Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Resentments

Tomorrow the moon will conjunct Saturn and then head into a square with Pluto. It is very intense out there.

Wrapping up, I wrote an e-mail to a gal outlining some of my bad feelings, my resentmentsover things that have happened in the past. This transit will set off my Pluto Moon transit (negative emotion) and as soon as I sent that mail I remembered something my sister told me when I was pregnant with my daughter (my first baby).

She already had two kids and she explained that when women are pregnant they’re very sensitive. She said that anyone who crossed them when they were pregnant would never be forgiven even if the acted otherwise. I thought it was a hell of a statement at the time but it’s 13 years later and have come to see she’s correct. Then today I realized I had the other side of this equation.

When a woman is losing her baby she is also very sensitive. And if you mess with her, you are also not going to be forgiven. And this is not a threat. It’s way too late for a threat, I have lost my baby. I just want to put this out there, my sister’s words and my own so that anyone who cares to know something like this can know it.

It boils down to this: Piss off a woman when she’s is making a baby and you will not be forgiven. Piss of a woman when she is losing her baby and you will also not be forgiven, even if she pretends otherwise. Down deep you can be assured she holds resentment against you but really I don’t know how you could possibly expect her to feel otherwise. All this takes place at such a deep level… it’s like hunger.

Since my sister told me this all those years ago I have always treated pregnant women well. I extend myself to them at every opportunity and I’ll tell you why. It’s to make the for the people who don’t.

It may shock you that some people are mean or put demands on a pregnant women but they do. They are also mean to women with a child ill and her family in crisis. And if you don’t think that knowing this and/or experiencing this would cause a bad feeling or resentment then I guess I’d just wonder where you get your information!

And one more thing. Writing this, Lucille came to mind. Men have Moon Pluto too, see. It’s creepy.


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  1. Elsa, The stories you weave, like this one are spin together with ancient yarn. The affinity I feel when you tell these kinds of yarns comes from that place you speak of “like hunger.” I am feeling so much of that deep down, low down hunger now with the Pluto-Pele volcanics working on me. Been ‘thinking’ I could maybe forgive some of the friends who judged me when I was trying so hard to give birth, pregnant with a new version of me. So thank Elsa, we’re sitting at the same table being hungry.

  2. Lovely post and thought provoking…made me think of the flip side…when a woman is losing her mother, piss her off and you will not be forgiven. That was my experience this year, Pluto 12th house…can’t wait until it gets the hell out. 6 degrees Cap rising and counting…

  3. Spidermoon you’re spot on.. Elsa too.. in 1985 my mum was dying and I was hardly away from the hospice, and two people at different points each did something that was unthinkably insensitive, selfish, and actually downright cruel..making big demands..and I switched them out of my world so fast.. oh, actually, now I think of it.. heck..Moon/Pluto.. I was a tiger when my husband was ill for a few years too..maybe anyone who’s unfair at these intensely personal times touches a raw spot so deep you have to get them out of there..soon as you can.. it’s as though on a deep level their only possible role in your life is(Pluto) to sting you into toughening up at such times to protect (Moon) yourself and to tap into your own resourcefulness so you can switch the rotters off and be singleminded about what you must do.. and Moon/Pluto is amazing for rebirthing and emotional survival. Nothing makes grief or loss or long goodbyes easy..but maybe we deal with it better with a little fire burning in the chart.. Spidermoon.. thanks for stirring that little fire in me.. Elsa, thank heavens for your feisty spirit… hope the forum replenishes you sometimes too. love to all xx

  4. That makes so much sense. My kid’s father did some very mean things to me in my 5th and 6th month of gestating. I woke up and knew I had made a mistake in marrying him, shut off the love and plotted to leave him when the child was old enough to handle the split. And that’s exactly what I did. I felt guilty for being able to turn it off just like that and never forgive him – I didn’t know it was a phenomenon.

  5. Come to think of it, my mother-in-law was pretty hateful during that time and I cut her off, too. She wanted to be there during the birth a few months later. You think I let her in that room? Ha…

  6. “It may shock you that some people are mean or put demands on a pregnant women but they do.”

    Probably you didn’t mean this the way I read it, but when I first read that, I thought, being pregnant does not excuse a woman from behaving / treating other people badly.

    I once got into a big (verbal) argument with a pregnant woman. I wasn’t mean, but I defended myself. And I called her on her crap. She got very angry, and to this day I wonder if that energy impacted her child. But at the same time, she put my job on the line based on a personal jealousy issue. (And she wasn’t a particularly nice person even when she wasn’t pregnant – one of those vicious women I think you’ve posted questions about in the past).

    I kind of think … just like anyone else, if a pregnant woman wants to be treat well, she would do well to treat others in kind.

  7. Althera – I respectfully disagree. Not a comment on your personal situation but I personally am going to defer completely to anyone with a baby in their body. I literally step back and let them pass… hold the door – whatever. Those hormones are something else.

    I am not suggesting others follow suit. I’m just saying that for me, this is non-negotiable. Whoever is pregnant gets my total support for 9 months at least.

    Actually I think it takes 9 months to recover from pregnancy so I will hold all fire in that time period and once it’s passed the woman has been changed so much they are rarely recognizable.

  8. I agree with you Elsa. Earlier this year when I was preggo with my son I was driving on the highway and passed a gal who was driving slow in the fast lane. I kept driving on my way to pick up my daughter from school thinking about getting an ice cream cake from Cold Stone,lol. As I was approaching the school I noticed this car behind me, I thought “Oh God this chicks kid must go here too”. No she got out of her car came up to my window and wanted me to roll it further down than it was. I told her no and asked her what the hell she wanted. She said I cut her off on the road and endangered her life and the life of my unborn child, yaddda yadda. All I was thinking about was that ice cream cake,lol. I told her to get over it and get a life, then she said she felt sorry for my children. OMG I was like this bitch is crazy. Then she drove off, I got her plate number(just in case). Then I was like omg am I really a bad mother, then I called my good friend who is a nurse in the mental health unit at the hospital and she set me straight,lol.

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