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Women’s Energy: Yin/Yang – The Convention(s)

Catch up here: The Set Up. The convention would run through the weekend. It kicked off with dinner on Friday night for those who could get there by then. I drove up after work with the two men I worked, both of them chattering all the way. I was new but they’d worked for Frito


Women & Their Various Yin/Yang Energy – The Set Up

Astrology does a great job of describing a person’s energy, which can be wildly skewed if you’re evaluating a person from their writing, online. I’ve explained this before, a few times.  My writing is an expression of the Mercury Mars conjunction in my chart.  It’s masculine, but I am not. I came across this old


Are Composite Charts More Important Then Synastry?

“In your style, do you feel composite charts are more, less or just as significant as synastry? I know that every astrologer has a different style & preference. Just wondering what your take on it is. Are they both different but hold just the same weight of importance?” They are both significant but for different

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The Psychopath’s Parting Shot

Continuing to mull what I know about psychopathy, first I want to mention, I know or have known a number of them. I’m not necessarily talking about my father when I write this stuff. Psychopaths love to mess with people. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you know it’s happening in the moment.  The example offered

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Lunar Returns In Real Life

I had a string of Lunar returns with my moon on a sensitive again aka exposed. It was three months out of the last four.  It bothered me more than I’d have expected.  This month broke the trend.  I liked the chart a lot and wondered how things would unfold.  It’s pretty funny how this

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