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There is a lot of content on this site.  Google has deindexed most of it, which is their prerogative.  That aside, they allow a person like me to create a site-specific search engine, for people who want to find content on this blog, including the forum. Unfortunately, the custom search service is now excluding most […]

kids with henry

More On Predators & And Some Astro History

I’m glad I was invited for the segment on the Rage of Aquarius Outsider Podcast. It went very well and it gave me a lot to think about.  You really do benefit by going outside your comfort zone and talking to new people.   It expands your perspective, without a doubt. It surprised me to hear


Mercury In Leo Opposing Pluto In Aquarius Effects

Mercury will oppose Pluto in Aquarius this week. There are a lot of possibilities with this but I expect drama. The Aquarius factor make this hard to predict but I’ll be looking for news or ideas that transform or empower.  The information can come from anywhere.  A child, for example. Leo!  It can come from

Mars in Pisces

Mars Conjunct Neptune: Will The Real Perpetrator Please Stand Up!

A Mars Neptune conjunction is hard to read. A person might be inspired to lead… or they may act to avoid leadership and conflict. Imagining taking action and taking action are not the same thing.  You may have to act (Mars) on faith (Neptune). Mars with Neptune can also describe – Deception With Malice. Gaslighting in

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