Astrology And Psychopaths

research.jpgI was thinking about psychopaths, as I stood outside in the cold grilling chicken in my socks like a freak. I know so much about them that by God, I may know as much about them as anyone out there you could find (save Lonnie Athens).I know some things not so common to know.

For example, many if not most times sociopaths can be predicted. This runs counter to what you hear out there. You hear that a psychopath will do anything when in fact once you crack their code you see this is not the case. They will do this but not that. They will do this other but not this other, other. They will never, ever do this or or this or this.

You can define a sociopath pretty readily, it’s just that no one looks to do so. And the astrology?

I don’t think you can identify a sociopath by a chart. But you could tag me with interest in the subject courtesy my packed 8th house. Because it’s an extreme. I’m innately drawn to the way far edge.

I like knowing this stuff. Isn’t that funny? It’s funny if you compare it to someone who would say, “I didn’t want to know that…” when they learn of something icky. It’s exactly that kind of thing that’s going to have a person like me sticking around.

When all you planets are clustered together they call you “a specialist”.

They also say you have narrow focus as if anyone cares about that!

Tell us something you know that not many do…


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  1. I’ve got laser-vision into people’s motivations 90% of the time. It’s not infallible, but close enough that I trust my instincts on it more often than not.

    Hrm. Would this be 8th-house Moon trine Pluto?

  2. I know everything there is to know about social interaction. I’m not that good of a practitioner of it – and I wouldn’t want to be, considering what some of it entails – but if anyone ever needed help with the public (PR, marketing, whatever) they would be lucky to have my counsel…

    The problem is, once you know this stuff, you’re removed from the rest of society that doesn’t.

    You’re faaar removed.

  3. I think sociopaths are scary because they are tricky, never had that early bonding with mommy or hate mommy or daddy and really have it out for the rest of us. I wish they could be sentenced to mandatory re-programming boot camp. The world would be a better place. I believe anti-social behavior is the worst thing ever because you don’t know what these people will do since they don’t approach life like others do. I know because I was married to the enemy, whew – glad thats over!! It did end up making me appreicate having my own space and glad to have made it out of there alive. = ()

  4. I’m dialed in on information flow. Where to find it, who needs it, how to process it, what it means, how to disseminate it. Courtesy this little trick, I’m also a champ trivia player, which is a nice by product and lots of fun.

  5. lol Satori!

    Same here Shannon, though I wish I knew more trivia 🙂 I’m tuned in to trends, and can start and spot a trend before the rest of the crowd.

    Hope you go into more detail about sociopaths 🙂 It never occurred to me they have a code. I thought having some kind of code or value system belonged to ‘normal’ people, but perhaps sociopaths have a deviant one.

  6. I second AnaBanana! I had no exposure (that I knew of) to sociopaths until I, uh, lived with one for ten years. And it took me quite a while to figure him out. Now I am fascinated by it and also horrified at how easily other people miss it (I mean, that’s the whole motive)… I am all ears for everything you know!

  7. Nothing is more enlightening than encountering people in the work release program or for that matter, interviewing excons, You would not believe how many classifications of felanies exist in the American Justice system. There is also a difference between federal prison and state prison and private prisons. I really wish I did not know about this stuff but in HR…
    There is no stone untouched…And yes not all criminals are socio paths but when you actually encounter one, you never forget the experience..

  8. People I meet always seem disturbed when they discover I am ‘into’ astrology. “You just don’t seem the type” is the familiar refrain as they back away into the sunset!!

  9. I know when people are keeping secrets, and if I’m around them long enough, I usually pick up on the theme of the secret, if not the secret itself. It’s scary stuff sometimes, and will only wreck me if I decide I don’t want to know and then keep the secret from myself. Can you say Scorpio energy anyone?

  10. I know how to diffuse angry people faster than fast. I have quick instincts on language that calms people.

    I can also enrage people too…usually “without realizing it”, but with hindsight I’m usually embarrassed that I missed the clues, I have a sniper’s mind so they are “obvious.” (A sniper is never allowed to have an off day, right?)

    I attribute this particular trait to my Moon/Pluto/Mars T-square.

  11. the real sociopaths are not angry.
    The angry ones are the average criminals
    they get caught etc..

    The sociopaths are truly the ones that blend in with society. They ones I have encountered come to the interviews dressed the ritght way, they are calm, smile pleasant. It is really true what they say, he was always taking out the garbage and helping his neighbors seemed like such a nice boy etc..They are friendly with people.
    It is a very good thing to have registered sex offender web sites that you can access.
    They prey on the kind and in the workplace they
    look for opportunities. Quiet reserved.
    The rage is inside of them, hidden…
    And the really good ones can fool anyone even me.

