scorpio. Those folks play the LONG GAME if you get my meaning. Scorpio moon on the other hand takes things VERY personally. They hold on to things for a LONG TIME. They NEED opportunities to digest those emotions. And I mean really actively digest (a virgo therapist perhaps?). If they can manage this, they are golden. If they don’t they can indirectly kill themselves. Don’t poke fun at these people. I kinda wish I’d stop attracting them, but my venus/saturn/pluto/sn/mc in scorp is a magnet for this moon. It does not jibe with my aries moon in trine with uranus. I am always trying to help these people “let go” and struggle not to offend them (they call me too glib). I succeeded with one, it took 20 years and lots of snarling and hissing, but was worth it.

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