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Saturn & Neptune In Pisces: Brain Melting – Cognitive Holocaust

I’ve was served this on Twitter. I’m not very familiar with the writer but I have to agree with him.  You can click that picture to enlarge it. I remember when a person’s odds of getting dementia seemed remote. Alzheimer’s Disease International now reports, 80% of the general public fear this diagnosis.  Of course! We […]

Vintge Pisces Fish Ashtray

Saturn & Neptune In Pisces & All Those Tears

Do you find yourself crying at the drop of a hat?  It’s Neptune in Pisces, sensitizing people, combined with Saturn in Pisces which dissolves blocks and your usual controls. It’s getting ridiculous, in my case.  If I see or hear of the slightest kindness, tears flow, almost immediately. If the transiting planets aspect planets in your

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little match girl

Is Redemption A Fairy Tale?

When I say “redemption” I mean this definition of the word: 2.deliverance; rescue It’s a Neptune-ruled phenomena. I watched a movie the other night that featured a man who carried the shadow for his entire community. He was innocent, but chosen for this role and he accepted the situation. He was a nice guy who

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