  12. Funny we are talking about this because I was trying to find Drew Peterson’s astrology chart lastnight just out of curiosity.

    I found his birthdate but no time of birth.
    stacey and drew are both Capricorns…
    But Drew does have some scorpio in what I could make of what his planets might be..
    OK Elsa, whats in the air today making us think about Socio paths….?

  13. I hired a fugitive. It says on the application
    Are you a convicted Fefelon ? He marked know and technically if you stab your lover 33 times and flee and are not caught. You can check no to that question.

    I can not tell you the shock I experienced when the FBI and a bounty hunter explained his profile. He was going under another name and ss number. In the end he checked himself into a psycho ward for 48 hours and checked himself out again and never returned home to his apartment..Poof he was gone
    (If you are in a mental hospital it is very hard for the even the FBI to find you.)

    I can tell you there was nothing about this man,
    he was so ordinary I barely remembered him.
    I had to access a digital picture from his workers ID badge to even remember his face.

  14. liz greene has a GREAT book on sociopaths/psychopaths called, The Dark of the Soul: Psychopathology in the Horoscope. she explains certain characteristics and planetary configurations with the moon, chiron, and pluto and some others that i can’t recall and is an engaging read overall. it’s funny because some of the indicators i recognized in myself, which i almost expected because i think i exhibit sociopathic behavior at times.

    this would be an excellent class discussion. yay again!

  15. Wow did I just write some typos..Never go to the keyboard without coffee. I guess I should have invested in typing section 2 in college…lol..

  16. Narcissism…grrr…I just let one of my long-time bf’s go for that one. I just can’t handle it anymore. I’m pretty torn up about it, really.

  17. Special Forces are filled with sociopaths, a dime a dozen! After 16 years studying them I know sociopaths all too well, I finally divorced mine.

  18. One thing that intrigues me is: what is the use, in Nature, for sociopaths? I mean, there must be one, at some level they must be needed – because if they aren’t – what’s the use for them? One possible “answer” is: maybe, because they know very litle limits and their morals are not the same of everybody else (thought they can fake it quite well), maybe they’ll do whatever they want to get the resources they need and, maybe, at some level that benefits the society at large – that access those same resources even though their morals, their ethics have deny them in the first place. Am I’m making myself understood?

    This is a subject that fascinates me as well – ever since I met this one guy online, years ago. Before him I had no idea that there was true evil in the world. It educated me.

  19. D. that’s an interesting angle. They definitely occur in nature like a rogue wave or something and you’re right. I don’t imagine we could do without them.

    heart’s point is also well taken. Send the sociopath after the sociopath – seems right to me.

  20. We’re not random, and we do have our own personal codes. As the poster said, there are tricks I will resort to immediately when the situation calls for it, and there are things I’ll never do, either because the risk is too great, or I fear it’ll be too difficult to stop and will eventually get me into trouble.

    We’ve evolved because there’s an evolutionary niche in society for those who can exploit it. If you think of humanity as a vast pool of resources, then the sociopath is hardwired to harvest them. In many ways, it benefits society to have us, because when the public interest and our interest coincide, as they often do, we’re able to tackle situations in ways most people can’t. Sometimes it’s because they have moral objections, and sometimes it’s because they can’t stop looking for a direct approach when one might not exist. We live out our entire lives thinking of ways to get what we want without being direct, so the way we tackle problems can differ greatly.

    We’re not all evil monsters, as you’ve likely been told. I’ve found that my personal good is best served by helping the people around me. Social interaction and aid is like a barter for me. I give what I don’t care about, which others obviously do, in exchange for a debt to be paid later or for something I value.

    The people I know and mingle with never know the difference. I’m just like everyone else, laughing and joking, offering a shoulder to cry on, helping them move, whatever the need might be. Anything a normal person might do, I very well may go above and beyond to do, because I know it’ll leave an impression that will leave me options later should I need them.

    And why should they know the real me?

    Can you imagine how I would be treated if these people knew their company meant as much to me as a video game? Or that I see helping them through rough times as protecting an investment? That I typically don’t perform immoral acts solely because I know most events are interconnected and it may come back to hurt me? I can’t help who I am, but I can help improve my quality of life by blending in and participating in the machinations of society.

    To those who are upset about being hurt by a sociopath, realize that they aren’t connected to others in the way that you are. Though a sociopath can’t care about your happiness in and of itself, we can get lonely, and sometimes the only way to cure that loneliness is through deception. It comes down to a choice between the sociopath’s emotional anguish and yours. If you turn away, you’re doing the same to him that he’d do to you by deceiving you. I’m in no way suggesting that you should go sacrifice your own emotional well-being for someone else’s, though. That would be terribly stupid–no matter who might do it.

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